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That pint of beer is about to cost you a little more

Stock up on the alcohol while it’s still cheap.

Brewers are preparing for a raise in the cost of barley next year. Because of weather-related flooding in Canada and other countries, stores of barley crops have dropped.

Germinated barley becomes malt, a product used in beer, making it the second biggest cost for some brewers. Poor-quality barley will make it difficult for brewers to meet demands and produce quality products.

Dabchy responds to Pudwell's accusations

Morgan Pudwell’s resignation letter has caused quite the controversy. The former Vice-President Sustainability and Promotions of the Concordia Student Union reveals her opinion about certain issues.


Sarah El Fangary

When So Real Radio was pitched to CJLO originally it was meant to feature Brandon Calder and then co host Draga Sfetsios. At the last moment the boys decided to add another piece to an already great concept and so began the journey of Sarah El Fangary at CJLO.

March 7th 2011

Read by Correntine Rivoire

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Stories by Sarah El Fangary, Marcin Wisniewski, and Correntine Rivoire

Afghanistan Rejects a US Apology for an Air Strike

On Sunday, Afghani president, Hamid Karzai, rejected a US apology for a NATO helicopter strike.  On March 1st, a NATO air strike killed 9 civilian boys. The oldest of the boys was 12 years old.  NATO has also apologized for the mistaken killings.

Bachand: Budget will be Responsible

Finance Minister Raymond Bachand announced that the Quebec government will table a new budget on March 17.  Bachand says the budget will be a responsible one.  He says It will control debt, while protecting health and education. The government says it is on  target to return to a balanced budget by 2014.

 Bachand boasts 125 000 jobs created in the last 18 months without any increased tax burden for Quebecers.

Canadians warned to leave Yemen now

In International news, the violent protests demanding the stepping down of President Ali Abdullah Saleh have gotten the Canadian Departement of foreign Affairs worried . The Departement urged all Canadians to leave Yemen as soon as possible. It has insisted that canadians in Yemen should avoid all crowds that could get violent without warning. There has been one death on Sunday in a clash between government supporters and protesters. Another four soldiers of the government forces were killed by a suspected Al Qaeda gunmen in rural Yemen.

March 4th, 2011

News read by Jessica MacDonald and produced by Erica Bridgeman.

Stories written by Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo and Chris Hanna.

BC NDP leadership race split by social media


The NDP leadership race in British Columbia has turned sour over disagreements about social media. The party’s social media policy dictates candidates must hand over passwords for social media sites. Candidate Nicholas Simons has refused. He says the demand is an invasion of privacy.

CSU VP Sustainability resigns

The CSU’s VP Sustainability and Promotions has resigned. Morgan Pudwell sent a three page resignation letter via e-mail late Thursday night.

She listed four reasons for the departure. Among them was the allegation of potential financial mismanagement. She pointed to a recent financial update that showed almost every budget had been overdrawn. 

Man charged with mischief after incident at Montreal airport

One man will be charged with mischief after he and another were arrested at the Montreal Trudeau Airport on Thursday. 

Police constable Anie Lemieux said an object resembling an explosive device was found in their luggage, but the object was harmless.

The two men were at a security checkpoint in the international departures area. The incident happened around 5 a.m. and caused some delays to international flights.

The two men are 43 and 73 years old. The younger one is being charged with mischief and the older one has been released. 

Landmark Montreal eatery may close its doors

It’s the end of an era. Middle Eastern fast-food restaurant Boustan on Crescent may soon be closing its doors.

Owner Imad Smaidi has put the place up for sale after running it for 25 years, because his sons do not want to continue the family business. 

The bustling place opens from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. and serves everyone from students, to homeless people, to celebrities go to Boustan. Smaidi has a picture with the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the restaurant from the last time the Prime Minister ate there.

Smaidi hopes the new owner will keep the restaurant going. 


News March 3rd 2011

Read by: Joel Balsam

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Stories by: Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo, A.J. Cordeiro, Alina Gotcherian and Jessica Macdonald

Dean of John Molson announces departure

The Dean of the John Molson School of Business is leaving Concordia.

Dr. Sanjay Sharma is headed to the University of Vermont. He will assume the position of the Dean of the School of Business Administration there.

Sharma had been at JMSB since 2007.

