Lots of awesome bands have recorded live sessions at CJLO over the years! Check out our latest featured sessions here or view the complete list.

Salteens Live @ CJLO

Trucking in all the way from the west coast, Vancouver, BC’s the Salteens brought their peppy power pop to CJLO  September 30, 2004 in town to headline the CJLO  sponsored Boompa Records showcase at the Pop Montreal music festival.  Unfortunately, the Salteens got to be part of what was probably the most problematic Sonics Session yet - every technical problem that could go wrong did.


The Posies Live @ CJLO

One of the highlights of hosting and producing this very show is that sometimes I manage to luck out and get to interview some of my musical heroes like Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices) or John Reis (Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu).  This time I managed to up the ante and got Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer of The Posies to come on down to chateau CJLO and spend a good hour talking about their music & careers as well as record four acoustic versions of some of their songs.


Pattern is Movement Live @ CJLO

Philly poppy math rock indie quartet Pattern is Movement made their way to the CJLO studios on a Sunday afternoon, October 2, 2005, before their show for Pop Montreal.  Funny thing with this session is it was initially supposed to happen in the summer but got botched up by yours truly.  See, I had called back their label to set up the session when lo and behold, I had accidentally marked down the wrong weekend for when I thought they’d be in town.  Turned out, they had already passed through the previous weekend.  Good j


North of America Live @ CJLO

Influential Halifax post-punk/math rock band North of America were in town playing a special reunion show on Saturday Feb 27th 2010 for the Blue Skies Turn Black 10th Anniversary show @ Il Motore.  Here's an old session they did at CJLO five years ago when they reunited for a brief tour with Ted Leo.

When we heard North of America had reunited and was playing a date in Montreal, Hooked on Sonics got to work.



Scrappy San Francisco post-punk duo Moggs paid a visit to the SONiCs show September 6, 2005, and became the first band to ever perform live-to-air on our show.  In town for a CJLO sponsored performance, part of our old “Upstairs is Underground” nights at (the now departed) Le Swimming.


Murder By Death Live @ CJLO

Uncategorizable band Murder by Death dropped by CJLO studios to record a special acoustic SONiCs Session for us on June 3, 2004, right before playing the CJLO/Blue Skies Turn Black co-sponsored Braid reunion tour, a night now remembered in CJLO history as the “Colossal Failure"© (if you want to know why, contact us).


Magneta Lane Live @ CJLO

Along with Uncut, Toronto power trio Magneta Lane also gets the title of being the "First Band to Ever Come on Time" to CJLO when they visited CJLO to record a session and interview for Hooked on Sonics.


Ghosts of Modern Man Live @ CJLO

The guys from Regina, Saskatchewan’s Ghosts of Modern Man swung by the CJLO studios the afternoon of April 18, 2005 to record a three song session.  Nice guys with huge amps (the bass amp alone was seriously big), we helped them lug their gear up the Loyola staircase since the usual elevator route was blocked off due to exams being held nearby.