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Green Room

Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier

I wasn't sure what to expect before watching Green Room. I saw the trailer and was intrigued—a thriller combining touring bands playing raucous punk rock, and the evil kingpin being played by the illustrious Sir Patrick Stewart? You had me at thriller, you sealed the deal at Jean-Luc.

Ra Ra Riot @ Bar Le Ritz PDB

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

"Oh just a melody, yeah that's how to please me" is a line from "Suckers" off Ra Ra Riot's new album Need Your Light, and well, they gave us much more than just a melody performing at Montréal's Bar Le Ritz PDB on Friday, April 15th. Filling the venue with their distinct synth-pop, string-infused sound, Ra Ra Riot had Le Ritz bursting with energy right from the opening song, "Too Too Too Fast", never letting the dance party stop throughout their hour-long set. Even bass player Mathieu Santos showed off his moves with some of the craziest leg manoeuvres I have ever seen.

Nap Eyes @ Casa del Popolo

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

East-coast band Nap Eyes finished off their off their North American tour for their second full length album, Thought Rock Fish Scale, on Friday, April 8th at Casa del Popolo.

9 Rock, Punk and Metal Flicks You Can Netflix & Chill to Right Now

Metal March may have come and gone, but here in Montreal, Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to let go of sleet, snow and subzero temperatures. What better way to keep yourself legit and warm at the same time than to crawl under the blankets and fire up some heavy films? Here are nine movies you can stream on Netflix Canada right now that you won't mind staying inside for!

Archgoat + Valkyrja + Hellfire Deathcult + Blackscorn @ Piranha Bar

This was one of those shows that separated the true from the false, the poseurs from the authentic headbanging stalwarts of the metal scene. This was the closest approximation of the hall of which Manowar spoke, the same hall that Sarcofago said falses must not entry because they would consequently be burned and died. This shit was serious. It was also another instance of Piranha Bar picking up the slack with the metal shows in this city. It is becoming a real nexus point in Montreal's metal scene, as the improved space in the bar's upstairs area is able to take on more and bigger shows. I find this to be a welcome change, as we can use all of the friendly venues for heavy metal music that we can get.

CJLO x SXSW 2016: Festival Spotlight

We at CJLO (that is Joana, the host of Je Suis TBA and Christina from Yonic Youth) jumped on a plane in mid-March, leaving the confused Montreal spring behind to check out the hot lineup for the 2016 edition of SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas.

Hooked up by our generous host with bikes, a beautiful place to crash and a slew of insider’s tips on what is worth checking out in the city, we were set to overdose on new music.

Now that the dust has settled, here are a few things that stood out to us during the desert fest:


Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!

For this edition of METAL MARCH, Chris the Frog from CJLO's Sewer Spewer (Wednesdays at 1PM) runs down his top three must-see films with dark, heavy metal themes. Normal people beware! 

Slave To The Grind: A Film About Grindcore

Killswitch Engage - Incarnate

Metalcore by design

Killswitch, Killswitch, Killswitch. What happened to you guys? Being one of the bands back in the early '00s to captivate the mind of a young (all be it much longer haired) Orin, I have a bit of a bone to pick with this latest entry.

Beach House @ The Rialto Theatre

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

Alternative music has become a distant pleasure of mine since I have taken on my weekly radio show. I am constantly looking for new hip hop and electronic music and do not have much time left to enjoy my high school pleasures, which consisted of mainly soft rock. I was overjoyed when I was given the opportunity to go see Beach House, a group I have been listening to for a few years now.