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Andrew W.K. + Biblical @ Foufounes Electriques

I have lived in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and travelled solo through the Middle East, but for some reason, since moving to Montreal four years ago, I have been terrified to set foot in les Foufounes Électriques. I didn't even know it was called Foufounes until the night of the show. I always just thought of it as "that place on St. Catherine's that seems like it's seen a lot of knife fights." That's probably not fair. If you have never been to Foufounes it's actually pretty impressive on the inside, meaning huge. It has that sickly sweet bar smell and gives off an air of stickiness.

Childish Gambino @ Metropolis

I never really listened to rap growing up; I had a hard time relating to the lyrics. In the last two years, however, I have developed an appreciation for the genre, and I owe most of that to Childish Gambino. Although I shared almost none of the experiences described in the lyrics from his 2011 album Camp, I related to the tone, the nerdy Nintendo and cartoon references, and the jazzy R&B music. Most of all, it was Gambino's quick wit that hooked me.

Dance Laury Dance + Aly + Barrel Proof @ Petit Campus

Dance Laury Dance is energetic heavy metal and rock 'n' roll that is sorely missed these days, and the punch I received to the neck in their mosh pit goes to show their fan-base is always down to party. Dance Laury Dance took the stage at Petit Campus March 22nd with fellow Quebec band Aly (or so their album states, though their Facebook page will tell you it's "Aly The Band") and Montrealers Barrel Proof.

Cut Copy + Jessy Lanza @ Théâtre Corona

Upon entering the Théâtre Corona, I had no idea that my ticket of admission also doubled as a one-way train ticket to an elevated state of mind. Before the show, I was stressed about the school year coming to an end, and all of the exams and final papers piling up made me question whether or not going to a concert in the midst of the mayhem would serve me any good.

Nonetheless, Cut Copy and Jessy Lanza obliterated my self-doubt. They conducted a fast-paced joy ride, which allowed me to travel from a dark and troubled mind to a land of care free-joy.

Snarky Puppy + Funky Knuckles @ La Sala Rossa

I had an embarrassing moment a couple of weeks ago. My buddy sent me an excited message that Snarky Puppy was coming to Montreal, and I had never heard of them. Knowing that this friend usually shares my taste in music, it definitely merited investigation. A few YouTube videos later, I was completely hooked. Snarky Puppy turned out to be right up my alley: the perfect mix of funk, soul, hip-hop, and jazz. I knew this was not a concert to be missed.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks @ Café Campus

Show review by Damaris Baker, CJLO Production Team

The first time I heard Stephen Malkmus was in Melbourne, Australia around nine years ago. "Post-Paint Boy" was the track, part of a compilation entitled La Revolution de Spunk. It snuggled up nicely with tracks by Sufjan Stephens, The Books, Akron Family, Anthony and the Johnsons, and Holly Throsby

The Black Angels + Roky Erickson @ Theatre Corona

On a blustery, snowy night in February, I pulled myself away from the school library, downed several drops of concentrated oregano oil, and set out to the Corona Theatre on an odyssey for the night. On this particular night in question, the Black Angels and Roky Erickson—Austin-based psych stalwarts from different generations—had come to town. Common wisdom dictates not going out to a show while sick. But if there's one personal truism that says anything about my sense of priorities, I will put a solid night of psychedelic goodness over my health pretty much every time.

Chiodos @ La Tulipe

Let's get this out of the way, I love Chiodos. I know their limitations, and I realize that a lot of their songs aren't "metal enough," but frankly, I don't care. Out of the crop of generic, long since forgotten bands that were their brethren, I think they were the closest to metal that you could get, and I think they were a gateway for a lot of people to get into "real metal," and that this fact alone is enough to establish them as a band with a great legacy.

Skinny Puppy + Army of the Universe @ Club Soda

May 25th of 2014 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Skinny Puppy's Greater Wrong of the Right, the first album the band released since The Process in 1996. Due to this, and the release of last year's stellar album Weapon, the band is currently touring with an, of course, absurdly named "Shapes For Arms" tour.

Panic! at the Disco @ Metropolis

LIVE Report: Lights, Nostalgia, Action!

Panic! At The Disco dazzles fans with lights, loud and love at Metropolis

By Saturn De Los Angeles

J Cole + Bas @ Metropolis

Despite the temperature reaching -33 degrees Celsius, Metropolis was packed with hip hop heads ready for J Cole.

Montreal International Reggae Festival 2013


Pete Douglas from the Live Wire Show (Saturdays, 9-10 am on CJLO) reviews the 10th anniversary of the Montreal International Reggae Festival.


Canada has some of the world's most renowned sound engineers, but there are some that are clearly lost when it comes to certain genres of music, for example: world beat. 

METZ + Crabe + Fist City @ Salle Little Burgundy

Photo: Stacy Lee

Punk Rock Meets Church Basement

There is nothing more fitting than ending a five-day music festival in a stale and sweaty church basement with ear-crunching punk-rock. Proving that sleep is truly for the weak, the Montreal punk and hardcore crowds stood shoulder to shoulder, jean jacket to jean jacket in anticipation for POP Montreal's final oo-rah at Salle Little Burgundy