CJLO Embraces Darkness Once Again During Metal March

Metal March is back on CJLO, and as in previous years, some of CJLO's mainstay shows have decided to channel the darkness within, with a heavy new musical direction and brand new logos to boot. They join some of CJLO's other shows in letting go of their unique formats and jumping in to the world of extreme music.

Up first is Dirty Work. Host Denis' former emphasis on new and classic jams from across genres led to a natural progression towards ever darker themes and sounds. His new logo embraces the electricity of the filthy new niche he has dug for himself, with a nod to the classic sounds of dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

Je Suis TBA was once a prime destination for cutting edge electronic music presented in boundary blurring Frenglish, but host Joana now speaks the international language of EVIL, with only the most brutal black metal and creepiest occultist dirges. TBA is now a Total Brutal Assault.

J-Nice and Lady Oracle have been flying the hip-hop flag for CJLO since 2003, but their recent conversion to the world of heavy metal has turned The Limelight into Montreal's preeminent source of thrash and speed metal. Their slick new logo slices like a shredding guitar. Tune in, and turn it up to 11!

Fukubukuro was once a surprise grab bag of Asian music. It's still a surprise grab bag, only now, the surprise is DEATH. Hosted by Lawrell, the show's new direction definitely puts the FUK U in Fukubukuro, with only the most terrifying and subversive sounds from the land of the rising sun, to a sun that never sets.

Last but not least, the explosive More Fyah has decided to leave its popular reggae and dancehall format behind for a decidedly darker sound. The new More Fyah channels Norwegian arson and 18th century witch hunts into a scorching blend of the best in extreme metal.

Of course, all of this is in jest, and these shows are going to continue to explore their respective formats and bring you the music you've grown to love them for. Don't be surprised, however, if you hear a show or two play something a little heavier once in a while over the course of this month. You'll also want to keep an eye out for more metal content in the CJLO magazine, tune in to all CJLO's metal shows (including mine, BVST, even though it's red on the schedule), and who knows what other surprises CJLO has in store! Happy Metal March!

Angelica hosts BVST every Wednesday at 7 - 9 p.m. on CJLO. Tune in for the best (& worst) rock'n'roll, country, punk & metal!