Yaël Ossowski

This week’s DJ of the week is bittersweet. Yaël Ossowski will be leaving CJLO to explore what the world has to offer and make his mark. We would like to thank him first and foremost for being a great addition to the station, working hard on a weekly basis to produce an amazing show and for being an all around great guy.

Yaël is a true believer in life, love, and above all, liberty.  He has been staying true to those values while hosting his show, Liberty In Exile, for the last year. He describes his show as “caring and compassionate, bringing forth issues that maximize human freedom and seek to explore the fullest capabilities that individual liberty can grant.” A motivated young man who has always been intrigued by world around him, Yaël is truly inspired by those who take a look at their environment, challenge the status quo, and not only think for themselves, but seek to help others think outside the box.

A lot more could be said about Yaël Ossowski, but the best way to get to know him is to listen to Liberty In Exile and hear him for yourself. Catch the final two episodes on Friday December 10th and December 17th between 10 & 11am. Also, take a peek at his show page - http://www.cjlo.com/onair/liberty-exile and listen to past episodes.