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Is it worth it?

The federal NDP has made an important statement. They want Canadians to vote in a special referendum on whether to abolish the Senate. This could happen as soon as the next federal election. This proposal will be discussed Tuesday in the House of Commons.


February 28th 2011

Read by Sofia Gay

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Stories by Corentine Rivoire, Sarah E., Marcin Wisniewski and Chris Hanna 

New Canadian Sanctions on Libya

Canada shall impose further sanctions on Libya. On Sunday Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, announced Canada’s sanctions will go beyond those of the  UN Security Council. On Saturday the UN Security Council unanimously voted to impose an arms embargo on Libya. It also backed travel ban on Moammar Gadhafi, his children and 10 top associates. The Council urged its members to freeze the assets of the Libyan dictator and his family members.

Quebecer arrested in Berlin for displaying Nazi salute

In Berlin, a tourist from Quebec was arrested by the German police yesterday for making a Nazi salute in from of the German parliament.

The police handcuffed him while he was being photographed by his girlfriend on the steps of the Reichstag.

After paying bail, the tourist was freed, although he risked up to six month in jail.

Any display of Nazi symbols is considered a serious crime in modern-day Germany.

The King's Speech wins big at Oscars

With 12 nominations going into the ceremony, “The King’s Speech” took home four of the biggest awards on Oscar night, including Best Picture.

The film was also awarded the lead actor Oscar for Colin Firth’s performance. 

“The King’s Speech” director Tim Hooper and writer David Seidler also took home Oscars for the film. 

The movie is about a British monarch with a stutter whose speech therapist helps him overcome it.

Other winners included “Inception” with four Oscars, “The Social Network” with three and "The Fighter" won two. 

Quebec was well-represented, but could not bring home any gold.

Canadian Missing in Afghanistan

A Canadian citizen is missing in Afghanistan after travelling to the country as a tourist. The department made the statement Sunday after a news release claimed a Canadian spy had been captured. Canadian officials are working with Afghan authorities to assist the family in securing a safe release.  

The Canadian government says it strongly advises against all travel to Afghanistan. The Canadian military says no one is missing from its ranks.

February 25th 2011

Read by Jason Rouah

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Stories Erica Fisher, Jaqueline Di Bartolomeo, Samah Fadil

Flight leaves Libya without Canadian Passengers

An airplane that was intended to take Canadians out of Libya Friday reportedly left without any passenger. A Canadian Government official says that no Canadians were at the airport at the time. The aircraft could not stay. 

It is unclear why there were no Canadians at the airport. As many as two-hundred Canadians have left Libya on flights so far. But the Canadian Government has struggled to get its citizens out. A previous flight had to be cancelled due to security reasons. 

Montreal storm warning called off

A winter storm expected to dump fifteen centimeters of snow has given Montreal a break. 

Environment Canada has lifted the storm warning it issued Thursday.

Montrealers can now expect Friday to be a cloudy day with around five centimeters of snow.

The temperature will remain around minus fur with winds up to sixty kilometres an hour. 

Saturday will be sunny, but colder. 

Quebec police found sleeping on the job

Two Quebec provincial police officers were caught sleeping in their cruiser on Thursday morning. A passerby noticed their naptime session and started filming them. One policeman woke up to find the camera rolling. He then fined the cameraman for parking in a restricted area.

February 24, 2011

Montreal prepares for more snow

Get ready for more snow.

A winter storm warning has been issued for Montreal and Laval.

Environment Canada is predicting about 15 centimetres of snow Friday, with winds up to eighty kilometres an hour. The snow is likely to start in the morning, with the temperature around freezing for most of the day.

Drivers are being asked to drive with caution as the high winds will cause blowing snow.

The storm should be over by the evening and Saturday should be sunny.

Gas prices soar

Montreal drivers are waking up to a big jump in gas prices. A litre of gas rose to a dollar-thirty-per-litre Thursday morning. Oil prices have hit a two and a half year peak.

The increase is being blamed on the unrest in Libya. Some major oil companies have shut down their operations.

In Libya, Colonel Gaddafi has blamed the current unrest on Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaeda. He says they are exploiting Libya's youth, claiming they are telling them to attack after giving them pills.

