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Preview: Shiva Baby from Director Emma Seligman, a Pitting Comedy

Shiva Baby from director Emma Seligman can be best described as a dark comedy in the similar vein to the cult comedy Death at a Funeral. After meeting her soon-to-be sugar daddy Max (Danny Deferrari), college graduate Danielle (Rachel Sennott) rushes to meet her neurotic parents for a family shiva.

Preview: New Film Like a House on Fire from Montreal director Jesse Noah Klein

Like a House on Fire is a new film from Montreal director Jesse Noah Klein, starring Sarah Sutherland (Veep) and Quebec singer Hubert Lenoir. Dara (Sarah Sutherland) returns home after a two year absence to connect with her husband and her daughter. However, things are not what they seem. There is a new woman in the household who is seven months pregnant with Dara’s husband’s baby and her daughter does not seem to recognize her anymore. The film then becomes a story of a woman’s struggle to regain control of her old life. 

Supreme Court rules on carbon tax, Petition regarding Alberta’s coal mining expansion, Fourth COVID-19 variant in Montreal

Hadassah Alencar




Supreme Court rules Ottawa’s carbon tax constitutional

The Supreme court decided Ottawa can hammer down a carbon tax on the provinces. 

At The Movies Race to the Oscars (Audio) Review: Promising Young Woman

The following film being reviewed deals with mature subject matter like sexual assault and viewer discretion is strongly advised before viewing.

Metal My Movie: Guardians of The Galaxy

A group of misfit criminals come together to save the world alongside an awesome soundtrack that rocks. If this sounds like an awesome Metal My Movie segment, you are correct. It is also the premise of Marvel Studio’s Guardians of The Galaxy, directed by James Gunn. Unlike the classic Marvel heroes archetype, the Guardians are seen more as the anti-heroes that must put aside their differences and personalities to save the universe. As well it’s the first time that the music not only revolved around the score by Tyler Bates, but most notably a soundtrack jam-packed with rock tunes and nostalgia.

Back to a Nü Future: A Small Primer on Metalcore

If you know me, it’s not really a surprise to see me write about my favorite subgenre of metal. If you don't know me, my name is JP and I love everything that is melodic and heavy at the same time, I live to die in a mosh pit during a sick breakdown and I’m really passionate about metalcore - what can i say?

Thousands protest Quebec’s lockdown, Firefighters urge caution while at home, New vaccine shows high efficacy after phase three testing

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro



Thousands protest Quebec’s lockdown

Thousands marched the streets of Montreal on Saturday to protest the province’s pandemic measures.

Metal My Movie: Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko, the cult classic film from director Richard Kelly, is currently celebrating its 20-year anniversary. What might have been seen as the mythos about the American Suburb being a great place to live gets subverted into a supernatural gothic tale complete with a Nostradamus plot set in the 80’s. The soundtrack has more of a rock somber mood, as Michael Andrews provides the somber score and isn’t afraid to punch up a scene with some synth loops to give the film its atmosphere.

Taking a Look at Upcoming Film My Salinger Year

My Salinger Year from director Philippe Falardeau was a success at last year’s closing screening for the Festival du nouveau cinéma. The film has continued on a successful run of festival circuits to much critical acclaim. My Salinger Year comes out in theatres, where open, and streaming services this Friday, March 5.

Metal My Movie - Her Smell

Metal My Movie: Her Smell (Dir. Alex Ross Perry
Content warning // mentions of self-harm

Young Quebecers challenge feds over climate, MNA test positive for Covid-19

Reporter: Shanellie Marie 

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro 


Young Quebecers challenge feds over climate 

A group of young Quebecers are back in court this week, to try yet again to file a class action lawsuit against the federal government on climate change. 

They say they're not doing enough to avoid the effects of the climate crisis. 

Patients traveling for essential medical services exempt from quarantine, Expect slower snow removal in Montreal, McGill students facing eviction

Hadassah Alencar




Patients traveling for essential medical services exempt from quarantine

Ottawa has announced that Canadians receiving medical treatment abroad won’t need to quarantine when they get home. 

