Episode 17021818

Air Date: 
February 17 2018 - 6:00 PM

This episode is no longer available for online streaming because it has expired from our archive.

flipofar away
Isasha don't you know
vybez Kartel Never love another
vybez Kartel Never love another
pressure love & affection
Talk Spot
beres Hammond i feel good
marlon Asher Shorty
Tony Rebel just friends
frankie Paul i know the score
beres Hammond come back home
beres Hammond tempted to touch
tony Tuffthe first time i met you
sanchezcant wait
Richie Stephens trying to get to
Tony Rebel fresh vegetable
garnet Silk nothing can divide us
halfpint substitute lover
Marcia Griffiths the first cut
wayne wade i love you much
garnet Silk oh me oh my
frankie Paul stuck on you
Barington Levy she is mines
Freddie McGregorlet him try
wayne wonder baby you and i
Talk Spot
Talk Spot
cecile life is so precious
Christoper Martintoo big (nothing change)
Tarus Riley gimme likkle one drop
chronixxanit no giving in
Talk Spot
cecile if you
AlaineBye Bye Bye
jah cure nothing
Tarus Riley kamar
Christoper Martincheaters paradise
Tarus Riley dream woman
cecile dem yah time
i octane Octane
voicemaili moved on
Zagarremember the days
movado like me
Christoper Martinchill spot
Richie Stephens try me
jahvinci never to late
Christoper Martinmi friend dem
busy signal missing you
vybez Kartel warn him
Rhiahna diamonds
Talk Spot
Talk Spot
skinny fabulousride
marzville give it to you
machel Mantano fast wine
tuner holding on
nadia batsoncatching feelings
kes & Patrice Roberts like it like that
problem child middle of something
voice year for love
Devis jam
mata boom
HypaSound bubble
bunji Garlin big bad soca
fayann lyons girls
dynamite brave
HypaSound dip
Nutron bacchanal
orlando Octave single
king bubbaunstoppable
Recardo Drue & King Bubba rum Again
skinny fabulousanywhere dat we step
lil rick great day
lavamanwe nah change
king bubbawho drinking rum
baby Killa & mr.Legz party bad
cloud 5jab invasion
bunji Garlin jumbo jet

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