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*just returned after a lengthy hiatus - slowly updating everything!*

HOOKED ON SONICS is yer weekly dose of indie rock, post-punk, power pop, shoegaze, math rock, noise pop, post-hardcore and anything with loud geetars...with sometimes a little alt-country, post rock and hip hop tossed into the mix.  Hosted by Omar Sonics and a rotating cast of guests, we basically bring you what we think is the best in new underground rock along with your requests and various regular features such as:

  • Sonics Selection – The best new track of the week…
  • Track From Way Back – Just like what it sounds like, a golden oldie of yore…
  • Hooked on Sonics Hidden Gem – A tune, band, or album, that “shoulda been a contenda”, but sadly got ignored…
  • Canadian Indie Rock Classic – A golden oldie of the canadian variety…
  • 90’s Classique – the now infamous/listener fave - a minor hit/one hit wonder from that fave era of ours…

Having trained numerous CJLO DJs, as well as capped CJLO.com's online listenership, HOOKED ON SONICS has been a mainstay on CJLO's schedule for some time and has played host to live performances from the likes of Julie Doiron, Fucked Up, METZChuck Ragan, Zola Jesus, North of America, the Posies, Murder by Death, Wintersleep, Picastro, and featured up and coming Canadian talent like PS I Love You, Uncut, Solids, AIDS Wolf, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Two Koreas, and many, many more.

Tune in for sessions and interviews with other established and new artists, record previews, and other features. Drop us a line to get on the Sonics Mailing list, or if you want to make a request - md-alt [at] cjlo [dot] com


*NEW* November 21, 2013With the onset of gloomy weather, things get distinctly and progressively more depressing on this episode which features lots of special requests, a downtrodden Denis from CJLO's "Dirty Work", and Brian from "Phantastiq Cypha" who fights a losing battle as he tries in vain to lighten to mood.  Things got so down, we started giving out the Suicide Hotline number....featuring music from Codeine, Tim Hecker, Antlers, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Jesu and much much more!

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February 28, 2013 - Sonics contributor Nana returns with another installment of "Nana Knows Best" - her picks of the best in new music, and Denis from CJLO's "Dirty Work" sits in for the whole episode. Along with horribly insulting Nick Cave, awkward discussions on beards, random drug references, and confusing Daughn Gibson with Don Cornelius, there's lots of new music from Frightened Rabbit, Chvrches, Absolute Monarchs, You Me and Us, Doldrums, and much much more!

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February 22, 2013 - Noah Bick from Passovah Promotionscalls in to talk about their upcoming 5th Anniversary party.  Plus new music from My Bloody Valentine, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Young Galaxy, No Joy, Foals, Keep Shelley in Athens, Thighs, and much more!

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February 24, 2011 - MUPPETS / SEASAME STREET CHARACTERS HOST! - A CJLO and Sonics fan favourite, it's as ridiculous as it sounds. Kermit sits in for Omar and guests like Elmo, Cookie Monster, Miss Piggy, even the Count and more show up! Must be heard to be believed!  Kermit even sends out Hum's "Green to Me" to the late great Jim Henson. We're posting this in in time for Jim Henson's 75th Birthday and the newly released Muppets movie.  Happy 75th Jim. A whole slew o' people miss you.

*all Muppets & Seasame Street characters, names, etc are copyright and owned by either the Jim Henson Company, Disney, and/or the Seasame Workshop.  The imitation of any of the characters herein is solely for the sake of parody and does not reflect any of the above company's views or opinions (no, we don't really know what Kermit and Elmo think of Radiohead's "King of Limbs").

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August 19, 2010 - CJLO and Sonics friends Bethany and Nana drop by to select the playlist, and new segment "Nana Knows Best" is premiered as well as the call-in advice segment "Dear Bethany".  We also explore the phenomena known as "The Bethany Calls".


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grumpy cat

*this is the closest I could come to finding a "sad" picture of Andrew WK...way to go, Grump Cat...

It's been a while since we've had an in-depth interview with someone on the show, so what better way to get back in the ring than with the always jubilant and positive Andrew WK!  We spoke about his upcoming show in Montreal, his performance setup for this upcoming Canadian tour, and why the heck hes so damn posi and all the pressure that comes with being the posterboy for positivity - I think you'll get to hear Andrew talk about things you...

The fine gents in Reversing Falls will be dropping by the CJLO studios to hang out on Hooked on Sonics tonight.  We'll be talking about their great new album of hooky scrappy power pop gems, as well as playing some tracks from their catalogue and reminisce about the last time they were live in the studios when they recorded a session over here.  The guys will also be...

In Montreal this Saturday 9/29 at Il Motore w/ Daytrader and Laureate, Jealous Sound frontman, and ex-Knapsack member, Blair Shehan will be calling in to Hooked on Sonics tonight to talk about the band, their latest record A Gentle Reminder, and their return after a lengthy absence.

We'll also be doing a quick Pop Montreal recap, spin a slew o' new tunes, and the usual uncomfortable pauses...TUNE IN! 6-8pm ET on CJLO 1690 am...

With another year of POP Montreal upon us, here's what are my personal POP picks and what I think the average everyday Hooked on Sonics listerner might enjoy at this year's fest:


CJLO 1690AM's first fund drive is in effect! Over the years CJLO 1690AM has grown exponentially, both in profile and in size.  We've gone from a small DIY group of radio and music lovers to a large award winning, internationally recognized community radio station.  Bands we've supported have gone on to major success and international acclaim, and more importantly, volunteers of ours have flourished within the CJLO 1690AM community, and have gone on to do great things in and of their own.