The Oceans and Climate Science - New Media and Politics

On this morning's radio show the focus was climate change and the current state of our oceans and their general health. Starting with a story from Science Daily about a newly published report in the latest issue of the journal Science that evaluates the total impact of  climate change, carbon dioxide, pollution and other human-related phenomena on the world's oceans. Scott C. Doney's paper represents a meticulous compilation of the work of others as well as his own research in this area, which includes ocean acidification, climate change, and the global carbon cycle. An important read if you are trying to understand all the factors in play.  

Worst Case Scenario for the Gulf Spill - New Media and Politics

I try to avoid anything I can't verify with multiple sources here at the blog. Even when I can find them, if what I'm reading is out there (alarmist) I'll take my time before posting it, knowing that the blogosphere will always be ahead of the MSM.


Silly Descends - Will Canadians Noitce?

So the MP's have all gone home. Worked themselves to the bone for more than two straight months and away they went - some will come back for the summits but that's all just for photo-ops.

American Hate Radio - New Media and Politics

Hi, and welcome back! Going to try and catch up on the storie I've covered on the radio show but not had time to post. It all begins with Rush Limbaugh this weekend as his brand of sickening hate radio and politics leaves me angry and feeling somewhat hopeless. Why is this tolerated? What does it say about the level and nature of so-called political discourse in the land to the south? The divisive nature plays into corporate interests as they divide us one from the other so they can fleece us. You'll note that he's still defending Joe Barton's (R-Tex) tone deaf apology to BP that has been roundly denounced.

News June 18th 2010

Read and produced by Lachlan Fletcher.

Stories written by Alina Gotcherian, Jonathan Moore and Jose Espinoza.

Thursday Roundup - New Media and Politics

President Obama's Tuesday night address was universally panned. It's hard not to like Rachel's version better.

News June 16th 2010

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Stories written by Emily Brass, Matthew Sarah Phelps and Gareth Sloan.

Afghan Detainee Document Deal

I promised to withhold judgement on the deal reached between 3 of Canada's 4 major parties over the Afghan Detainee documents. The NDP walked away from the deal saying that the deal shields the most crucial detainee information from scrutiny. Go read for yourself. Jack Harris of the NDP puts it succinctly: “The things you need to know — What did the government know? When did they know it? What advice were they given? Did they follow it? — that’s the stuff we will never see."

News June 14th 2010

Read and produced by Lachlan Fletcher.

Stories written by Chris Hanna and Sarah Deshaies.

New Media and Politics - Tuesday news!

Every day more proof rolls in like the tide of BP's malfeasance in the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Not just their unwillingness to give accurate assessments of how much oil is spewing into the Gulf, or their desire to prevent the press from showing the true picture of the extent of the mess and take photographs that break people's hearts, but criminal negligence and stupidity which led directly to the catastrophe.

Canadian News Update - New Media and politics

So word came out yesterday that Afghanistan is loaded with mineral riches. A trillion dollars worth or more. Now the US has spent 250 billion dollars in a war over there so far, so that means the return on their investment won't be fabulous but it does maybe explain why they'd fight for years and years in a vast ungovernable hellhole of a country famous for being the graveyard of empires. There's a pretty good chance that this was known to American intelligence some time ago.

New Media and Politics - Weekend News Roundup

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 Usually I like to intro any video I post but I thought this spoke rather eloquently for itself.