PELICAN + Mono @ Cabaret

By Johnny Suck - Turn Down the Suck - 06/17/2006

GODSMACK @ Metropolis

By Johnny Suck - Turn Down the Suck - 06/12/2006

Even though it’s lame, I still like to go slumming now and then. So you better believe I jumped on a free Godsmack ticket...

On my way over to Metropolis, I passed through the Francofolies site, which had Andrée Waters performing on the main stage. Stopping to watch for a few minutes, I was surprised by how good she was and even thought about sticking around for the whole set, Godsmack be damned. I don’t make light of commitments though, so I grudgingly continued on.

MOGWAI @ Spectrum

By Erin Stewart - Rock the Plank - 05/15/2006

BLUE CHEER + Witch + The Mongrels @ La Sala Rossa

By K-Man - 06/29/2006

Oh man, when my ex-bandmate Steve 'Lud' Ludvik told me a month ago that he and his new bandmates The Mongrels were going to open up for Blue Cheer, I almost fell over.

Ahh the lovely Sala Rossa: the beers were flowin' as the love was growin'. People were running into each other for the first time in 8-10-15 years. We really came out of the woodwork for this one. Emotions ran deep, no way of getting around that one on this humid June 29th.

D.O.A. @ Café Chaos

By Idle Matt - Idle Minds - 06/18/2006

"They rock out. They blow the roof off. Some of the best shows I've seen in my life were D.O.A. gigs. I've never seen D.O.A. not be amazing."
- Henry Rollins

ARCTIC MONKEYS + We Are Scientists @ Le Medley

By Idle Matt - Idle Minds - 06/16/2006

Let me say this upfront: I usually write pretty long reviews, but this show just doesn’t merit it. Simply put, it just wasn’t very good.


By Idle Matt - Idle Minds - 06/02/2006

In one of the more shocking concert line-ups of recent years, everyone’s favourite fervently anti-capitalist punk/garage band, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, actually headlined a show!

IMOGEN HEAP + Zoe Keating @ La Tulipe

By Fiona Mak & Tanya Nielsen - Airworks - 05/30/2006

British musical act Imogen Heap made it to Montreal for a memorable show at La Tulipe recently. The opener Zoe Keating (discovered by Imogen Heap through the internet) would loop and layer her cello-playing and sounds made from it. The final result would sound almost like it was a post-rock type of quartet or mini-orchestra. Keating's music strongly reminded me of what Owen Pallett's Final Fantasy does with his violin, except Pallett sings as well.