The Psychology of Denialists - New Media and Politics

From Debora MacKenzie at New Scientist comes an article on the psychology of denialists. It's illuminating and helps to explain how we can be in the middle of a crisis - Global Warming - and the concrete steps necessary to mitigate this imminent disaster are for the most part not being taken.

Learning Curves - New Media and Politics

I probably pick on Iggy too much, but it's only because I like him. Not as leader of the Liberal Party per say, but as a person. I've seen him up close, followed what he has too say and it's pretty obvious he's a decent and caring human being. Which does not necessarily make him the best candidate to be a party leader - in fact quite the opposite. He would be better suited, it often seems to me, to be the policy wonk behind the scenes doing policy grunt work. Or, as I've said before, he should be the guy behind the guy, and not the guy.

New Media and Politics - Gulf News

Been trying not to make all my posts about the disaster in the Gulf of late. It's playing out long, slowly and painfully. We made pretty good calls here based on common sense and decent internet sources. The first being that there was no way the rate of flow was anything like only 5,000 barrel a day.

News June 7th 2010

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New Media and Politics - Canadian News Edition

We're on the cusp of the Canadian political silly season - that magical time of year when not very much happens in Canadian politics and this year Canadian politicians will take a long break from a short period of governing after a taking a long break (the prorogue) from governing.



A Weekend's Roundup! - New Media and Politics

There's nothing like taking a couple of days off to help you fall behind!


I'm going to start with the story that actually kept me from blogging Friday and Saturday: I checked in late and the first story the blogosphere brought to my attention was this ghastly story out of Arizona courtesy of Wonkette:


News June 4th 2010

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New Media and Politics - Easy To Be Complacent


On a slow-news Thursday in Canada, you might be inclined to skip the headlines and let it all slide. After all you're busy. There's a weekend to plan for... hell, there's a whole summer to plan for! Surely you take can a couple of days off from paying attention and let things take care of themselves.


New Media and Politics -- Thursday News Roundup!


Starting to feel like there's nothing going on in the world except that disaster in the Gulf sometimes, but the crimes are so egregious and the people behind them so shameless.


New Media and Politics - How Did We Get Here?

No, that's not a headline for a post on evolution but rather a question about how did the spill in the Gulf come to pass? How is it that oil companies could be self-regulating? All MSM spin aside, who really is responsible for the volcano in the Gulf otther than BP, Transocean and Haliburton? Rebecca Lefton of the Center for American Progress has the answer, and it ain't Obama.

New Media and Politics Wrap

Hello. Going to try and post as many links a fast as possible to make sense out of one day at the beginning of what is usually called the silly season.

News June 2nd 2010

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