The Career Girl's Guide to POP Montreal

POP Montreal 2016 - #CJLOgoesPOP

Contrary to popular misconception, many of us "older" ladies out there who work full time Monday through Friday love music too. In fact, we can rock out harder than most of you slackers, and there's absolutely no way we're going to miss POP Montreal just because we have to wake up at 6:00 AM so we can be alert at our desks by 9:00.

CJLO Pop Sessions: Hua Li- Wed @ 11am

Pop Montreal kicks off this week, and we celebrate the opening day with a live session featuring the one and only rapper Hua Li! Tune in Wednesday (tomorrow) at 11am to get you ready for POP Week with some sassy femme grooves- taking over the AM waves (and ya, your internet too, kids!)  "Hua Li's hazy R&B and revolutionary rap cuts to the bone and shakes your frail ass to the ground. Subversive and sexy, Hua Li is Canada's only half-Chinese, half-militant, half-rapper." - POP MTL 

Chairs live at CJLO: Tuesday at 11am! #CJLOPopSessions

Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am, psychedelic pop/ synth rock band Chairs join us in studio for a live session and to chat Pop Montreal! Chairs will play POP Saturday, Sept 24th at Barfly with Crystal Eyes, Girlfriends + Boyfriends, & High + Mighty... set time- towards midnight!

Ancient Future Fest Interviews: Or Room X Waves of Honey

Or Room are a Euro-American techno duo now based in Montreal. They brought their hypnotizing and trip enducing sounds to Ancient Future Festival this past Saturday and took over the immense Hangar 16 warehouse for an unforgettable dance party. Honeydrip interviewed them only a few hours before their set. Check out the interview on Waves of Honey this Sunday 10 PM .

Tonight @ 6pm: Nomadic Massive's Lou Piensa & Butta Beats w/ young talent Shad Enar, Fili Al, & Rayana Speede

Tune into The Limelight tonight- 6-8pm, when Nomadic Massive members Lou Piensa and Butta Beats will be in studio with young MCs Shad Enar, Fili Al and neo-soul singer Rayana Speede. Lou and Butta Beats run an after-school & lunch program at James Lyng High School which focuses on Hip Hop culture for youth. Over the years, the program has grown to a full professional studio inside the school and they have facilitated co-teacherships in Music, Science, and French.

Tonight @ 6pm: Hooked on Sonics: Wishkaah live & Pop Montreal Giveaways!

Huge POP Montreal episode of Hooked on Sonics today (6-8pm)! Wishkaah (Jesse from CTZNSHP) will be performing live, talking about his new record, and his upcoming POP Montreal shows (Saturday at 2PM at Divan Orange for PASSOVAH) AND FLIP the Industry will be stopping by to discuss their studio, upcoming fundraiser, and their month long open house. 

CSU & CJLO present Dead Obies, Busty & the Bass, Empty Yellers, & Je Suis TBA @ Corona: Sept 16th- Win tickets!

The Concordia Student Union with CJLO brings you the closing concert for their two week orientation festivities that have been taking over Concordia University! The final concert will take place this Friday at Theatre Corona (2490 Notre Dame)- doors 6pm, show at 7pm and will feature Dead Obies, Busty and the Bass, Empty Yellers and a DJ set by CJLO's own Je Suis TBA


Tomorrow on Fatal Attraction, Patricia interviews voice actor, voice director, singer and musician: Eric Stuart! Eric Stuart has been a voice director for Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and even produced the amazing Viva Pinata! He also created the iconic voices of Brock and James from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh's Seto Kaiba! Make sure to catch The Eric Stuart Band's upcoming shows this October!

Kaisha Lee on World Beat News: Tuesday at Noon

Tuesday (tomorrow) at noon, reggae artist Kaisha Lee joins Gee Weekes in the studio for a special interview! Kaisha Lee is prolific- releasing I Heart Reggae in late 2014, she has performed extensively, including New York, Jamaica, London and Washington at Obama's inaugaration. Lately, Kaisha Lee has even launched a hemp based I Heart Reggae clothing line! Check out her music and latest show dates here, and tune into World Beat News (Tuesdays at 12pm) for the breaking info!

Tonight @ 6pm: Luisa Maita on Je Suis TBA- Talking Pop Montreal

Brazilian singer-songwriter, Luisa Maita will be live on our CJLO airwaves Monday, September 12th, 6-7pm with host Joana Cumo of Je Suis TBA for a special spotlight interview to talk about her much anticipated second album "Fio da Memoria" and upcoming Montreal show.