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January 27th 2011

Read by A.J. Cordeiro 

Produced by Melissa Mulligan

Stories by A.J. Cordeiro, Jessica MacDonald, Alina Gotcherian  

January 26, 2011

Read by Sarah Deshaies

Produced by NIkita Smith

Stories by Michael Moore, Cassandra Keating, Sarah Deshaies, Aisha Samu

January 25th 2011

News read by Erica Fisher and produced by Brian Joseph.

Major construction on a section of Decarie Boulevard in NDG is causing disruptions for residents, drivers and businesses. Work is being done to install a sewage collection system for the new superhospital. Decarie Boulevard is closed between St-Jacques and de Maisonneuve. It will remain closed for several months. Traffic is being diverted to nearby residential streets.

Written by: Aisha Samu

Nudists in the land of the cold will fight in court for their right to keep their clothes off. Brian Coldin is being sued for five counts of public nudity. He went through Tim Horton’s and A&W drive-thrus naked.

January 24th 2011

Read by Corentine Rivoire

Produced by Gareth Sloan

Stories by Marcin Wisniewski, Corentine Rivoire, and Chris Hanna

January 20, 2011

Read by AJ Cordeiro

Produced by Gareth Sloan

Stories by Alina Gotcherina, Jessica MacDonald, and AJ Cordeiro

January 19, 2011

Read by Sarah Deshaies

Produced by Nikita Smith

Stories by Sarah Deshaies, Michael Moore, Cassandra Keating

January 18. 2011

News read and produced by: Erica Fisher

Concordia has settled on an interim president. Former president Frederick Lowy is said to be in talks to take over. The Board of Governor’s Executive Committee recommended Lowy out of twenty one candidates. His duties will consist of strengthening the relationship between the Board and the senior administration. Smoothing things over with the Concordia community will also be on the agenda. 

Lowy was previously president and vice-chancellor of Concordia from nineteen ninety five until two thousand five. 

Written by: Dominique Daoust

Anthony "Stabilo" Stabile

Anthony "Stabilo" Stabile has been a cohost on The Main Event since January 2010. Within that year he has worked hard to make a name for himself in a somewhat small Montreal wrestling market. He joined the wrestling focused talk show because of his love for the sport and admiration for the hard work put in by long time hosts Ryan Rider and Steve Rockamaniac.

January 13. 2011

News read by Erica Fisher and produced by Melissa Mulligan.

Stories written by Erica Fisher, Alina Gotcherian and AJ Cordeiro.

January 12, 2011

Read by Sarah Deshaies

Produced by Nikita Smith

Stories by Erica Fisher, Michael Moore, Sofia Gay

January 11 2011

News read by AJ Cordeiro and produced by Erica Fisher.

Stories written by Dominique Daoust, Erica Fisher, Sofia Gay and Aisha Samu.

January 10th 2011

Read and produced Gareth Sloan

Stories by Erica Fisher, Corentine Rivoire, and Chris Hanna

The Extreme Weather Desk

I'm not sure when it started or when I first noticed it but CNN now has an Extreme Weather Desk as a regular feature in the course of their daily 24/7 news broadcasts. In my day... and I'm not kidding even though I'm only 54,  in my day we didn't need an extreme weather desk! Of course occasionally the weather got crazy somewhere around the globe but that was exceptional and it was reported on then as it is today, breathlessly and with a sense of awe but you know, just not every damned day of the week!

Raphael "DJ 610" McKenzie

Raphael McKenzie has been a member of CJLO for 5 years. This kind, loving, and helpful DJ set roots in Montreal 37 years ago and from day one has been working hard connecting Montreal and the Caribbean.

John "The Bull" Makdessi Report

News team members Erica Fisher and Michael Moore spoke to mixed martial artist John "The Bull" Makdessi before his victorious debut at UFC 124 as well as The Ultimate Fighter contestant Alex Cacares about what it's like to train with Montreal's own Georges St-Pierre.

Watch the report here -

UFC 124 Preview: John Makdessi

UFC 124 Preview: John Makdessi from Erica F. on Vimeo.


It’s expected to be a record-breaking night when the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to Montreal Saturday for UFC 124. Over twenty three  thousand fans will be in attendance at the Bell Centre. The mark would shatter the UFC’s previous record of just over twenty one thousand, set in Montreal back in 2009. 

CJLO News December 10th 2010

News read by Brittany LeBorgne and produced by Erica Bridgeman

Stories written by Jacqueline Di Bartomoleo, Alina Gotcherian and Michael Moore.

December 8th 2010

Read by Sarah Deshaies

Produced by Nikita Smith

Stories by Cassandra Keating, Joel Balsam, Sarah Deshaies

CJLO News December 7th 2010

News read by Sofia Gay and produced by Erica Fisher.

Stories written by Sofia Gay, Samah Fadil, Dominique Daoust and Erica Fisher.

CJLO News December 6th 2010

News read by Erica Fisher and produced by Melissa Mulligan. 

Monk Island in Lachine is the site of a new monument to remember the victims of the Air India bombing. Families of the victims gathered there Sunday for a memorial event. Canada’s minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multi-culturalism was also there. There are three other monuments in Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa. The Monk Island one will be the final memorial.


December 1st, 2010

Read by Sarah Deshaies

Produced by: Nikita Smith

Stories by: Sarah Deshaies and Joel Balsam

CJLO News November 30th 2010

News read by Sofia Gay and produced by Sarah El Fangary

Stories by Sofia Gay, Sarah El Fangary and Samah Fadil

CJLO News November 29th 2010

News read and produced by Drew Pascoe


Stories by Erica Fisher, Sarah Elfangary, Michael Lemieux, Marcin Wisniewski