MENOMENA + Land Of Talk @ Main Hall

By Katie Seline - Wrong Side of the Bed - 03/25/2007

The end of semester turns me into a total moron. Plagued by papers and craziness I was hesitant to make the 45-minute-plus trip up to Main Hall for this show. Knowing the editor of this magazine would fly back from Germany and destroy me if I didn’t make good on my commitment I headed on up to the show anyway. Too bad I did so on the wrong night. Heads up kids, March 25th was on Sunday, not Saturday. Yay me.


By Omar Husain - Hooked On Sonics - 02/24/2007

THE SOWETO GOSPEL CHOIR @ Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place

By Gervase Bynoe - 03/03/2007

The hours melted away during this very colorful and lively show that drew in the audience with their energetic dancing, vibrant outfits and of course, harmonious voices.

AMY MILLAN + Darling Arms @ Main Hall

By Mike Bresciani - The Lonesome Strangers - 02/10/2007

Entering a sold-out Main Hall only minutes after yet another disappointing Montreal Canadiens performance, this deranged Habs fan was in desperate need of some comforting, which came thankfully in the form of his other love: the live show.

JASON BAJADA + Lindy Vopnfjord + Ana Miura @ Yellow Door

By Döc Holidæ - Phantastiq Cypha- 01/13/2007

It all begins with Jason Bajada’s live session on F-Train 120 Monday January 8th. I was asked to set up and have everything ready to go on at around 1pm. Everything went well and after it all, Jason invited my assistant Kat and I to come to Yellow Door for his show on Saturday.

FACES ON FILM + Elizabeth Powell + The Corduroys @ Main Hall

By Alex Huynh -  Losing My Edge - 01/11/2007


2006 Montreal International Music Initiative @ Spectrum

By Trevor Kiernander - Ones and Zeroes - 12/03/2006

And the winner is: the unexpected!

That seemed to be the general sentiment during a lot of the MIMI gala that took place December 3rd at the Spectrum -- well, for me since this being my first MIMI attendance out of ten, as this was the 10th anniversary of the event. Supposedly though, the reports swirling after the show were that it was pretty low budget and seemingly unprofessional, but I’ll give you my take.