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Hello there! Hope your Canada Day celebrations were great and it all went your way. Hope you spent it with family, ate great food and enjoyed summer weather.


News July 2nd 2010

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Stories written by Jonathan Moore, Alina Gotcherian, Nick Fiscina and Drew Pascoe

News June 30th 2010

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News June 28th 2010

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News Roundup - New Media and Politics

There is an entire segment of the population that doesn't want to deal with facts or science or anything they consider to be disagreeable, and they are called conservatives. In essence they have their own set of facts. In another era that would have gotten you institutionalized, today it gets you a job working for Fox News.

Below you can watch Rachel outline how much money BP has spent on spill response research in preparation of the kind of gusher we're witnessing in the Gulf of Mexico (hint: Nothing!).

Canada Day Eve - New Media and Politics


Hope you're getting ready to celebrate the year's best holiday. It comes without snow, without carols, without tinsel (unless your in Ottawa or somewhere where the citizens are particularly chauvinistic about our country), without massive financial obligations and the weather is generally pretty sweet. Sadly there's plenty of news to report on even though Parliament's on holiday until September.

Disgraceful Behaviour In Toronto

The behaviour exhibited by Toronto's police in this video that comes to us via is beyond reprehensible. They are violent, thuggish and deserve no respect or quarter. The explanation given by the police chief about the so-called Black Block being nearby as an excuse for the brutal and despicable response to peaceful demonstrators is a proven to be a bald faced lie in the video. This is our country, we should not stand by and tolerate this massive abusive of our freedoms. 

Roundup of G-20 News - New Media and Politics

Trying to get back in a regular groove what with holidays and a weird sense of burning out on litany of lies crap and bad news. None of which would be half as bad were it not for the frustration I feel when it's not reported in on detail and with context by the MSM. Things have gotten far more wankerish here in Canada that I could have imagined - even with Harper at the helm. 

Weekends Get Longer - Canadian News Edition

This will be brief. There was more bad news from Afghanistan yesterday as two Canadians were amongst the six NATO soldiers that died during what has been the deadliest month for NATO forces since the nine year old war began. Master Corporal Kristal Giesebrecht, 34, and Private Andrew Miller, 21, were on their way to deal with a mine that had been found in the doorway of a home when the vehicle they were in detonated an IED killing them both.

News June 25th 2010

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Shout out to Mr. Pascoe (senior) who's birthday is today. Happy Birthday from the News Team!

News June 23rd 2010

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Stories written by Emily Brass and Gareth Sloan.

Death of the Silly Season in Canada? New Media and Politics

I'm expectantly waiting for summertime to bring an end to political wrangling of all sorts but maybe I'm being naive. Maybe it's just not possible in an era where the media operates under the rules of 'there must be constant frenzy' so as to continuously keep the readers titillated. Does this signal the death of the silly season in Canada?