Joel "Stringbean" Suss

Smart, charismatic and dedicated are just a few of the words thrown around when Joel Suss’s name comes up in conversation. A relatively new addition to CJLO, Joel has been a member for just over a year. In the short time that Joel has been on board, his show, The Sports Injection (which he hosts alongside Taimur Tanoli and Ben Wenger) has become a fan favorite. With calls from local fans to those far away, the energy on the show is always positive and the people who call in, although they don’t always agree with the boys, still love and respect them.

When Joel isn’t talking sports, he’s usually off studying hard and being an active member of the Concordia University experience; currently sitting on the Concordia Student Union Council representing his fellow students. A jack of all trades and a master of many; Joel Suss is CJLO’s DJ of the Week.