Concert Reviews


By Antonella Fratino - The Siamese Libertines - 12/02/2005

NADA SURF @ La Sala Rossa

By Cara Ventura - Classified - 10/11/2005

There is something to be said for having the uncanny ability to tell a story with a song...

...and here comes the Weezer comparison (“in the second sentence?”, you may ask. Yes). Pinkerton was a painstakingly written album. The ups and downs of love and life -- dare I say high/lows -- were documented with an ingenuity and heart-on-sleeve mentality that was at once explorative and concise. The balance is devastating. As a side note, the album is so personal -- and the poor initial reception was taken so personally -- that Rivers Cuomo and company never perform tracks off of said album live.

JAMES BLUNT + Sarah Blasko @ Café Campus

By Trevor Kiernander - Ones and Zeroes - 10/31/2005

Please take this review with a grain of salt, as I am fully aware of the star power that this artist has recently garnered...


By Louis Rozza - Hooked On Sonics - 11/14/2005

NASHVILLE PUSSY + Bionic @ Café Campus

By Dallas Richter - Dont Mess With Dallas - 10/05/2005

SPOON @ Club Soda

By Alex Huynh - Losing My Edge - 11/02/2005


By Marc Wiltshire - The Humpday Buffet - 10/18/2005

This marks my fifth occasion seeing Matthew Good live, and even after so many shows over the years, he still manages to evoke an incomparable emotional response from his audience. For the past ten years, Matthew Good’s music has revolved around my life on many different levels, without ever getting old. I have caught myself listening to his music consistently and still manage to discover something new about it, and moreover, about myself.


By Idle Matt - Idle Minds - 10/12/2005

In one of the more shocking concert line-ups of recent years, everyone’s favourite fervently anti-capitalist punk/garage band, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, opened for The Bravery. This is almost as shocking as when Ash opened for... The Bravery (?!) earlier this year.

Seriously though, what's the deal with The Bravery? Do they always invite bands to open for them and that are guaranteed to outshine them?

JASON MRAZ + Raul Midon @ Spectrum

By Jordan-na Belle-Isle - Canadian Invasion - 10/06/2005

Like, omigod! I got to see Jason Mraz headline at the Spectrum and it was, like, pretty okay. And I’m not into him because he’s hot or anything! It’s about the music, you know, totally about the music. But he is soooooo hot, omigod! And he wore a pink t-shirt (his new single is “Geek in the Pink” ;) ) and his trademark backward baseball hat, so cute!

TRICKY WOO + The Leather Uppers @ Petit Campus

By Angelica - BVST - 10/08/2005

As I get older and the weather gets colder, it becomes more and more tempting to not go out on a Saturday night. I came close to skipping out on last weekend's hot date: Tricky Woo with Top Brass and The Leather Uppers. I then remembered that that not only are Tricky Woo one of my favorite bands, they've been doing this since I was still trading stickers with my friends (well, almost) so my encroaching old age is certainly not an excuse.

STARS + Hope For A Golden Summer + Donkey Heart @ Art En Majuscule

By Katie Seline - Wrong Side of the Bed - 09/30/2005

What I love most about this city is its easy access to great bands in intimate settings. Last Friday I was privileged enough to be able to attend the 150 tickets-only Quiet Fire II show at Art En Majuscule, in the warehouse district of the Old Port. This would be the end of my Pop Montreal binge, and was without a doubt the greatest possible way to pack it in.