Guns, drugs, and cash found by police, More vaccines and variant testing in Montreal

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories by: Luca Caruso Moro


Guns, Drugs, and cash found by police 

Montreal police recovered several guns, drugs and stolen goods in Montreal and Laval on Thursday. 

Campuses to reopen on Feb. 8, Pornhub testifies to federal ethics committee

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories by: Luca Caruso Moro


Campuses to reopen on Feb. 8

Some university students will return to campus in the coming days, as daily COVID-19 cases continue to trend downwards.

JSMB Student petition, Recent cases of crime in Montreal, Canada will adopt quarantining in hotel after travel, COVID-19 cases under 1K

Hadassah Alencar




JSMB Student petition

Feeling disheartened after recent deaths in Montreal’s homeless population, a JMSB student decided to take action.

The push to decriminalize simple drug possession, COVID-19 vaccines delayed, Indigenous groups and Premium brands buy Clearwater


Hadassah Alencar




The push to decriminalize simple drug possession

Montreal has joined other Canadian cities in calling on Ottawa to decriminalize simple drug possession.

(Interview) Plein(S) Écran(s) film festival General Director Catherine Légaré-Pelletier discusses this year's festival

Remi interviews Catherine Légaré-Pelletier about this year's edition of the Plein(S) Écran(s) film festival and the future of short feature films in the streaming platform age. More information about this year’s festival (taking place from January 13th-24th) can be found here.

Remi and Danny host At The Movies, which can be heard every Tuesday morning from 8:00 - 9:00AM. Tune in for discussions about movies, soundtracks, and iconic film scores. At The Movies also covers film festivals that are located in Montreal.

Ottawa criticizes Quebec’s homeless curfew policy after man dies steps from a shelter

Luca Caruso-Moro




Ottawa criticizes Quebec’s homeless curfew policy after man dies steps from a shelter

On Monday, Raphael Andre, a homeless Indigenous man, froze to death just steps away from a shelter in Montreal. 

High School teachers wear black in mourning during back-to-school, Eye strain on the rise in young Quebecers

Luca Caruso-Moro




Westmount High School teachers wear black in mourning during back-to-school

Teachers at Westmount High wore black to the first day of highschool on Monday. 

They say they’re mourning. 

Recapping the 2020 Montreal International Documentary Film Festival (Virtual Edition)

One of the last film festivals that I cover every year, the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) happens to be the one that I look forward to the most. There are some cinephiles that don’t connect with documentaries, however, for me they are a source of entertainment and enlightenment on topics that shape our social space today. Running from Nov. 12 to Dec. 2, this year’s 23rd edition of the festival offered different thematic weeks all throughout and highlighted some great films to put on my best of year list.

Moderna vaccine comes to Canada, Daycares told to throw out masks, Construction company accused of doing poor job in First Nations

Hadassah Alencar




Moderna vaccine comes to Canada

Health Canada has approved a second COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna. 

A shipment of the new vaccines are scheduled to arrive in just in time for Christmas.

Teens show great resolve through pandemic, Premier Ford warns of flood of Quebecers into Ontario, BioNTech confident their vaccine will work against new coronavirus variant.

Reporter: Shanellie Marie 

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro




Teens show great resolve through pandemic

Young people generally feel very protective of those around them when it comes to COVID-19, according to a new survey polling over 3000 teens in Quebec.

(Interview) Director Darius Marder on His New Film Sound of Metal

Remi talks to director Darius Marder about his new film Sound of Metal. Riz Ahmed stars in the film as Ruben, a drummer in a metal band who loses his hearing and learns how to live with his new condition. Remi also chats about what it's like to collaborate with director Derek Cianfrance, the integral role of sound design in the film, and working with Riz Ahmed. One of the year's best films, Sound of Metal is currently out on VOD services here in Canada, and on Amazon Prime in the United States.