Creepy Occurrence at Concordia's Loyola Campus

A few years back, I wrote an article for the CJLO magazine about the creepiest thing that ever happened to me around CJLO studios. As I implied then, I don't actually believe in ghosts, but I would like to believe in them, if that makes any sense. I like listening to other peoples' paranormal experiences and am fascinated by the idea that fragments of the past have the ability to manifest in the present. For the most part, however, I believe that the unexplainable generally has a very real, very boring explanation.

9 Rock, Punk and Metal Flicks You Can Netflix & Chill to Right Now

Metal March may have come and gone, but here in Montreal, Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to let go of sleet, snow and subzero temperatures. What better way to keep yourself legit and warm at the same time than to crawl under the blankets and fire up some heavy films? Here are nine movies you can stream on Netflix Canada right now that you won't mind staying inside for!

CJLO x SXSW 2016: Festival Spotlight

We at CJLO (that is Joana, the host of Je Suis TBA and Christina from Yonic Youth) jumped on a plane in mid-March, leaving the confused Montreal spring behind to check out the hot lineup for the 2016 edition of SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas.

Hooked up by our generous host with bikes, a beautiful place to crash and a slew of insider’s tips on what is worth checking out in the city, we were set to overdose on new music.

Now that the dust has settled, here are a few things that stood out to us during the desert fest:


There was a huge party at the Cité des arts du cirque as part of the Nuit Blanche celebrations. Billed as Le Freak Show De La Tohu, there was plenty of oddness for everyone. The evening was directed by Toxique Trottoir and featured the sounds Speakeasy Electro Swing and The Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow's tribute to old time circus. Going along for the ride were people on stilts, a bearded lady, Frankenstein and of course a hair dresser in case you were running late.

The Quest for the Worst Singer in Metal, Part One: Sean Killian from Vio-Lence

The task of identifying the worst vocalists to make their mark on the great musical genre known as heavy metal is difficult for a number of reasons. First, metal is a genre that has a history that spans over four decades and thousands of bands, and so that means that there is a ton of ground to cover. This is made easier by the fact that most metal singers in the present era sound exactly alike due to the fact that they all have watched the same "how to scream" videos on YouTube, but the challenge remains. Who is the worst? I think that I have found one very good candidate for the worst vocalist in the history of metal, and that is Sean Killian from Vio-Lence

Blow Your Speakers!

So usually I use these little opportunities to blather about how a given album makes my berries tingle, or to daydream about just how delicious Devin Townsend's skull must be, but this is Metal March gosh dangit! The usual potty mouth stream-of-consciousness, though truly a dynamic form, just won't cut it; I need to dork it up hardcore. I need to talk some serious shop with you other dorks out there about a little something we like to call the heavy metals. Tungsten is my favourite. Oh god I'm so lame.

Black Muses

Place-des-Arts is a very important arts center for this city and as the largest arts complex in Canada it is well renowned and respected. So its no small thing that the Montreal's Black History Month roundtable and Place-des-Arts have been collaborating for the past four years to bring Black-centric expositions to the public in the espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme during Black History Month. This year's exposition was named Black Muses and featured 12 Black female musicians who have greatly impacted Canadian music and paved the way for their sistren.

CJLO Goes Metal for Metal March

The first ever Metal March is upon us, and that can mean only one thing... once again, some of CJLO's staple shows have thrown their previous format right out the window and embraced their darkest side. As part of their rebrand and relaunch, these shows have unveiled brand new logos that embody their new sounds. 

TV Binge 2015!

Many people know me as the movie guy, and for sure my list of the Top 10 Movies of 2015 is on way, but let me start out by reflecting on the best in television this year. Here are seven shows that I have been binge-watching, and a bonus video game!

POP Montreal 2015: Three songwriting tips from Andy Kim!

"The Icon: Montreal's Andy Kim talks songwriting", presented by SOCAN

POP Montreal 2015: Just Say Yes!

Sue from the 'Cult of Yes' picks her POP favourites

Look, we can fight about it if you want. Sure, classes have begun and we'll soon be drowning in pumpkin spice everything, but I say summer's not over until POP Montreal is over. Stamped it, no erasies. POP is a five-day party featuring hundreds of your favourite bands (and new favourite bands) plus symposia, visual art, film, crafts galore at Puces POP and so much more. So gather 'round, let's plan out our last hurrah before the summer officially slips away, shall we?

Wednesday, September 16th

POP Montreal 2015: The Best Concert Ever

#CJLOgoesPOP picks by Stephanie Dee from Yeti Dreams

BSTB Interview

Chances are good that if you live in Montreal and you're a fan of independent music, you've been to a Blue Skies Turn Black show. Known for bringing some of the best acts to the city, as well as helping excellent local music get its start, these storied local promoters are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year: #BSTB15. How did they get their start? CJLO's Music Director Omar Sonics recently caught up with Meyer Billurcu from Blue Skies Turn Black.

Why did you decide to start BSTB, what was the first event?

Hillside Music Festival 2015

Hillside 2015: Heat, humidity, ethno-chaos, and peace!

Photography by Robert Portnoff


THINKBOX THINKS: Ilesoniq 2015

Fans wait year-round for the events that are the cornerstones of their passion, where they're free to be weird and let their freak flags fly.