Sarah El Fangary

When So Real Radio was pitched to CJLO originally it was meant to feature Brandon Calder and then co host Draga Sfetsios. At the last moment the boys decided to add another piece to an already great concept and so began the journey of Sarah El Fangary at CJLO.

Sarah started with the boys on day one and proved she was more than just the token female voice. She had a lot to say and CJLO was more than happy to give her and the So Real Radio team the time to do it. Sarah will be the first to tell you So Real Radio is all about the chemistry her and her current co host Brandon and Para “Google Guy” Chionis share. They have a similar sense of humour, an uncanny ability to communicate and understand one another and these are the qualities that keep listeners coming back every Sunday between Noon & 2pm. Sarah may be dramatic, maybe even intense sometimes but those are just after effects of her passionate personality.

CJLO may have given Sarah a place to voice her opinions but the station is the one that benefits from her hard work. Ladies and Gentlemen; this week’s DJ of the week is Sarah El Fangary