By Comma Chameleon - Semicolon Cancer; - 03/04/2008

TAKEN BY TREES @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

By Mike Bresciani - The Lonesome Strangers - 02/25/2008

Seems as though the indie music community is filled with confusing side projects, revolving-door musicians, and solo projects that may or may not be worth the price of admission. There’s usually a lot of excitement and intrigue that follows the new directions many of these artists seem to be taking. In this case, we have Victoria Bergsman pursuing her solo ambitions with Taken By Trees after having fronted the excellent Swedish pop group, The Concretes, for the last decade.

VHERNEN - Vhernen

By Jessica Valentine - The Incinerator - 12/29/2007

Hearing the sounds of howling wind and rainfall to introduce a black metal album is in no way unexpected. Being confronted a minute later with the growing sigh of an electric cello, however, is -- that is, unless you’ve already taken a peek at the insert art of Vhernen’s self-titled debut full-length album. I must say, the surprise is a pleasant one.

WYCLEF JEAN @ Metropolis

By Sinbad Richardson - There You Have It Folks! - 02/28/2008

PATHS OF POSSESSION - The End of the Hour

By Jessica Valentine - The Incinerator - 10/17/2007

If you're considering getting into Paths of Possession, chances are you're a fan of famed vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher's work with Cannibal Corpse. I'll say this now: If you're looking for your next "Hammer Smashed Face," inquire elsewhere.

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS + Times New Viking+ Jeff Lewis @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

By Simon Howell - A Listening Ear - 02/21/2008

It's not often you spot a triple bill in which you're well acquainted with all three groups. In this case, I'd heard two albums apiece by the opening acts, and the headliner was one of my all-time favorite bands. On my way to the venue, I thought about how odd the bill was and when I got there, it turned out I was right -- it was like attending three separate, entirely unconnected events.

DJ SHADOW + CUT CHEMIST + Kid Koala @ Metropolis

By Bram Gusman - 12-Inch Satisfaction - 01/29/2008

Very rarely do you find artists who master their art as well as DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist do. Both hailing from California, these Hip Hop pioneers have been revolutionizing the scene since the early 90’s. It seems that these deejays are always on their game and the “Hard Sell Tour” show at the Metropolis on January 29th was no exception.

SICK OF IT ALL + Madball + Wisdom in Chains @ Le National

By Josh Mocle - The Kids Are So-So - 02/03/2008

Normally when reviewing concerts, I discuss the bands in the order they performed. However, in the case of the Sick of It All headlining show at Le National on February 3rd, I find it appropriate to start off with discussing the headliner and working in reverse since absolutely none of the bands on that relatively well put together tour would have existed in their current incarnation if it weren’t for Sick of It All.

XAVIER RUDD @ Metropolis

By Comma Chameleon - Semicolon Cancer; - 02/08/2008

After the dull lull of the crowd’s roar, Xavier Rudd’s opener was dominated by a backup recording of a strong baritone-and-nasally throat singer.


KEREN ANN + Dean & Britta @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

By Simon Howell - A Listening Ear - 02/08/2008

"You'll have to keep walking, friend."