Brennan Richer

When Brennan Richer came to CJLO, the station was a very different place. Some DJs hosted for themselves, using the air time as an outlet to express themselves. Others hosted for their community, as a means to promote the culture of their musical taste. Lastly some hosted with all that and more in mind. Not only to promote their show, their genre but for everyone. Brennan Richer has always been one of those DJs and has paved the way for a generation of DJs who approach their shows in that manner. As the host of The Almighty Riff, he has been a staple of the Sunday line and has been a key to building its popularity.

What makes Brennan special is his ability to pull anyone in. Imagine a quiet Sunday evening, you turn on your radio, start going through the dial all of a sudden you hear a voice. It’s not just any voice; the person on air is confident, charismatic and loves the music he plays. He’s very knowledgeable and his goal is to give you an experience that will keep you coming back every week. That would be Brennan and listeners tuned in every week for his unique style and great showmanship.

With that said The Almighty Riff will be having its last show this week. CJLO would like to thank Brennan for his years of dedication, his love for the station and wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

Make sure to tune in this Sunday April 3rd for The Almighty Riff Finale at 6pm EST.