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Gaddafi Holds On

Libya’s leader plans to hold his ground. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will stay in power regardless of the popular uprising in his country.The protests are now in their second week. Gaddafi will stay in the capital Tripoli and not flee to Venezuela as speculation suggested.

Protestors are trying to end his 41 year rule. Fighter jets have bombed portions of the city according to witnesses. Pro-government mercenaries are also said to be firing on civilians. Nearly 300 people have reportedly been killed so far.

State television denounced allegations of government brutality as lies and rumours.

Resignations in protest over special legislation for Quebec prosecutors

Photo courtesy of CTVTo protest the special legislation passed by the Quebec government, ten chief and assistant chief prosecutors have resigned.

The settlement put forward to provincial government lawyers offers a six percent raise over five years. The Quebec Treasury Board President hoped for a twenty-two percent pay increase.

To ease discontent, the government announced that it will hire more people to improve the working conditions.

Lawyers who defy the legislation face daily fines that go from one hundred dollars to five hundred dollars.

And the protests keep on coming

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi denied Monday he had fled his country.  Claims of a massacre in Tripoli have led to protests against Gaddafi’s four-decade rule. A live broadcast video of Gaddafi was released saying he intends to talk to the youth in downtown Tripoli. This video was made to dispel rumors of his presumed refuge to Venezuela.

Concordia's first TEDx

You might already know about TED. He’s 25 years-old and likes sharing good ideas. His name is an acronym for technology, entertainment and design, and he’s become something of a global phenomenon.

If you haven’t heard about TED, chances are you’ll be hearing more about him on campus, as Concordia hosted its very own TEDx event on Saturday, attracting a crowd of over 400 people from the student body and beyond.

February 21, 2011

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TEDx interviews by Alina Gotcherian.

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Flames douse Habs in Heritage Classic

Photo courtesy of Montreal Gazette

Sunday night's Heritage Classic saw the Calgary Flames beat the Montreal Canadiens four - nothing. The outdoor hockey game was a cold one, with temperatures reaching negative 10. This caused some problems with the ice. The ice crew flooded the arena with a hose, fearing the zamboni might cause it to crack. The players had heaters in their benches. The 41,000 fans however did not.

Despite the conditions, the Flames shone. Rene Bourque scored two goals and had another nine shots. This was the first outdoor NHL game in Canada since 2003.

Striking Crown prosecutors could be forced back to work Monday

Photo courtesy of Global MontrealQuebec’s striking Crown prosecutors may be legislated back to work today. A motion will be presented to the National Assembly that can force the 1,500 workers back into courthouses. 

Head of the association of Crown attorneys in Quebec Christian Leblanc called this move illegal, immoral and irresponsible. 

Crown attorneys have been on strike for two weeks. They are demanding a 40 per cent pay increase as well as the creation of 200 new positions.Crown prosecutors in Quebec and the lowest paid in Canada. 

The lawyers are threatening a mass resignation if the motion is passed. 


February 18th 2011

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Analysts call for increase in online defenses after cyber attack on House of Commons

Security specialists are calling for the Canadian government to beef up online defense. This comes after a cyber attack on federal departments as well as the House of Commons.

A Treasury spokesman says no information was compromised. The attack did leave employees without Internet access.

The Communications Security Establishment is Canada’s secret cyber spy agency. It traced the attacks to the Chinese embassy in Ottawa and to computer servers in Beijing.


Cab driver denied personal and religious items

An update on the cabbie driver fighting to keep his personal and religious items in his cab: A judge decided Thursday that the taxi bylaw forbidding such items does not infringe on his rights. 
Taxi regulations say cab drivers can not have any items in their car not necessary for driving.The driver was given over a thousand dollars in fines. He says he plans to appeal the decision.
Photo courtest of CTV.

CASA Elections Results

CASA General Elections Results - 2011


CEMA President - Allysha Carr

DSSA President - Alexandra Rodford

FISA President - Kevin Chan

JMAS President - Andrée Robbins

JMIBA President - Anik Laframboise

JMHRA President - Nadine Panetta

JMMA President - Frederique Dufort-Plante

Independent Director 1 - Mahmoud Abdelrahman

Independent Director 2 - Kristian Valenta

Independent Director 3 - Philip Barrar

CASA President - Marianna Luciano

ASFA Elections Results

ASFA General Election Results – 2011



1. Alex Gordon – 662 Votes (77.4%) - ELECTED

2. Abstain – 186 Votes (21.7%)

3. Spoiled – 7 Votes (0.8%)

Total Votes: 855 Votes


Vice-President of Finance

1. Laura Gomez – 374 Votes (43.8%) – ELECTED

2. Pier-Luc Therrien Peloquin – 232 Votes (27.1%)

3. Ben Prunty – 95 Votes (11.1%)

4. Abstain – 147 Votes (17.2%)

5. Spoiled – 6 Votes (0.7%)

Total Votes: 854 Votes


Vice-President of Internal Affairs

1. Schubert Laforest – 340 Votes (39.6%) – ELECTED*

February 17th 2011

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Tory crime bill passes with Bloc support

The Conservative government has passed a controversial crime bill. The Bloc Quebecois has long been in support of such legislation. The bill states that non-violent felons must now serve one third of their sentence before being eligible for parole. The bill will add one hundred thirty million dollars to Canada’s prison tab.