Twitter for Catholics

It’s definitely a sign of modern times when you can follow the Catholic Church on Twitter.

The newly appointed archbishop of Quebec City and top Catholic official in Canada now tweets on the microblogging website.  53-year-old Bishop Gerald Cyprien Lacroix, pictured here, was formally promoted to archbishop by the Vatican earlier this week.

Rescuers still working in New Zealand after quake

Photo courtest of NYDailyNews

Rescuers worked to free survivors from the rubble in New Zealand on Wednesday. The historic town of Christchurch was hit with a six-point-three magnitude earthquake during lunchtime on Tuesday. Seventy-five people have died. The death toll is expected to rise.

February 23, 2011

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Truck Recall

Ford F-150

Drivers beware.

Ford Motor Company plans to recall about 144.000 pickup trucks.

Ford said there's a risk of airbags deploying in 2005 and 2006 models of the F-150.

The company is taking action after receiving complaints from drivers across North America.

Written by: Emily Brass

Stranded Canadians to get lift out of Libya

Photo courtesy of CBC

The federal government announced yesterday that it is sending planes to rescue Canadians stranded in the chaos in Libya.

According to Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, there are over three hundred Canadians currently registered at the embassy in the capital city of Tripoli. Of those, Cannon says ninety-one  have indicated that they want to leave the country.

Canada would share the planes with other “like-minded” countries to evacuate their citizens to cities in Europe. The first plane is expected to land in Tripoli on Thursday.

Concordia professor wins Governor General's Award

Concordia Fine Arts professor Geneviève Cadieux has won the 2011 Governor General’s Award in Visual & Media Arts. The eight winners were announced on Tuesday in Toronto.

Cadieux is a Montreal photographer and the only Quebec recipient of the award this year.

Concordia President Fred Lowy praised Cadieux and said the recognition of her work is well deserved. Lowy also mentioned Cadieux’s instrumental role in developing the University’s highly regarded photography program.

February 22, 2011

News read by Samah Fadil and produced by Erica Fisher.

Stories written by Sofia Gay, Aisha Samu, Joel Balsam, Dominique Daoust and Erica Fisher.

City Still Waiting for Investigation Report on Auditor General

Photo courtesy of CBCMayor Tremblay was unable to answer many questions about the investigation report on auditor general Jacques Bergeron at Monday’s council meeting. He said the city is still waiting on the report that city comptroller Pierre Reid is putting together.

Leaders of Vision Montreal and Projet Montreal said they were against this report. They say it should not be submitted to council because of the way the information was obtained.

Gaddafi Holds On

Libya’s leader plans to hold his ground. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will stay in power regardless of the popular uprising in his country.The protests are now in their second week. Gaddafi will stay in the capital Tripoli and not flee to Venezuela as speculation suggested.

Protestors are trying to end his 41 year rule. Fighter jets have bombed portions of the city according to witnesses. Pro-government mercenaries are also said to be firing on civilians. Nearly 300 people have reportedly been killed so far.

State television denounced allegations of government brutality as lies and rumours.

Resignations in protest over special legislation for Quebec prosecutors

Photo courtesy of CTVTo protest the special legislation passed by the Quebec government, ten chief and assistant chief prosecutors have resigned.

The settlement put forward to provincial government lawyers offers a six percent raise over five years. The Quebec Treasury Board President hoped for a twenty-two percent pay increase.

To ease discontent, the government announced that it will hire more people to improve the working conditions.

Lawyers who defy the legislation face daily fines that go from one hundred dollars to five hundred dollars.

And the protests keep on coming

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi denied Monday he had fled his country.  Claims of a massacre in Tripoli have led to protests against Gaddafi’s four-decade rule. A live broadcast video of Gaddafi was released saying he intends to talk to the youth in downtown Tripoli. This video was made to dispel rumors of his presumed refuge to Venezuela.

Concordia's first TEDx

You might already know about TED. He’s 25 years-old and likes sharing good ideas. His name is an acronym for technology, entertainment and design, and he’s become something of a global phenomenon.

If you haven’t heard about TED, chances are you’ll be hearing more about him on campus, as Concordia hosted its very own TEDx event on Saturday, attracting a crowd of over 400 people from the student body and beyond.