Lachlan Fletcher

When Lachlan Fletcher came to CJLO he had a vision for his – then desert rock themed – show The Subplot; have a theme and make it fun. He did just that and went on to become a dedicated volunteer at the station. When he wasn’t hosting his show, he would be recording a band and when he wasn’t doing that, he could be heard reading the news. In 2009, Lachlan was nominated for CJLO Diego Award for Best Radio Voice and won the award for Best New Show.

In 2010 Lachlan made the decision to take his show in a new direction and with that, a new name; Acetate Gratified. With the new format the show had more freedom to explore different music styles and continues to be a focal point for alternative and avant-garde music at CJLO.

This week’s DJ of the goes to a student, a leader and radio host extraordinaire; Lachlan Fletcher.