Bible changes

A new edition of the Old Testament will soon be released.

Known as the “New American Bible Revised Edition”, this revision will replace some words in favor of more modern vocabulary.

Words such as “booty” and “virgin” no longer bear the same meaning as when the last edition of the New American Bible was released 40 years ago.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops approved the New Bible’s changes.

It will soon be available on paper, digitally, and as a cellphone app.

$120-million fraud connected to makers of Caillou and Arthur

Quebec police issued arrest warrants alleging a $120-million fraud linked to defunct children’s animation company Cinar. 

Co-founder and former head of the company, Ronald Weinberg, is wanted for fraudulently investing company funds for personal profit. Police are also looking for two executives from scandal-ridden Montreal investment firms connected to the fraud. Police arrested Ex-Cinar chief financial officer Hasanain Panju Wednesday. 

The four men face a total of 36 counts of fraud.

Police have been investigating the scandal-ridden television production company for nearly a decade.

March 2, 2011

Read by Sarah Deshaies

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Stories by Sarah Deshaies, Michael Moore, Alina Gotcherian, and Nikita Smith

Elvis Presley to be Made an Honary Hungarian citizen

Elvis Presley will be named a posthumous honary citizen of Budapest.

Mayor of Hungary's capital, Istvan Tarlos announced Wednesday that Elvis will be commemorated because of his support to HUngary during the country's brief anti-Soviet revolution in 1956.

A city landmark will also be named after him. Visitor's to the city's website can choose from 12 locations to be renamed after the King, which include street crossings, a small square, and a site at the foot of the Margaret Bridge, which covers the Danube River.

Charest is happy to be out of countersuit

Premier Jean Charest said on Tuesday that he is happy to no longer be the target of a countersuit. The premier and his former justice minister, Marc Bellemare, announced Monday that they have dropped their lawsuits against one another. 

Als safety trading football jersey for lawyer garb

The Alouettes are about to lose another popular veteran to retirement. Safety Matthieu Proulx is expected to announce today that he’ll be hanging up his cleats.

The twenty-nine (29) year old spent his entire six-year career with the Als after being drafted by the team in 2005.

Proulx’s decision has been a long time coming. He has struggled with injuries in recent years, missing the Als run to the 2010 Grey Cup because of a torn ligament in his knee.

"Watson" meets his match

The “Jeopardy” winning supercomputer Watson finally met his match Monday night in an actual rocket scientist. New Jersey physicist turned politician Rush Holt beat the computer in an exhibition match held in Washington.

Holt, who is a 5 time jeopardy champion, beat out four other politicians before defeating the computer.

IBM created Watson and hosted the mock “jeopardy” game to highlight technology’s impact on society. A representative from the company said that the untelevised event was more than a trivia contest.

Watson is equipped with some of the most advanced information processors in the world.

McGill University to be Fined

The Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp has finally decided to calculate a financial penalty to be charged to McGill University.

McGill has been charging well above standard tuition fees compared to other universities that offer the same programs.

The current annual price for McGill’s Masters of Business Administration degree program is twenty nine and half thousand dollars. Comparable to the University of Montreal who charges two thousand and sixty eight dollars.

With tuition fees already proposed to rise in Quebec. Beauchamp has been talking about assessing McGill for months.

March 1st 2011

News read by: Erica Fisher

Produced by: Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo

Stories by: Sofia Gay, Dominique Daoust, Joel Balsam and Aisha Samu

Jackie Robinson's Montreal Home Honoured


The home where Jackie Robinson lived during his stay in Montreal was honoured Monday with a gold-coloured plaque.

American diplomats, Montreal’s mayor, Robinson’s daughter and dozens of onlookers gathered to commemorate the day.

The event coincides with Black History Month, as Robinson went on to break pro-baseball’s infamous colour barrier.

Robinson stayed in Montreal in the summer of 1946 while he trained with the minor-league Montreal Royals.

Libya Evacuation

The Canadian Forces will send a 13 member team to help bring foreign nationals out of Libya. Approximately 100 000 people have been evacuated so far. Among them, 250 Canadians.

Leader Muammar Gadhafi laughed off the revolution in his country during an interview yesterday with the foreign press. He said that all his people support him and that Al Qaeda is to blame for any violence. The UN estimates that 1000 people have died in the conflict.