February 16th, 2011

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Preliminary inquiring into Old Montreal shooting begins

A preliminary inquiry into a deadly shooting was launched yesterday at a Montreal courthouse. Terrell Lloyd Smith, 28, and Carey Isaac Regis, 42, are charged with murder, attempted murder and conspiracy.

Jean Gaston and Peter Christopoulos were killed in a shooting in a clothing boutique in Old Montreal last March. Police believe that reputed street gang leader Ducarme Joseph was the target. He escaped, but two other men were wounded in the attack.

A third man is still sought by police.

Quebec Court Judge Helene Morin placed a publication ban on evidence presented during the inquiry, which is expected to last another four days.


Man calls cops, then charges at police with his car

A man phoned the police at 1 a.m. Wednesday morning from near Decarie Boulevard and Jean Talon Street W. He reported that he felt threatened by a car parked nearby.

So why did the man charge his car towards a police cruiser once helped arrived?

Montreal police constable Anie Lemieux said that the suspect managed to hit one car before speeding off. The car charged at several other cruisers before the chase ended when the police opened fire, wounding the driver. 

The suspect and four officers were taken to hospital for treatment. Three officers were treated for shock and one for injuries sustained during a collision with the suspect's vehicle. Both the injured officer and suspect are expected to recover. 

Als sign NFL vet to help replace Cahoon

Photo courtesy of APThe Alouettes are looking south of the border to help offset the retirement of Ben Cahoon. The team has signed NFL veteran Jerry Porter to a two-year deal. Financial terms were not released.

Porter spent nine seasons in the NFL, mostly with the Oakland Raiders. But the 32-year-old has been out of football the last two seasons.

The signing will be a reunion for Porter and Als head coach Marc Trestman. The two were part of the Raiders team that went to the Super Bowl in 2002.

Arcade Fire Wins Big In U.K.

It was a big night for Canada this Tuesday at the Brit Awards which are the U.K.'s equivalent to the Grammys. Montreal’s Arcade Fire took home two awards.Winning best international group. As well as best album for their latest release The Suburbs. The group was up against the Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, The Script, and Vampire Weekend for Best Group.

On Sunday The Suburbs also grabbed the group a win for album of the year at the Grammys. Justin Bieber represented Canada by winning Best International Breakthrough Act.

Michael "Mike B" Bresciani

The year is 2004, the location, Empire Polo Fields in Indio, California. A young Michael Bresciani is leaving the Coachella Festival after having seen the Flaming Lips, Radiohead, the Cure and the recently reunited Pixies. If that musical experience wasn’t enough, Michael was also working at the HMV Megastore in the heart of Montreal and exploring new music.

February 15th 2011

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WHALE interviews by Joel Balsam.

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And the voting begins!

Only twelve candidates will be participating in the elections starting tomorrow. Three of seven executive positions are going uncontested. A byelection will be needed next fall since no one applied for VP of communications.

Efforts have been made by the organization to clean up the elections. However, the decision to remove slates has its consequences.

Students will have no choice over three of their executives. To make voting easier, executive summaries of each candidate will be available at voting tables.

WHALE Passes

CSU representatives and members of Free Education Montreal couldn’t be too unhappy about this year’s Valentines Day. The highly anticipated Wintery Hot Accessible Love-in for Education, also known as WHALE passed with flying colours. 

Police Remain Mum on Death of Montreal Rapper

Police are still refusing to confirm that a man found dead Sunday is indeed hip hop artist Paul Frappier. Frappier’s family does not understand the reasons behind the refusal to reveal his identity.

Frappier’s body was found in an industrial area close to the Lachine Canal. All police are willing to reveal at this point is that there were obvious signs of violence on the body.

West Island to have its own rail line

Commuters to the West Island will be looking at their own rail line soon. The Quebec government says it will go forward with the $600 million project.

Engineering studies are set to begin on Monday morning. They will take 18 months to complete and will cost $22 million.

Currently, commuter trains have to share rail space with freight trains, which causes delays for commuters.