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February 14th 2011

News read by Sofia Gay and produced by Erica Fisher.

Stories written by Corentine Rivoire, Sarah El Fangary, Marcin Wisniewski and Chris Hanna.

Protests in Yemen Continue As Police Clash with the Protesters

Police have clashed with the protesters on the third day of anti-government protests in Yemen. The protesters are demanding are political reform and the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Like the Egyptian ex-president Hosni Mubarak, Ali Abdulah Saleh has been in power for over 30 years ruling with an iron fist. And like the Egyptian ex-president he tried to blunt the unrest by promising not to return. 

Several thousands protesters, many of them students tried to reach the main square. They were pushed back by the police using clubs.

Montreal's Arcade Fire takes home most important Grammy

Montreal’s own Arcade Fire took home the Grammy for Album of the Year for The Suburbs. It was the band’s only win of the night. Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs beat out albums by Eminem, Katy Perry, Lady Antebellum and Lady Gaga. Eminem had 10 nominations. He left with only two wins for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Solo Performance. Country trio Lady Antebellum took home five awards, including Song and Record of the Year for their hit “Need You Now.” Canadians Drake and Justin Bieber lost the Best New Artist award to jazz musician Esperanza Spalding.

Unsuccessful attempt to rob ATM due to vehicle oversize


In local news, the police is still on the lookout for a thief that attempted an unusual robbery on Sunday morning. The man used a stolen front-loader to try and drag out the National Bank ATM in a mall in Pointe aux Trembles. The botched robbery failed because the vehicle was too big and got stuck inside, according to Montreal police Constable Olivier Lapointe. Although the damages are estimated to reach thousands of dollars, nothing was stolen. The picture was taken by Dave Sidaway for The Gazette. 


February 11th 2011

News read by Jason Rouah and produced by Erica Bridgeman.

Stories written by Joel Balsam, Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo, Alina Gotcherian, and Samah Fadil.

Art Matters, Ten Years in the Making


Concordia’s beloved Art Matters festival is kicking into gear for its 11th edition. This year, however, is special – it’s been ten years in the making.

Joel Balsam interviews ASFA Presidential candidate Alex Gordon

ASFA elections take place February 15-16-17.

Interview by Joel Balsam

Video by Katie Brioux

Two more contestations in ASFA elections


Two more contestations have been brought against ASFA executive candidates, one of which has resulted in sanctions.

Nick Cuillerier is ASFA’s chief electoral officer. At Thursday’s council meeting, he reported Tanya-Michelle Contente was banned from campaigning for three days for improper use of a mailing list. Contente is a candidate for VP internal.

Breaking: President Mubarak of Egypt steps down

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has resigned. The announcement was made Friday by Vice-President Omar Suleiman. The news comes after 18 days of mass demonstrations in the country.

The armed forces council will be handling issues of state. It says it will fire Mubarak's Cabinet, suspend both houses of Parliament and rule with the head of the supreme constitutional court. According to a military source, Defense Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi will be the head of the ruling military council.

Opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei says he is hopeful Mubarak's resignation will start a new Egypt with democracy and social justice. 


CJLO News Director Erica Fisher speaks with Martin Luther King III


Following his speech at Concordia University, CJLO news director Erica Fisher spoke to Martin Luther King III about the current situation in Egypt. 

Click below to listen.

Mubarak stays on as Egyptian President

Tensions are as high as ever in Egypt. In a televised address yesterday evening, Mubarak defiantly refused to step down as president. He did make some concessions, saying he would transfer his power to his vice president Omar Suleiman.

But Egyptians were not happy, expecting the speech to be his last. Groups of the protesters broke away from Tahrir Square after his speech. Some headed to the presidential palace and others for the state television station, both heavily guarded by the Egyptian military.

February 10th 2011

Read by Joel Balsam

Produced by Melissa Mulligan 

Articles by Erica Fisher and Jessica MacDonald

Your wish is the CSU's command


The Concordia Student Union has acted according to its students' wishes. At its council meeting Wednesday night, the CSU passed all six motions put forward by the informational general meeting last month. These include motions denouncing the actions of Concordia and the Quebec government regarding tuition increases. The council will also work towards banning the advertisement of credit cards on campus.

The councilors  applauded after the passing of each motion. They represented the direct wishes of the student body. Between one-hundred and-fifty and two-hundred students attended the IGM where they were formed. 

Pharmetics recalls over-the-counter drugs

A manufacturer is recalling drugs from pharmacy shelves.
Health Canada said the medications are all over-the-counter in-store brands made in 2007-2008.
So far, no one has been hurt by the drugs
Inspectors at the Pharmetics plant in Laval suspected there was possible contamination between product lines and mixups with expiry dates. 
The recall includes acetaminophen tablets, and sinus and back pain relief medications.
The stores affected include Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu, Proxim and Loblaws. 
If you have any of these medications at home, bring them to your point of purchase. 

February 9th, 2011

Read by Sarah Deshaies

Produced by Nikita Smith

Stories by Michael Moore, Alina Gotcherian, Sarah Deshaies

"Reasonable accomodation" all over again with PQ kirpan motion


KirpanIn Provincial news, the dispute over Sikh kirpans is making a comeback in the Quebec legislature.

The Parti Quebecois announced on Tuesday it would introduce a motion barring Sikhs carrying ceremonial daggers from entering the National Assembly building.

Last month, four Sikhs were denied entry into the building because some refused to surrender their kirpans.

The Charest liberals said little then, but PQ member Louise Beaudoin commended the security guards for making the right choice.

More traffic problems looming for Montrealers

Think Montreal’s traffic situation is bad now?

According to a new report, it could get a whole lot worse during the reconstruction of the Turcot interchange. The QMI news service is reporting that half the lanes on the Ville Marie expressway will have to be shut down for 16 months.

Taxi Dashboard Decor in Court

A court ruling will soon determine whether a Montreal taxi driver has the right to decorate his cab.

The taxi driver claims that his decorations should be permitted under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The cab’s décor includes religious objects, the Canadian flag and photos.

Taxi regulations prohibit any objects in the cab that aren’t related to the job.

The taxi driver feels targeted after he made complaints about the cab bureau failing to deal with unlicensed taxi drivers.

The taxi driver has previously received seven tickets for violating the city’s bylaw.

Flash Love-In at Concordia

As the clock struck noon Monday, Concordians on the first floor of the Hall building chimed the infamous Beatles song about love in honour of Valentine’s Day. The flash-love in as it was called was orchestrated by WHALE, which stands for Wintery Hot Accessible Love-in for Education. As the singing and swaying concluded, the group gathered in for a whopping love-filled group hug. About 25 people showed up to participate. 

This isn't the time to get arrested

Quebec’s justice system could fall on some hard times.

 Prosecutors might go on strike today after last minute negotiations.

Fire in Downtown Montreal

In local news, more than one hundred firefighters rushed downtown to stop a fire on Sherbrook street west Sunday night. The fire caused an estimated one million dollar damage to an art gallery. The worse damages were on the third floor and the roof, were the fire is believed to have started. None of the tenants living about the gallery were injured. Several hundreds of pieces of art were saved with little damage. The fire was not characterized as arson by the Police Department.  Investigations into what happened are still ongoing. 

Victory of ice dancer duo Crone and Poirier

Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier obtained their first national senior ice dance title at the Canadian figure skating championship on Sunday.The winning duo reached a total score of one hundred and sixty four .21 with a performance to The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”.  In the tight competition, Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje from Waterloo, Ontario came in second, with one hundred and sixty three .18 points.