Trust Abby: Book Reviews

Every month I’m going to post mini blurbs/summaries about books I’ve recently read AND I’m going to tell you why you should read them too, all in the most interesting, non-preachy, non-educative way possible. Also, since this we are a music station, not only will you be learning about some amazing literature but you’ll gain music knowledge too. How? Each novel gets its very own soundtrack! So take a look and listen. I recommend you listen to the soundtracks as you read the reviews.

Best of 2011

Happy New Years! There's a fresh, exciting year ahead of us, but we here at CJLO want to take this chance to look back at 2011 and all the wonderful things it's offered. Our DJs and volunteers have taken the time to gather lists of their favourite music related things from this past year. The lists are as diverse as the musical selection we offer. Check them out and you might find something new and interesting.

SoDisrespectful (Toni Menage & Monifah) @ Jello Martini Lounge on Aug. 26th and 27th


Two dynamic voices have combined their talents and are coming to Montréal for two nights at Jello Martini Lounge, on August 26th and 27th. SoDisrespectful is the latest project from Toni Menage and gold and platinum selling artist Monifah. This high-energy duo, straight from New York City, will definitely put their own spin on neo-soul favorites and funk classics as well as top 40 hits and R&B tracks.

Fantasia Film Festival 2011

I must admit to you all that is, in fact, my first time attending the Fantasia Film Festival, but so far it's been a truly wonderful experience. At every screening, the people of the city are literally lining up the block to see these wonderful films. The atmosphere is busy and hustling. Everyone seems to know someone at this festival and it makes me a little nervous.

Bound for Beijing

*Editor's Note: This article marks the begining of a weekly travel blog by Natasha P, a CJLO correspondent currently on exchange in Beijing, that will cover her experiences training in Beijing Opera and living in China.*

8 months of training, 4 performances, 6 hours of paperwork, 14 hours in transit and now I find myself sitting in a hotel room on the other side of the world looking out over Beijing.

Film Review - Good Neighbours

Living in Montreal can be challenging, especially when you move into your first apartment building. You will never be able to know what kind of people live right next to you. Do you knock on every door to introduce yourself? Probably not. Therefore, you grin and bear the feeling that someone who you live next to could be plotting your demise.

Film Review - Limitless

One afternoon while browsing movie trailers, I came upon Limitless and thought to myself: "Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro? I wonder what this could be?" I checked out the trailer and it captured my attention immediately. It didn’t give too much away, so I was pleasantly anxious as I took my seat at the screening.