AMY MILLAN + Darling Arms @ Main Hall

By Mike Bresciani - The Lonesome Strangers - 02/10/2007

Entering a sold-out Main Hall only minutes after yet another disappointing Montreal Canadiens performance, this deranged Habs fan was in desperate need of some comforting, which came thankfully in the form of his other love: the live show.

JASON BAJADA + Lindy Vopnfjord + Ana Miura @ Yellow Door

By Döc Holidæ - Phantastiq Cypha- 01/13/2007

It all begins with Jason Bajada’s live session on F-Train 120 Monday January 8th. I was asked to set up and have everything ready to go on at around 1pm. Everything went well and after it all, Jason invited my assistant Kat and I to come to Yellow Door for his show on Saturday.

FACES ON FILM + Elizabeth Powell + The Corduroys @ Main Hall

By Alex Huynh -  Losing My Edge - 01/11/2007


2006 Montreal International Music Initiative @ Spectrum

By Trevor Kiernander - Ones and Zeroes - 12/03/2006

And the winner is: the unexpected!

That seemed to be the general sentiment during a lot of the MIMI gala that took place December 3rd at the Spectrum -- well, for me since this being my first MIMI attendance out of ten, as this was the 10th anniversary of the event. Supposedly though, the reports swirling after the show were that it was pretty low budget and seemingly unprofessional, but I’ll give you my take.


By Dan Stefik - The Ground-Up - 11/05/2006

Sometime early November, Colin Meloy and his lofty band of Decemberists pulled into Montreal’s Metropolis and delivered on that Sunday night. While I was under the impression that something was missing during their performance, I couldn’t shake the fact that this band has a vast, diversely made-up following dedicated to their own brand of indie-folk/rock.

JAY-Z - Kingdome Come

By Döc Holidæ - Phantastiq Cypha - 11/21/2006

Jay-Z once said "I'm far from being God, but I work goddamn hard" and though there will be some who disagree, this album proves them wrong.

Releasing his 9th solo album definitely shows us some staying power. However this album wasn't supposed to be, after announcing The Black Album would be his last in 2004, many were happy to see Jay go out on top of his game. This new album is good, but it can't top The Black Album.

GUNS 'N ROSES + Sebastian Bach + The Suicide Girls @ Scotia Bank Centre

By Jo Satana - 11/17/2006

I can already hear the sighs in your voice: "Guns 'n Roses... you mean that hack Axl’s poor excuse for a band? He’s ripping people off by selling concert tickets for a band that no longer exists? Who needs him, and besides, there’s nothing he does that I haven’t seen before!"