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Sun, 08/25/2013
A review of Montreal's 2013 Otakuthon

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Or: the only five things I saw at POP Montreal, ordered

(The elusive belldog in her natural environment.)

POP Montreal --- it was a thing! Here are the things I did:

FIVE! -- Ukrainia

FOUR! -- Tony Visconti

THREE! -- Pierre Perpall


ONE! -- Colin Stetson Tim Hecker BOBO



Lucinda Kiparissis hosts THE BELLDOG every Thursday night from 9pm-10pm on CJLO 1690AM. As of now, it will be a Bobo-only hour of programming. 

by Stephanie Dee
by: CJLO

CJLO Magazine's editor-at-large Stephanie Dee writes about day two of POP Montreal. Check out the hashtag #cjlogoespop, and follow @Tweegirl on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-the-minute commentary, video, and photos taken during the festival.

I begrudgingly worked all day, day-dreaming about all the art exhibits and artist talks I wanted to attend but couldn't, and when the daily grind was finally over I headed on up to Quarters POP at 5:30 pm for the Media Mixer. 


POP Montreal 2013
by Michael Langiewicz
Sun, 09/29/2013
by: CJLO

Photo: Stacy Lee

Punk Rock Meets Church Basement

There is nothing more fitting than ending a five-day music festival in a stale and sweaty church basement with ear-crunching punk-rock. Proving that sleep is truly for the weak, the Montreal punk and hardcore crowds stood shoulder to shoulder, jean jacket to jean jacket in anticipation for POP Montreal's final oo-rah at Salle Little Burgundy

First on the bill were Lethbridge, Alberta's Fist City. Despite being shy and humble in their stage presence (not to mention struggling through some serious technical difficulties with the monitors), Fist...

POP Montreal 2013
Thu, 09/26/2013

Music has two levels of enjoyment. The first is on the personal level, in which one listens to a song alone. The second level involves the gratification of sound in a group, either with a few close friends, or amongst hundreds of strangers. The performance by Suuns with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh took the second level to heights that I have not yet reached.

The show was in a constant state of flux, with songs flowing between soothing (yet slightly disturbing) pieces of ambient-drone noise, to tracks that invoked a thrusting of my head back and forth so vigorously that I was in desperate need for an...

Article by Patricia Petit Liang
by: Patricia

Two Best Friends Play is a series of “Let’s Play” videos on Youtube that has branched out into several other awesome things. Matt and Pat, the duo in charge of Two Best Friends Play, have contributed to the creation of several animations such as Call of Duty Dog and Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures! With the help of their friends Woolie and Liam, they have also created a podcast that is managed by Woolie himself. They also have merchandise for sale online such as t-shirts and stickers of their faces! To add to their...

by Stephanie Dee
by: CJLO

After five days of music, film, symposia, and crazy parties, CJLO Magazine's editor-at-large Stephanie Dee reports back on day one of POP Montreal. Check out the hashtag #cjlogoespop, and follow @Tweegirl on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-the-minute commentary, video, and photos taken during the festival. 

The streets of Montreal seemed so quiet and empty on Wednesday evening, but 3450 Saint-Urbain and several music venues in this fair city told a different story. POP Montreal kicked off its 2013 edition at Quarters POP with some amazing art exhibits, presentations, and fun parties complete with drinks,...

Tony Visconti did a Q&A at the SAT on Saturday and said a bunch of stuff about people*. Here are some pullquotes; it's up to you to figure out who he's talking about!

(*also useful advice derived from a long career in music production and within the recording industry, but w/e)


1. "The first thing ______ said to me was 'I thought you were dead.'"

2. "But, he's a nice boy [despite not acknowledging Visconti's producer credit for 25 years]."

3. "He carried his synth around in his suitcase, just like a Hungarian espionage film."

4. "_______ and I still do Tai Chi together every week."

5. "_______ was like our mascot . . . he kind...

Interview by Michael Cota


Through the past couple of years, I've had the pleaure of meeting some inspiring creative people that I almost instantly click with. Paloma Dawkins is a bright, positive bouncing ball of a human being. She agreed to speak with me about her current projects and interests.

So, as an artist do you need a particular space to focus in on your ideas and start working?

Yup! I work at a space with a bunch of comic book artists most of the time but right now I am lucky enough to have a second work space just for animation at the NFB. It’s a psychological thing, I find I am more effective. I like to have a separate space for everything, like my bedroom has no computer because it’s...

by: Mason W

Welcome to Midnight Love Affair's top picks of what's good & juicy at this year's POP Montreal festival happening from September 25th to 29th.

This is meant to make you smile and maybe even help solve some of those questions about what certain bands sound...

Mon, 09/23/2013
by: CJLO


Congratulations to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, winner of the 2013 Polaris Music Prize for their album 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!


The short list of nominees:


Godspeed You! Black Emperor'Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! (music review)

Zaki IbrahimEvery Opposite

MetricSynthetica (CJLO Top 100...

Album Review by Fredy M. Iuni
Drag City
by: CJLO


In Sleeper, Ty Segall puts down the expected electric and effects-ladened fuzz and instead picks up the acoustic guitar, resulting in an accessible and introspective LP. This is an intimate album, one in which he invites us into his most personal space, which, as it happens, is inhabited by a disturbed presence.

The acoustic nature of the album gives us a sense that Segall is not just opening the door to himself, but that he’s broken it down completely. The character of the recording further accentuates this feeling. It’s as if Ty has come into your home, sits on the couch and begins to play in an effort to release his inner most feelings, all the while you just happen to record him on whatever equipment is lying around.

The sound on this album is...

Hillside Music Festival 2013 - "Memories from an all too short summer"

A CJLO photo diary by Robert Portnoff. Tune in to Brave New Jams every Saturday at 10:00 PM EST to hear music for people who like to kick back and Not Fade Away. 


This diary takes you on an ocular journey across time and space, back to three wonderful days in July 2013, where a diverse group of artists performed for a peace-loving crowd at the...