DJ Spotlight


Mike Vo aka DJ Mister Vee

My show is called Beats From The East.... a weekly showcase featuring Urban Music from Far-East Asian communities worldwide!

Since 2009, we have been introducing the likes of the Far-East Movement, Dumbfoundead, The Juan Maclean, Epik High, Masia One, King Giddra, Nitro Microphone Underground, Drunken Tiger, and Awkwafina to Montreal's airwaves.

In doing so, we have also won CJLO Diego awards for Best Hip-Hop show, Best Niche show, and Most Professional Voice!



I'm a second year journalism and poli sci student. I also happen to be the news editor at The Concordian and my friend Alex and I host the Concordian Radio Show on Fridays at 11 where we go over this week's issue and discuss topics with our writers!

Be sure to check out the latest from The Concordian!



DJ Spacepirate hosts Burnt Offerings, the absolute worst show ever to curse AM radio. There he mostly plays brand-spanking-new Canadian metal, as well as other types of new Canadian metal. Sometimes he doesn't play Canadian metal from the past 3 months, such as Canadian metal from more than 3 months ago, or metal not from Canada but still from the past 3 months. He gets reduced rations when this happens.

Peter Tägtgren on Grade A Explosives

A fourth week of interviews on Grade A Explosives and this week is a pretty big one. Andrew sat down with half of Lindemann and Hypocrisy and PAIN lead singer / guitarist Peter Tägtgren before the PAIN / Orphaned Land show at Katacombes on Tuesday (September 12).

Bao Vo on Beats From The East - 14/9

Thursday, September 14th from 10-11pm on Beats From The East, host Mike Vo will interview Bao Vo (Los Angeles Funk-Pop-Rock-New wave singer/songwriter/producer) about his debut solo self-titled EP!

Tune in every Thursday from 10-11pm for Beat From The East

Battle of The Jokers on #GeektastiqCypha

If you've played F*ck/Marry/Kill then Drain/Team-Up/Defeat this will make sense to you!
Essentially you are Draining the essence of one character (whether that be powers, personality, strengths and weaknesses), Teaming Up with another (hello life partner) and defeating the last (bye boy bye). 

From Barn Burner to Dead Quiet

A third week and a fourth interview on Grade A Explosives this Sunday.

Andrew managed to sit down with Kevin from Dead Quiet and former Barn Burner lead singer before their show at Turbo Haus on August 20th with Anciients. Listen in to hear details about the new album, the differences between Barn Burner and Dead Quiet, and what he thinks about the current state of the music industry.

All this and loud things to make your ears hurt on Sunday from 4 - 6PM.


An Interview Laden Grade A Explosives

This Sunday, September 3rd, on an interview laden Grade A Explosives, Andrew talks with Guelph, Ontario progressive death metal band Becomes Astral who recently released their record "Paleblood Sky". They'll talk about metal today, touring in Canada, and writing songs about Bloodbourne.

July 20th on Beats From The East - Special Guest: Franki Love

Tune in Thursday, July 20th from 10pm - 11pm EST as DJ Mister Vee interviews one of L.A./N.Y.’s finest, Franki Love

Singer/Songwriter Franki Love joins in to speak to us on lots of awesome topics, such as: funnel cake, In-n-Out Burgers, Prince, Julie Andrews, and of course, her latest album OTIAS. 


GIVEAWAYS - Wayhome Music and Arts Festival

CJLO 1690am and The Pressure Drop Show have teamed up to give 5 lucky listeners a pair of weekend wristbands with camping to this year’s Wayhome Music and Arts Festival. Held from July 28 – 30 near Barrie, ON, the festival features artists such as Frank Ocean, Cage The Elephant, Justice, Charles Bradley, Royal Blood, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Tegan and Sara, and loads more... this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to win passes to one of the hottest festivals of the summer!!

Annick "MF Gold" Maugile-Flavien

Name: Annick

What is your DJ alias? & what are its origins? : MF Gold. Well it’s actually kinda silly, see my middle name is Marie-Laure, which is a French name, and when I was a kid I was trying to translate it for my English friends and I at that time I thought laure (as opposed to l’or) meant gold so I told people my middle name was mary-gold which just stuck with me for a while till I eventually turned into MF Gold

Show: Say Word!

Genre: Hip Hop Culture Talk Show

How long have you been at CJLO? : since April 2011

Kelly "Sugarface Néné" Belfo

Name: Kelly Belfo

What is your DJ alias? & what are its origins? : Sugarface Nene (Nene means "Mommy" in the Ibo lauguage (Nigeria) and Sugarface was given to me by Raphael DJ 610 of Caribbean Callaloo)

Show: Beat The World

Genre: World

How long have you been at CJLO? : since 2003

What is the best thing about working at CJLO? : the music and the people

Describe your show as a potential life partner. What are its qualities? : I always looks forward to the time we spend together.  It is supportive & reliable and I know where to find it (24/7).

Melissa "Wall-e" Mulligan

Name: Melissa Mulligan

Show: Currently Concordia

Genre: News

How long have you been at CJLO? : For about a year and a half now I believe.

Robin "Cartoongal" Fisher

Name: Robin Fisher

What is your DJ alias? & what are its origins?: Cartoongal.  My show is about the graphic arts, cartoons are a graphic art. The main mandate of my show is to make the graphic arts accessible to all people.  I like to say, "let me be your guide, let me be your cartoongal." (You know, like your gal Friday.)

Show: The Onomatopoeia Show

Genre: "All graphic arts, all the time."  Talk radio with music.

Cecil Di Ioia

What is your DJ alias? & what are its origins?
Cecil. It's honestly just a misunderstanding of my real name.

What is your show name?
Burnt Offerings

What genre?
The metal-est!

How long have you been at CJLO?
Probably 4 or 5 years now.

What is the best thing about working at CJLO?
It's a lot of fun and I enjoy the people I work with!