Lots of awesome bands have recorded live sessions at CJLO over the years! Check out our latest featured sessions here or view the complete list.

Derelict Live @ CJLO

After burning up the CJLO metal charts for a while with their 2009 release Unspoken Words, we invited Montreal metal act Derelict into the CJLO studios one quiet April morning to unleash their brand of death metal upon our listening audience. Being the super nice guys that they are, they loaded in effortlessly as Andrew and I set about putting together mics and figuring out logistics.


Run Chico Run Live @ CJLO

Victoria idiosyncratic pop duo Run Chico Run were the first band to drop by CJLO studios during one long day of sessions at CJLO for bands that were in town for Pop Montreal.  That day also saw the Chico's Boompa Records labelmates the Salteens and


Julie Doiron Live @ CJLO

Julie Doiron dropped by CJLO to record a staff favourite session for Hooked on Sonics on a packed day of Pop Montreal related session recordings (the Salteens and Run Chico Run were also in that day to record sets).  Louis Rozza, Former CJLO Music Director and former co-host of Hooked on Sonics, interviewed Julie and this


Blacklist Royals Live @ CJLO

Nashville's Blacklist Royals stopped by CJLO's studios on the evening of their Saturday night show in Montreal, sent our way courtesy of publicist extraordinaire, the lovely Melanie Kaye.  Opting to do something a little special and stripped down for the Hooked on Sonics show, the band lugged up an amp and a Les Paul and did it "Billy Bragg-style with frontman Nat playing most of the songs solo, or with some background vocals from the rest of the guys


Woodpigeon and Leif Vollebekk Live @ CJLO

After the Salteens did a session here at CJLO many moons ago, Salteens member and Boompa go-to guy Rob has constantly kept an influx of the label's roster into the CJLO session studios.  This time we got something truly special.  In town for a couple of days recording some songs at famed local studio Hotel2Tango, Mark Hamilton of Woodpigeon dropped by to record a session for Hooked on Soni


Fucked Up Live @ CJLO

In town for Pop Montreal in October of 2007, and following an amazing stint on CJLO's charts with their landmark record Hidden World, we managed to get Toronto hardcore band Fucked Up in for a session for Hooked on Sonics and the now dearly departed The Kids Are So-So show.


Fear Before the March of Flames Live @ CJLO

This session was recorded for an old CJLO show, The Kids Are So-So, so to give us a little blurb on the session, here's the show's ex-host, Josh Mocle:


Women Live @ CJLO

Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut record, Calgarians Women dropped by CJLO one Friday afternoon and recorded what turned out to be the first LIVE session ever for The Reaktor.  Hijinks ensued, as Stabby Abby aka Starr-Girl did her first live CJLO interview, and Women treated the CJLO listening audience to a nearly ten minute rendition of "Lawncare" that ends in a seven minute long squall of fuzz drenched noise that sounds like what I'd imagine a jet en


Rae Spoon Live @ CJLO

On August 9, 2010, Rae Spoon joined With Gay Abandon in-studio at CJLO to help launch his new CD, Love Is A Hunter.

He played three live acoustic versions of the CD's stand-out songs, "Love Is A Hunter," "Death By Electro" and "You Like all The Parties."


Brother Ali Live @ CJLO

It's not a secret that I'm a huge hip hop fan, as Hooked on Sonics occasionally dabbles in the genre here and there.  Having been a long-time fan of Brother Ali, when I noticed a hint of a last minute possibility for a session based on his tour routing, I quickly contacted our pal Jess at Co-Sign Collective who got on the horn immediately with Ali's people at