At the Movies talks with Director Brea Grant

At the Movies recently had a chance to talk to Director Brea Grant who had her film 12 Hour Shift featured at this year's Fantasia Film Festival. Remi talks to Brea about comedy in horror thrillers, The Future of the horror genre in this decade as well as what it was like working with David Arquette.

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Hate It Too talks Lampshading and performing during COVID-19

Source: Hate It Too

Let’s jump into the pearls of local underrated punk, and discover what stands behind a band with the edgy name “Hate It Too”. Cédric, Marc-Antoine and Jean-Philippe are amazing conversationalists and told us all about their 2020 album release, habits and online show. Check out the full interview here!

Hate It Too is:
Marc-Antoine Dionne, guitar & vocals

Cédric Michaud, guitar & vocals

Jean-Philippe Gagnon, drums

Stéphane Simard, bass

Concordia Shuffle Mixes 2020

This year, the Concordia Shuffle is going virtual! CJLO is excited to present these mixes for shufflers to listen to and pump them up as they take their walks. From the best of the 80's to modern pop, there's hopefully something for everyone! 

To save the mp3, right click on the audio and click 'Save Link As'. 

Happy Shuffling! smiley

At The Movies Goes Fantasia: Week Two

Note: This article was written in tandem by At the Movies co-hosts Remi Caron and Danny Aubry. Remi's section follows, with Danny's starting halfway through... 

At the Movies Goes Fantasia: Week One

Note: This article was written in tandem by At the Movies co-hosts Remi Caron and Danny Aubry. Remi's section follows, with Danny's starting halfway through...

Album Review: Microphones in 2020

With the band’s first release in 17 years, Phil Elverum of the Microphones shares his vulnerable yet powerful journey of becoming an artist.

Fantasia Festival 2020: Premier Genre Film Festival is what you need to beat the heat

There are many unanswered questions in these uncertain times. This was the case when the city of Montreal decided to postpone their summer festivals, forcing many festival organizers to return to the drawing board. This is to say that I am happy that the 24th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, the premier genre festival, will be taking place virtually, with the titles being accessible online. Even though I am going to miss the atmosphere of the Concordia theatre halls filled with the audience alongside the CJLO DJ’s, the meows, and the experience of Montreal’s downtown scene, the cinephile in me can’t wait for this year's Fantasia Film Festival happening from August 20th to September 2nd.

Remi's June Streaming Recap

The summer heatwaves of June and July have come to stay. While we rejoice in the nice warm weather, we know the frozen tundra is around the corner. As most of us seek the sweet relief of the indoors to cool off in a shady spot or breeze, here are some films and television series to catch up on that have been added to your favourite platforms in the month of June.

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