Battle of The Jokers on #GeektastiqCypha

If you've played F*ck/Marry/Kill then Drain/Team-Up/Defeat this will make sense to you!
Essentially you are Draining the essence of one character (whether that be powers, personality, strengths and weaknesses), Teaming Up with another (hello life partner) and defeating the last (bye boy bye). 
You can play the game with the intent to defeat the last character with your new found powers and teammate, but you don't have to. Why all this explanation? Well the Franklin Armstrong Collective wants you to play along, tune in this week when their #DTD is Battle of the Jokers.
Nicholson's Gangster Joker vs Leto's Psychopath Joker vs Ledger's Anarchist Joker
Who would you want to be? Who would you team up with? And who would you lock up for good?
Hear our answers on Wednesday Sept 13th @ 9PM only on CJLO 1690AM 
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