Hooked On Sonics

AIRS ON: Thursdays // 6 PM - 8 PM
HOSTED BY: Omar Sonics

Hooked On Sonics is yer weekly dose of indie rock, post-punk, power pop, shoegaze, math rock, noise pop, post-hardcore and anything with loud geetars...with sometimes a little alt-country, post rock and hip hop tossed into the mix. Hosted by Omar Sonics and a rotating cast of guests, we basically bring you what we think is the best in new underground rock along with your requests and various regular features such as:

  • "Sonics Selection" - The best new track of the week.
  • "Track From Way Back" - Just like what it sounds like, a golden oldie of yore.
  • "Hooked on Sonics Hidden Gem" - A tune, band, or album, that “shoulda been a contenda”, but sadly got ignored.
  • "Canadian Indie Rock Classic" - A golden oldie of the Canadian variety.
  • "90’s Classique" - The now infamous/listener fave, a minor hit/one hit wonder from that fave era of ours.

Having trained numerous CJLO DJs, as well as capped CJLO.com's online listenership, Hooked On Sonics has been a mainstay on CJLO's schedule for some time and has played host to live performances from the likes of Julie Doiron, Fucked Up, METZ, Chuck Ragan, Zola Jesus, North of America, the Posies, Murder by Death, Wintersleep, Picastro, and featured up and coming Canadian talent like PS I Love You, Uncut, Solids, AIDS Wolf, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Two Koreas, and many, many more.

Tune in for sessions and interviews with other established and new artists, record previews, and other features. Drop us a line to get on the Sonics mailing list, or if you want to make a request!



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