Raphael "DJ 610" McKenzie

Raphael McKenzie has been a member of CJLO for 5 years. This kind, loving, and helpful DJ set roots in Montreal 37 years ago and from day one has been working hard connecting Montreal and the Caribbean.

Raphael, or DJ 610 as he is more commonly known on air, knows the importance of keeping the community informed, up to date, and entertained with content from the Caribbean. While Caribbean Callaloo is broadcasted on 1690AM in Montreal, it has an excellent international following. The Carribean isn't the only place the show has a large follwing, they also have fans in England, Africa, Belize, Florida, and NYC just to name a few. If you have had the pleasure of listening to the show, you may also know that Raphael is an event DJ who has done shows in the US, Canada, and of course back home and across the West Indies.

So this weekend when you're doing your Christmas chores or working off the huge Christmas Eve dinner, make sure to tune into CJLO for our Christmas Specials: Gospel Unlimited from 8-Noon and Carribean Callaloo from 2-6pm.