Mundial Montreal Spotlight and Give-Away on "Champs of the Local Scene"

Mundial Montreal, The Gateway to North America's World Music Network, is back for its 6th edition, November 15-18th with the theme Music Without Boarders. From spotlights on Aboriginal Sounds, Canadian and International artists, learn how a group of musicians and music lovers work together by creating music projects to help heal communities.

With some of the best world music artists from Canada and abroad, panels and workshops, showcases, and networking activities, you are surely to discover a new sound or make a new friend! 

Today @ 1PM: Sorry Girls on Ashes to Ashes!

Tune into Ashes to Ashes this afternoon at 1pm to hear an interview with Montreal duo Sorry Girls!  Consisting of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront, the duo recently released their debut EP, entitled Awesome Secrets.  Be sure to catch Sorry Girls tonight at 8pm for the EP's release show at La Vitrola. You won't want to miss it!

Ashes to Ashes is your weekly dose of music from the 1980's that has stood the test of time, featuring bits of indie rock, alt-country, electronic, hip-hop, funk, and even a dash of reggae; hosted by Alex, every Tuesday from 1-2 PM!



Looking for your dream job? We're hiring!

Do you live and breathe for community projects, radio and music? Well, we've got the job for you! CJLO 1690AM is looking to the future and we hope that you'll come along for the ride. We're currently building our team and looking to fill a number of positions including: 

  • Program Director ​
  • Magazine Director 
  • Additional Content Editor 
  • RPM Music Director 

For full details, check our job postings page. Deadlines to apply vary per position. 


Breathe with BVST on CJLO Tonight!

While heavy, angry music is a great way to soothe the savage beast, tonight, you deserve a two hour break. Take a deep breath and join Angelica for a very special BVST on CJLO. Instead of your customary best (& worst) of rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal, come enjoy a smooth, relaxing mix of sounds, music, and audio clips designed to make the harsh reality of the day melt away, so you can rise ready to rage again tomorrow. Experience a quieter, gentler BVST tonight from 7 to 9pm ET, only on CJLO 1690AM /!

Pokemon Sun and Moon: A Journey into the Seventh Generation

After 22 teaser trailers, multiple release updates, and dozens of "confirmed" and unconfirmed leaks, it is now mere WEEKS away until the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon. With that said, it's time to look back at the most common speculations that were made and how well they held up. Before we do, there are some recent updates that cannot be ignored. 

Tonight 10/27 @ 6pm: Best Fern performs live, and Jenn Wasner of Flock of Dimes calls in on Hooked on Sonics

Coming up tonight 6-8pmET on Hooked on Sonics, Montreal duo Best Fern drops by to promote their latest EP and play a live session including a new cover they've been working on. Also, Jenn Wasner of Flock of Dimes calls in to talk about her new project. Flock of Dimes will be performing this weekend Saturday Oct 29 @ The Ritz Tune in!

CJLO x RBMA- Waves of Honey interviews Oklou & Suicideyear: 7pm

Tune into to CJLO's last Red Bull Music Academy takeover tonite- starting with Head Music Director Omar Sonics (Hooked on Sonics) at 6pm and continuing with the notorious Honeydrip of Waves of Honey at 7pm, who will be interviewing Suicideyear and Oklou! Tune in for a good dose of mellow hip hop and electronic, to help you through yet another scandalous week...

Au Contraire - An Interview with Philip Silverberg

Au Contraire Film Festival 2016

On Tuesday, October 18th, CJLO's At the Movies (With Iconic Sounds) had the opportunity to interview Philip Silverberg, who is one of the organizers of the Au Contraire Film Festival. The fourth edition of the festival starts next week, and strives to achieve awareness and advocacy for mental health issues. The festival runs from October 25th until October 28th. One thing is to note that Mr. Silverberg expressed is the distinction that this festival is more than your regular film festival.

CJLO 2016 FUNdrive Raffle Winners! Thanks for your support!

Hey everyone, so the results are finally in! Here is the list of winners for this year’s FUNdrive Raffle! Thanks to everyone that bought raffle tickets, made pledges and showed their support by coming to an event! Thanks to you, we can continue to keep campus/ community radio healthy in 2017!! Major thanks to all of our sponsors for their donations- we couldn’t do it with out your help!

TONITE: CJLO live from Red Bull Music Academy w/ Ghost Wavvves, Tay Salem, & Casey M: 6-8PM

Tune in tonight, 6-8pm, when CJLO will be live from Red Bull Music Academy for interviews with Ghost Wavvves, Tay Salem, and Casey M Q! Join two of our brightest Music Directors, Kell Bell Fo and DJ Lady Oracle as they take on the second semester of Red Bull Music Academy's session in Montreal!