Episode 27091516

Air Date: 
September 27 2015 - 4:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

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Mindless Self IndulgenceThis Hurts
Pig DestroyerJennifer / Cheerleader Corpses
Ramming SpeedBeasts of Labor
Fuck The FactsPrey
VesperiaIron Saga
GloryhammerRise of the Chaos Wizards
StormhammerFast Life
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PluumYou're Waving At Me
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October SkyLive Again
Train Bigger MonkeysTraversing the Storm
The LookoutStop the Gossip
Fatigue KillsChange
Cardinals PrideRefracted
August Burns RedGhosts
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MetalianMetal. Fire & Ice
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MetalianInto the Unknown
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MetalianThe Traveler
MetalianEvel Knievel
MetalianTyrant (Judas Priest cover)
Metalianphantom of the opera
Metaliancover song?
Metalian Sonic Attack
ReanimatorThieves of Society
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StratovariusMy Eternal Dream
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Symphony XCharon
MoonlyghtA Distant Illusion of Freedom
PrimalfrostAn End to Tyranny
DistoriamHymn to Mead
AlestormMead From Hell
NordheimBeer, Metal, Trolls, and Vomit!
Kobra and the LotusHigh Priestess
ValfreyaOceans Assault
ValknachtValkyries Still Ride
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Devin Townsend ProjectRejoice
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ExpainPhoenix Writhing
MinaxWhirlwind of Darkness
MERKABAHDivine Sparks
Crimson ShadowsA Gathering of Kings
KarkaosLeap of Faith
West of HellUnworthy
Mad ParishExperience Hunter
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ManowarShell Shock

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