RATATAT @ Les Saints

By Susannah Hicks - Rock the Plank - 09/07/2006

LAMBCHOP @ Le National

By Alex Huynh - Losing My Edge - 09/23/2006

Music is not always about rock stars. It is easy to forget, attending many shows where your senses are directed towards the stage and ultimately, short of already having the band's music wired in your head, what you see factors in just as much as what you hear and feel. Start the show off right in front of the band, immersing yourself in a bubble and then mid-way, go to the back with all the cocktail chatters and your detached position lends a different perspective to the proceedings.

PHOENIX + La Rocca @ Club Soda

By Mikey B - The Lonesome Strangers - 09/10/2006

Arts & Crafts are really starting to clean up around here.

The Toronto-based label that boasts fine acts such as Broken Social Scene, Feist and Stars have acquired yet another stellar band for their growing stable of goodness, the Parisian foursome known as Phoenix.

CELTIC FROST + 1349 + Sahg @ Le Medley

By K-Man - 09/16/2006

OK first off, I have to admit that I thought this show would either be retardedly heavy or horribly bad. I am glad to report that it was like high doom at the OK Corral.

HERBERT @ Club Soda

By Trevor Kiernander - Ones and Zeroes - 08/24/2006

One thing is for certain, when you go to see Matthew Herbert perform, you can’t be sure what you are going to get. This definitely held up with his recent, not-so-sold-out performance at Club Soda.

RANCID + The Ripcordz @ Spectrum

By Lisa Sookraj - Unsystem-Addict - 08/29/2006

I had never seen Rancid live and was looking forward to it, especially after seeing NOFX a few months ago -- another band I'd wanted to see since I was 17. My buddy Drew accompanied me to see Rancid on the first of three nights they played in Montreal. Openers for the other two nights were the Slackers on the 30th and the Planet Smashers on the 31st. Other bands Rancid are playing with on the current tour include Sick Of It All, Avail, the Aquabats and H20.

GARY NUMAN + New Skin @ Le National

By Lisa S - Unsystem-Addict - 08/05/2006

Regarding the venue -- I'd never previously been to Le National and I must say this was one of the best things about the Gary Numan show for me. I like that the floor is on a slope, so you can see the stage well over the crowd anywhere you happen to stand. However, this feature was not necessarily necessary for the Numan show in particular, as there were far less people there than I had expected. That said, it was not packed at all and everyone had lots of room to themselves to move about as they pleased, though despite the room not many people were really dancing.

PEACHES + Eagles Of Death Metal @ Metropolis

By Mike Bresciani - The Lonesome Strangers - 07/19/2006

Peaches, featuring Eagles Of Death Metal?

Nope, I really didn’t see that one coming. Although they have each released albums with spicy titles such as Impeach My Bush and Death By Sexy respectively, this unlikely live combination seems just about as obvious (natural) as maple syrup and fish sticks… cucumber/earmuffs… Yanni and Garfunkel.