GIVEAWAYS - Wayhome Music and Arts Festival

CJLO 1690am and The Pressure Drop Show have teamed up to give 5 lucky listeners a pair of weekend wristbands with camping to this year’s Wayhome Music and Arts Festival. Held from July 28 – 30 near Barrie, ON, the festival features artists such as Frank Ocean, Cage The Elephant, Justice, Charles Bradley, Royal Blood, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, Tegan and Sara, and loads more... this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to win passes to one of the hottest festivals of the summer!!

RYAN RIDER SHOW: Little Shop of Horrors, Morty’s Driving School, West Island Blues, Tribute to Adam West

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Segment 1: An interview with Ben Warner, who plays Seymour Krelborn in Cote St. Luc Dramatic Society's Little Shop of Horrors. Through June 25th at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium, 5801 Cavendish Boulevard. Website/Tickets:

SISTERHOOD OF THE SQUARED CIRCLE: The History of Women’s Wrestling

Pat Laprade joined CJLO 1690AM for a 2-part interview on the June 7th and June 14th editions of Main Event Radio with Ryan Rider. His latest book is entitled “Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History of Women’s Wrestling” and is now available wherever books are sold. We discussed the history of ladies wrestling from the earliest days of Billy Wolfe and Mildred Burke to Fabulous Moolah’s stranglehold on the industry in the 1960’s-1980’s to the modern day women’s wrestling revolution.


There is No I In Fail is “an anti-motivational comedy” about lowering your expectations that is extremely heartwarming and exceeds all expectations! Trent Baumann’s Australian one-man show is one of the most uplifting performances you’ll have the pleasure of seeing at this year’s edition of the Montreal Fringe Festival. With balloons, milk crates, newspaper and an original soundtrack by the lovely Japanese composer Sachie, Baumann will charm you to pieces!

FRINGE 2017: Berlin Waltz, Telling History Through Music

Berlin Waltz is a riveting dance across the city which faced so much controversy and hardship during the Cold War. It is a brilliant, fun story of Devon More’s bike ride along what used to be the Berlin Wall, as she discovered the history of why the wall was put up, what East and West Berlin were like for the 28 years that the city was divided, and why and how the wall fell. Her adventure came to life through her storytelling and her music in this captivating one-woman show.

FRINGE 2017: One Too Many Brings Poignant Narrative

One Too Many is a two-person play rife with symbolism and inner reflection. It challenges the way we look at excessive alcohol consumption and questions our behaviour once we’ve had one too many drinks. Based on their life and experiences, Evan and Calla confront their own complicated relationships with alcohol and explore their varying alcohol dependencies with the audience. It is a must-see if you want to better understand the struggle of substance abusers.

Having been lucky enough to discuss the play with the artists, I can provide some insight into their thought process, their vision and their message (ATTENTION: spoilers ahead!).

FRINGE 2017: The Monkey King Gets HIs Staff

Chinese Opera is an art form which I know very little about. However, like I always say about classical music, you don’t need to know a lot about something to appreciate and enjoy it. Trust me when I say that there is a lot to appreciate and enjoy about the fantastic, funny, incredibly impressive performance put on by Jing Ju Canada.


Cabaret Abnormal is a mysterious showcase of Montreal’s sexiest burlesque and circus performers! Organized by Viva Diverse Productions, Cabaret Abnormal stars director and dark beauty Mikki Michelle, the madly alluring Magenta Haze, and the dangerously beautiful Tristan Ginger!

FRINGE 2017: Pounding Nails In the Floor With My Forehead

Lately, I’ve been waking up to feelings of helplessness and nihilism as my clock radio reminds me that I’m living in the age of Trump. I try to calm myself down by turning to the comedic monologues of late night talk shows, but the jokes have become repetitive. It makes me yearn for something with more substance, with more of a human touch. I need something that can stand the test of time, not just dabble in week-to-week politics.

FRINGE 2017: The Detective, The Dame and The Devil

Jazz music, incessant cigarette smoking, murder—this piece of detective fiction has it all! Everything that comes to mind from a murder mystery set in the 20s, right down to the pinstriped suites and showgirls, The Detective, The Dame and The Devil has it. What it also has in addition to your standard detective story staples are lame puns, cheap gags, and running jokes that give the whole show fantastic continuity. It was perfect. Small details revealed at the beginning of the show were easy to pass off as mere silliness, but so often they would tie into the plot in unexpected and incredibly silly ways, making the whole show completely hilarious and impressively well thought out. Throw in some plot twists and we have a winner!