Lots of awesome bands have recorded live sessions at CJLO over the years! Check out our latest featured sessions here or view the complete list.

Koji Live @ CJLO Live @ CJLO

Singer-songwriter-activist and general man of many hats Andrew Koji Shiraki, aka Koji, paid a visit to CJLO when he was in town and coincidentally managed to take part in the launch of our newly renovated recording studio -The Oven.


Icky Blossoms Live @ CJLO

In town the previous night opening for the Faint's Danse Macabre 10th anniversary tour in early December 2012, Omaha electro-rock band Icky Blossoms dropped by The Oven the following morning to record a session for "Hooked on Sonics".  As tired as they may have told us they were, the trio definitely didn't seem so, burning through four songs off of their self titled debut release for Saddle Creek records and even sitting around to chat.


Broncho Live @ CJLO

Oklahoma band Broncho brought their zippy rock tunes to The Oven here at CJLO to record a set of four tracks from their album Just Enough Hip to Be Woman. We've been fans of the band over at CJLO since their debut record, so it was a pleasure to have them by to record a session for us. Catch 'em on tour as it seems they're on the road forever.


Caro Diaro Live @ CJLO

We invited Caro Diaro (Maica Armata of Maica Mia) to stop by our Oven studio during our re-launch event and play a stripped down session in the newly renovated room. The results were stunning, as she played three hauntingly beautiful, new tracks during a live broadcast on Fear of Music.


Operators Live @ CJLO

After three long months spent on the road in support of Future Islands, Operators found themselves back in the city where they recorded last year’s rousing EP 1. Montreal is a city with a lot of history for lead singer Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits) and his new band was eager to showcase their sound by playing a couple of shows at last November’s M For Montreal.


Jom Comyn Live @ CJLO

Jom Comyn stopped by The Oven Studio at CJLO in late October to lay down some tracks for Best of the West.

Jom was born in  Edmonton Alberta, but grew up 30 minutes outside the city in those wide open spaces that the Prairies are famous for.  He started his musical journey at the age of 11 on drums, picking up the guitar around the age of 14.


Anamai Live @ CJLO

Anamai dropped by The Oven Studio @ CJLO 1690AM to play an intimate set with some of her Toronto pals who were also in town for Pop Montreal Festival. Performing with Anamai was David (AKA Egyptrixx), and Allie of DOOMSQUAD. Despite two thirds of the band being under the weather and having already played and/or anticipating playing over 4 different gigs and parties, all within a day or two, they pulled off a beautiful set with ease.


Heat Live @ CJLO

Montreal quartet Heat brought their early 80s NYC style jangle to the CJLO studios to perform live on Hooked on Sonics.  Hot off the heels of their debut EP, and already getting a lot of attention - even down south and across the pond - the band posted up in The Oven and performed two songs from the recording as well as two brand spankin' new tunes. 


Stagnant Pools Live @ CJLO

Stagnant Pools dropping by The Oven in the summer of 2014 in a was a pleasant surprise. This pair of brothers (Bryan and Douglass Enas) brought their brooding and powerful noise pop from the midwest to Montreal in support of their latest album Geist. Combining downtrodden vocals with soaringly fuzzy guitars and a simple two barrel configuration, their music will move you to nod your head in approval as much as you hang it in shame.


Omhouse Live @ CJLO

Toronto-based Omhouse has been described as "high-tension music for insomniacs" and "an over-caffeinated Dirty Projectors". Their music oscillates between cathartic, guitar based rock and adventurous, sample-based electronic music. They recently returned from their first cross-Canada tour, and are preparing to release their debut full-length album Flesh to Flesh, Skull to Skull.