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Sun, 08/25/2013
A review of Montreal's 2013 Otakuthon

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Album Review by Fredy M. Iuni
by: CJLO

From The Ages is the newest release from Earthless, a San Diego trio consisting of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, bassist Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba. It’s been six years since their last release, and these psych/prog-rockers have come back with an atmosphere exploding four-track LP, which runs about 60 minutes long.
The album begins with the blistering and exhilarating “Violence of the Red Sea”. After a cymbal wash, the theme of the track arises out of the noise and squeals of the guitar and introduces itself, grinning, knowing full well the voyage the listener is about to embark on. The rhythms produced by Rubalcaba and Eginton pound forward to...
by: Julie M

The leaves have turned to compost, the wind is getting stronger, and the nights are dropping below the zero point - that must mean it is almost time for Image + Nation, Canada's longest running LGBTQ film festival. If you are like most people I know just now, you probably have a million and one things to be thinking about and doing, so I thought I would help you out by posting my top 5 festival picks! You can thank me later!!

Friday, November 29 at 19:15
Pavillon Judith-Jasmin Annexe

One of my favourite things about film festivals is the selections of shorts. This is really the only place to see some of these beautiful...

Album Review by Leilani Fraser-Buchanan
by: CJLO

Moonface's latest album Julia With Blue Jeans On is, more than anything else, insanely and ridiculously beautiful. Spencer Krug's slightly strange, lovely lyrics and a piano, letting the songs stand with honesty and strong imagery, clearer than I am used to with his previous work. 

My own personal highlight of the album is the fourth track, "November 11th" that is the nicest love song I've heard in years. My only problem- at say, 40 minutes in (of 49 minutes), it all starts to sound the same. It's not a record I can listen to all the way through without feeling both a little depressed and a little bored, but it's absolutely breathtaking nonetheless....

Album Review by Fredy M. Iuni
by: CJLO

What is going on in Saskatoon these days? There seems to be a creative force weaving through the Cypress Hills and across the plains of Saskatchewan as the province’s musicians continually produce some of the great new music this country has to offer. The self-titled debut album by The Moas is no exception. This eight-track LP offers up a solid effort from start to finish with catchy melodies and pulsing rhythms, which remind us all of the open sky the western plains have to offer. 

The first thing that you will notice about this release is the influence that Stereolab has on it. From...

Album Review by Casimir Frederic Coquette Kaplan
by: CJLO

As Dumb Numbers project-brain Adam Harding puts it in the press release for this record, “All of my music grows out of [existing] friendships.” And I tell ya, when your “existing friendships” are with dudes like Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow, Dinosaur Jr’s Murph, the...

Sat, 11/09/2013
by: CJLO

Photo: Alex MNJIVR, host of Autobeat

It's time to celebrate CJLO's amazing 15th Anniversary in community radio, and 5 years broadcasting on Montreal's airwaves at 1000 watts of AM power! To quote The Beatles, it's been a long and winding road, but CJLO 1690 AM has become a real family, and each member has a passion for filling this city's airwaves with beautiful tone, tempo, and timbre. We welcome all who wish to join our family in this undying love for music in the many years to come, but for now, please travel down just one more road in our long journey by reading about the shows, new and old, that took CJLO from silence to signal... and beyond.


by Sarah Stupar
by: CJLO

If you are looking for some “modern blues, with a hell of an edge,” look no further than Head of the Herd. Even if you weren't looking for it, I suggest you check them out anyway! If you're lucky, you may have already heard the workin' man soul of Neu Mannas and Clayton Frank. They are a Vancouver based group that has been rising fast. After winning a well-known radio sponsored competition in Vancouver called Fox Seeds (CFOX 99.3) their debut single "By This Time Tomorrow" reached #1 on the national rock charts, scored Head of the Herd an opening spot on tour with Guns n' Roses, and was used by the NHL for one of it's oh-so-dramatic pre-show montages...

When all of the big summer festivals are finishing their runs, there is still one more cultural festival in Montreal specifically for film lovers. The 37th edition of The Montreal World Film Festival, which ran from August 22nd to September 2nd, saw an influx of tourists enter the city just as many students and adults returned from their relaxing summer vacations. I had a privileged chance to sit down with Communication Director Henry Welsh to discuss the festival and the films that were presented.

The festival began in 1977, just as the Venice Film Festival came to an end. However, the concept of showing cultural films in Montreal goes back to the 1967...

by: Patricia

The Montreal Zombie Walk took place this year on October 19th. This annual event has been happening worldwide since 2005 from Toronto to Paris and even Buenos Aires! The whole point of the zombie walk is to meet up in the middle of the city in your best zombie costume and stay in character as you walk around and get your photo taken by hundreds of photographers.

The Montreal Zombie Walk this year was sponsored by Videotron and had its own make up booth for aspiring zombies. As an avid horror fan, I made my own flesh wounds...

Album Review by Fredy M. Iuni
by: CJLO

If you pop in Of Montreal’s Lousy With Sylvianbriar expecting to hear a cacophony of psychedelic sounds painting a vortex-like soundscape, which has come to characterize their last few releases then, be warned, you will be disappointed. This is a much more subdued, cleaner and rock infused album. While Lousy With Sylvianbriar still contains the whirling nuances that one identifies with Of Montreal, Barnes and company chose to step in different directions as they include sounds and textures more associated with the likes of the Grand Ole Opry than any psychedelic scene. 

The musical...

Article by Patricia Petit Liang
by: Patricia

Montreal’s ComicCon is an annual convention held this year on September 13th to the 15th, and has been running since 2006. The Montreal ComicCon (short for comic convention) is a showcase of comic books, anime, sci-fi and horror related media. One can buy all sorts of books, toys, cards and even rare collectibles at the convention. Other amazing aspects of the convention are the celebrity panels and movie screenings, leading to a fun filled weekend of ComicCon madness!

Many people dress up for the Montreal ComicCon. While Otakuthon attendees also cosplay for the anime convention, Montreal ComicCon goers tend to come from an older crowd and have more...

by Pete Douglas
by: Pete D


Pete Douglas from the Live Wire Show (Saturdays, 9-10 am on CJLO) reviews the 10th anniversary of the Montreal International Reggae Festival.


Canada has some of the world's most renowned sound engineers, but there are some that are clearly lost when it comes to certain genres of music, for example: world beat. 

Reggae music has a pulse that must be felt to really be enjoyed at an outdoor event such as the Montreal International Reggae Festival (MIRF). I noticed on the first two nights of the...