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Atripat Guest Mix for Waves of Honey

Tonight 10 pm sharp, a guest mix submitted by producer Atripat  all the way from Autralia, will be played on Waves of Honey. Atripat is an experimental electronic artist whom, when releasing his first EP "APT" in 2013, was producing sounds more around the genres of hip hop and techno but more recently has been driven by minimal synths, ambient soundscapes, and less beats. He also has an alter ego artist known as Osetero where he releases his more beat driven dark experimental chopped and screwed tracks.

The guest mix he sent in for Waves of Honey is a mix of Atripat and his alter ego Osetero as well as songs that are influential to him at the moment.

Sprung-up WildflowerChild SpringMix

"Sprung-up WildflowerChild SpringMix" is a spring fever mix tape brought to you by Zakary Slax from Slax Trax, Tuesdays at 5PM. Specializing in the wild and weird strains of rock and/or roll!

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Chillin' in the Park

"Chillin' in the Park" is a spring fever mix tape by DJ Lawrell from Fukubukuro, Sundays at 9PM only on CJLO.

The semester is over, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you're laying under a tree in that park near your house. This is the soundtrack to your well-deserved break, designed to go hand-in-hand with daydreaming, staring at dog walkers, or just chilling with friends.

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Au Revoir Montreal

"Au Revoir Montreal" is a spring mix tape by Chris Noel from Audio Penpals, Fridays at 4PM only on CJLO. 

I DJed a bit over the past few years and would play mostly cumbia and reggae so this mix kinda represents the music that I've really liked and songs that I think people responded well to. It starts with a very traditional song and gets more 'accessible' after the first four minutes. It's titled "Au Revoir Montreal" because I'm moving to LA and these songs will always remind me of the time I spent in Montreal.

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An Ode to the Sun

"An Ode to the Sun" is a spring mix tape by Remi from At the Movies (with Iconic Sounds), Tuesdays at 8AM only on CJLO. 

When you make it out of the deep freeze of the woods and the lack of colour of the season, there is spring. That bright light that shines so bright in the sky welcomes spring. The sun now has it's own playlist. New and old jams. Upbeat tempos just like the radiance of the sun.

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CJLO Mix Tape Club - Spring Fever!

Remember the freedom you felt as a kid when you could finally dump those heavy winter boots and parkas and run around the neighbourhood wearing just your kicks and a 5$ bill in your pocket? You could buy so much candy for 5 bucks back then. CJLO is here to bring back that feeling and get you ready for this awesome sunny weather we've been having.

The theme for this round of the CJLO Mix Tape Club is Spring Fever! Sunny tunes to enhance your mood and get you pumped to go outside.

Winter Nights, Spring Days, Summer Nights

"Winter Nights, Spring Days, Summer Nights" is a winter survival mix tape curated by Remi Caron-Liss from At the Movies with Iconic Sounds (Tuesdays 8 AM).

Winter Nights (Light in the darkness): Cold, Dark, Magical
Spring Days (New beginnings): Joyfulness, Energized, Invigorating
Summer Nights (Love is in the air): Reminiscing, Late Nights, Starry-Eyes

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Praise the Sun

"Praise the Sun" is a winter survival mix curated by Julie Z from Exposé (Thursdays 1 PM). An array of yams freshly harvested by local farmer Julie Z to help get you through the rest of the winter!

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Winter's Eerie Haven

"Winter's Eerie Haven" is a winter survival mix curated by Joana Cumo from Je Suis TBA (Mondays 9 PM). Winter is so indie, I'm DYINGGGGG!

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Farewell Winter

"今年の冬から、さよなら。Farewell, Winter" is a winter survival mix curated by Saturn De Los Angeles, CJLO News team member and host of Shibuya Crossing (Wednesdays 2 PM). "A cornucopia of emotions. Both good, bad, euphoric, anger, disappointment, joy, anticipation and lots of deep meditation."

The Last Days of Winter

"Last Days of Winter" is a winter survival mix curated by CJLO Magazine editor Stephanie Dee from Yeti Dreams & Stranger Things.

"There are 13 days left until the Spring Equinox, so here are some sun shiny lollipop psych jams to get you through the last days of Winter, one for each day."

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Fright Night

"Fright Night" is a winter survival mix tape curated by Ethan Vestby from Station to Station.

Because late October is still warmer than early March.

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Fright Night from ethanves on 8tracks Radio.


Holograms of summer

"Holograms of summer" is a winter survival mix curated by CJLO alumnus and former Sucker Blues host Simon Howell.

Uhhh so I haven't had a radio show for a little while now but I figured I'd give this a crack. Sunny summery jams of the balearic beach beardo / sunny psychedelia / synth-pop / dance-pop / pastoral variety. Etc. And some other junk. Enjoy.

Simon is a writer, editor, radio host, and co-founder of Sound On Sight.

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"PostPunk.Goth.Winter.Survival" is a winter survival mix tape curated by CJLO Production Director Patrick McDowall.

A little doom, gloom, and hopelessness to bask in until the sun shines again!

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PostPunk.Goth.Winter.Survival from mcdrzl on 8tracks Radio.


"TUNDRA 4EVER" is a winter survival mix tape curated by CJLO Campus Outreach & Volunteer coordinator Lucy Marshall-Kiparissis. This mix has 45 moody minutes of "winter wallowing" all-Canadian post-rock and droney goodness.

Near-hypothermia? Sure. Snow blindness? Fine. Wind storms shaping the city into a deserted moonscape? BRING 'EM ON. Winter was great and I hope it lasts forever in a climate-defying vortex of darkness, deal with it.

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