By Eli Levinson - Bender Night - 04/13/2008

As I entered La Tulipe on Sunday April 13th, I immediately got a feeling of anticipation. It came from behind the black doors that lead to the main room. The thumping beat emanating from behind those doors was a sign and I followed it into the packed main room. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Saul Williams!


By Eli Levinson - Bender Night - 04/06/2008

They should erect a statue of Victor Wooten. Somewhere, doesn't matter where, there should be some sort of physical commemoration of this man. He not only is the best bassist around, but he projects this image of goodness that no matter how hard you try, you can't resist. He's just so damn NICE, in addition to his seemingly endless imagination and mind-blowing chops.

JOE JACKSON @ Metropolis

By Rebecca Munro - Charts & Crafts - 04/02/2008

Montreal: Chances are if you were not a huge fan of Joe Jackson before his show started last night, you were at the end. Jackson put on a stellar show at the Metropolis to a crowd of well, grown up ‘80s kids.

311 + Slightly Stoopid @ Metropolis

By Stephanie Ng Wan - We . Are . Canadian - 03/19/2008

JOSE GONZALEZ + Mia Doi Todd @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

By Kelly Pleau - 03/14/2008

Fueled by an unhealthy amount of chocolate and dark coffee, two girls weary of work deadlines and the soggy weather ventured down to St. Laurent and Ste. Catherine’s to be soothed by the finger-picking of José González. Having arrived halfway through his performance at Le National three months earlier, we were determined to have our wrists stamped early this time.


By Ann Marie Williams - Gospel Unlimited - 03/15/2008

Jully Black and her band took over Club Soda on last Saturday. She commanded the stage the moment she stepped on it. Her performance was engaging and very enjoyable! She really connected with the audience, especially when she acknowledged what seemed to be an autistic young girl in the front row. The look of appreciation on the child’s mother’s face said it all. Yes, there were some children there -- it was a family show.