By Jessica Hemmerich -  On The Rocks - 10/04/2007

I felt like it was a concert especially for me. I stood front row center (not that there were enough people to even make a row) in the midst of Saphir Bar's red lights, which set the mood for what would turn out to be a killer night.

MUTE MATH @ Le National

By Jessica Hemmerich - On The Rocks - 09/05/2007

For the second time this year, Montrealers had the amazing opportunity of seeing Mute Math in concert. On Thursday September 5th, the band performed at Le National for their Fall Tour.

MAD CADDIES + Real McKenzies + Saint Catherines @ Le Tulipe

By Lindsay Wood - 07/29/2007

Last night’s show was a trip down memory lane, an eye opening reminder that there is still some very good punk rock coming out of the Canadian scene and a relaxing reconnection with the California ska scene.

The Real McKenzies, The Sainte Catherines and The Mad Caddies put on a show that oozed a smorgasbord of emotions into the audience all night long.


By Cody Hicks - Breakfast of Champions - 07/12/2007

I have a long, strange relationship with the music of Built to Spill. It’s based on three classic principals of youth: road trips, high school and pot smoking.  Now that I’ve outgrown two of those three things and have no access to a car, listening to Built to Spill has ceased.

ALBERT HAMMOND JR. + The Dead Trees @ La Tulipe

By Katie Seline - Wrong Side of the Bed - 06/12/2007

Somewhere between the beginning of my love for non-pop music and my discovery of such wonders as the drum machine, synthesizer, ridiculously loud guitars, overly fast kicking of bass drums and screaming, intense vocals (not the emo or screamo kind but the kind that tells me that a singer is really, intensely passionate about what he is singing), I seem to have lost my love for basic rock ‘n roll.

THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT + Murder by Death @ Foufounes Éléctriques

By Jesara Sinclair - I Keep Hearing Noises in the Basement - 05/18/2007

I always forget that Foufounes Electroniques is notorious for early shows. I arrived at the Reverend Horton Heat show around 10pm, anticipating a huge line-up of dressed-up rockabilly boys and girls. They were nowhere to be found, so I made my way upstairs, where the concert room was packed and Reverend Horton Heat were spitting out the last half-hour of their set.