FRINGE 2015: Fringe Tunes – Mozart's Sister

June 19th. It was the last Friday night of the Fringe Fest.

On the streets of Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, flocks of cheerful and light-hearted people were meandering from one venue to another hoping to witness their favourite theatre show.

Amidst all of the commotion, I was dashing through the crowded streets to reach my destination when a silhouette – much like a ghost – walked right past me and evaporated into thin air as quickly as it had passed through the doors of le Divan Orange..

Completely unfazed by the unusual yet underwhelming apparition, I continued to walk towards my own finish line.

FRINGE 2015: Is This Pretentious?

Team Greco’s play Is this Pretentious? borrows the conventions of a well-loved reoccurring comedy sketch in a late night variety show, à la Saturday Night Live.

The bare bones set, the larger than life foil characters, and the line deliveries that keep character interactions feeling semi-improvisational, are all defining features of this short, and conceptually strong show.

FRINGE 2015: Fringe Tunes – Hua Li x Seoul

Aside from theatre shows, galleries, late-night parties and the like, the Montreal Fringe Festival showcased some of the best talent within Montreal’s indie music scene. Here’s what one of our correspondents – Joana Cumo from Je Suis TBA & Charts and Crafts, took note of from the set of concerts that recently happened at the Fringe Park during the festival.



FRINGE 2015: Beat Sexü at Le Divan Orange

It was Thursday night. June 18th. While you could hear the loud raindrops outside on the streets of Montreal, the music pouring in was much louder inside Le Divan Orange.

FRINGE 2015: Myth Mirrors Punk & Allie Weigh's Inn - Deciphering the human experience

Life is all about stories. Whether that's the latest TV show we shamelessly binge on or a feel-good bedtime tale we anticipate when we're young, stories spark both our curiosity to learn about the world and ourselves.

Notably, stories of the human experience come in all shapes and sizes. Some wonderful. Others upsetting. Many fascinating.

FRINGE 2015: STROKE explores the Filipino diaspora in-depth

When pride takes precedence over currency, when the quantity of a bank statement nulls over spending quality time with your family, or when swallowing your own emotions today to be in your loved one’s company tomorrow is what you have to be doing, at what cost does it take risk it all for the sake of happiness?

Written and directed by Marie Barlizo, STROKE invites us to sit down and witness an untold story of what many overseas Filipinos experienced for generations – leaving their home land working elsewhere to financially support their families and loved ones they have left behind.

FRINGE 2015: Cootie Catcher teaches us how NOT to f*ck up.

How would you feel if you had to confess extreme lustful adventures in bed to a group of people you don’t even know?

Scary, isn't it? The obvious answer for many linger along the lines of apprehensiveness, distaste, and shame – as any average human being believes.

But for New York-based playwright Lucas Brooks, it is that stigma he's challenging as he invites us to open our heart and minds to experience his playful, hilarious and eye-opening hour-long one-man monologue-slash-musical-showcase-slash-interactive stage play at the Mainline Theatre, called Cootie Catcher.

FRINGE 2015: Oni

Do you find tentacles arousing? Does the thought of paper puppets doing the nasty excite you? If so, then Oni’s the show for you!

Oni is a wildly erotic Japanese shadow puppet show made by the Mochinosha Puppet Company. Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanai jointly transform Studio CirQus into the Japanese countryside by using only handmade puppets, colored paper and a projector! The pair work directly in front of the projector, allowing the audience to see them hard at work as they create an unforgettable experience.

FRINGE 2015: Do I have to do everything my f*****g self?

Do I have to do everything my f*****g self?

A phrase that all of us can admit to muttering under our breath during the least proud moments in our lives, when an inflated sense of self-worth inevitably collides with the perceived incompetence of others.

FRINGE 2015: In Search of Mrs. Pirandello astounds

In Search of Mrs. Pirandello is an enthralling and vivid play that boasts an ingenious script, a cast of superb actors and a refreshingly original thesis.

FRINGE 2015: Shy Shy in SPACE! Is out of this world

It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that cosmic swing!

Shy Shy in SPACE! is science fiction jazz fantasy brought to life by the talented Shy Shy Schullie, Erick Francois and legendary burlesque artist Lady Josephine. Written and directed by Patrick Charron, Shy Shy in Space is a musical of galactic proportions!

FRINGE 2015: Doggy Dans Gravel

June 12th. Friday night. Still soaking wet from the pouring rain outside. I speed through the streets to arrive at the doors of La Chapelle in sight.

7:37. Great. I’m already late for the premiere performance of Doggy dans gravel (aka Doggy). I try to mumble some sort of excuse to the lady at the door. She signals me to stop making a scene and just enter the room.

I hurry. I sit on the stairs right next to the theatre benches as quietly as I can be...

FRINGE 2015: Captain Aurora is a smashing success

Captain Aurora: A Superhero Musical hits exactly the right chord as this highly professional and fully fleshed-out musical comedy sings and dances its way into the Fringe history hall of fame.

The play tells the story of a banker-by-day/superhero-by-night lead who struggles to find purpose in an increasingly routine life. When her life is shaken up by political plot, alien invasion and the threat of exposure, Captain Aurora will have to rise to the challenge, regardless of the sacrifices she may unwillingly make on the way.

FRINGE 2015: Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche will leave you wanting more

Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche is, at a glance, an absurd, apocalyptic, queer comedy of manners. The show is largely character driven and its five leading ladies hit the right combination of pep and pluck as egg-worshipping, 50s-era closet lesbians.

The play takes place during the 1956 annual quiche breakfast of The Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein. The five executives of the society are preparing for the tasting of the quiches when an air raid siren goes off. On lockdown in the bunker, the so-called widow and ladysisters must come to terms with themselves and face each other in this winking, tongue-in-cheek comedy.

FRINGE 2015: “The Shiner” dishes out bittersweet comedy

The Shiner is a relatively simple one-woman show that succeeds in its heartfelt and poignant storytelling.

Focusing on stories originating in the school system, the show will resonate with anyone who has spent significant time observing and engaging with young minds.

Performed by local sketch comedian and spiritual animator Katie Leggitt, The Shiner weaves together different narratives that reflect on the experience of educators and students alike.

Funny and at times bittersweet, Leggitt smoothly transitions from precocious school girl to gruff physical educator to earnest animator.