Elevation MTL Contest!

This looks absolutely insane... Want to go?

We're sending 5 lucky people (and a friend each) to Elevation 2018 on March 17th with Borgore, DATSIK, Space Jesus, Riot Ten, Carbin and more! Thanks to our friends over at evenko you'll be getting a pair before tickets just as they go on sale on Dec 9th

To win, just tag a friend below and send us an e-mail at promo@cjlo.com with the subject title "Elevation


Here's a little recap from years previous!

#GeektastiqCypha - Last Episode!

#GeektastiqCypha is doing their end of year episode, which also (sadly) happens to be the last one at CJLO :( 

Ramona Córdova - Jan 16th

CJLO and The Rest of Us (Tuesdays at 8pm) are very pleased to present Ramona Córdova, Why Try (new project from Ryan White and Karyn Bailey) and Sarah M live at Casa del Popolo on Tuesday, January 16th!

Full event details can be found on Facebook, HERE. The show's only $7 (or pay-what-you-can)!

Having troubles finding new music?

CJLO recently launched our own Spotify Account (@CJLO1690am) with tons of amazing playlists and ways to discover new and underground music!

Most notably, we have created a playlist called "New Montreal || Sounds from the Ground", which is updated on a weekly basis with music released by Montreal based artists in the past 3 months. If you see anything missing, shoot us an e-mail at promo@cjlo.com. As long as it's new, local and on spotify, we want it to be on there. Right now, there's over 8 hours of new/local music!

Film Review : Ladybird

At this year’s New York Film Festival, Greta Gerwig, writer/director of Ladybird, asked the crowd, “What is Boyhood, but for a girl? What is The 400 Blows, but for a girl? What is personhood for young women?” Ladybird fits somewhere in between both of those films, while remaining singularly unique. Saoirse Ronan’s Christine, or Ladybird as she prefers to be called (prefers is a generous word, more like demands), is in her senior year at an all-girls Catholic School in Sacramento. It would be a mistake to call her a troublemaker or a ‘bad girl’. Gerwig is far too nuanced in her writing to create a female character that could categorized as such.

CJLO TOP 30 (NOV 21-27th)


Above is CJLO's weekly TOP 30 from November 21st to 27th. Our charts are compiled from actual airplay on our airwaves, broadcasted on 1690 AM in Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as live via our website at CJLO.com

Montreal Locals: Gutser, Total Bliss, BBQT, The Barr Brothers, Tshizimba, Shem G

Canadian: Casper Skulls, Odonis Odonis, METZ, Cardinals Pride, Biblical, Beliefs, Mauno, Alice Glass, King Khan, Chad VanGaalen, Lo Siento

CJLO's Electronic Music Dept. Presents

We are super happy to announce our third of five CJLO music department showcases at Casa del Popolo!

Our next showcase is on Thursday, January 11th presented by out Electronic (RPM) Department and features live performances from four amazing local artists: Max T, Raveen, CELESTE and Jaiden Davis-JonesYou can buy tickets at the door for only $7 (pay-what-you-can).

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - GIVEAWAY!

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton (also known for her work in Metric and Broken Social Scene) is performing on December 4th at a beautiful church in Sainte-Thérèse.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Festival Santa Teresa we got two pairs of tickets up for grabs!!

To win, send us an e-mail at promo@cjlo.com with the subject title "Emily Haines". We'll be announcing the winner Thursday afternoon!

DJ SPOTLIGHT #5 - DJ Mister Vee

Ever wondered who exactly was behind your favourite show on CJLO? CJLO 1690 AM presents DJ Spotlight, a brand new series aiming to connect the station's DJs to the public. All the DJs answer the same fixed questions—meaning it's up to them to make their answers worth your while. This week, we introduce you Mike Vo, or DJ Mister Vee, host of Beats from the East.

Support for Dominique Fils-Aimé

Dominique Fils-Aimé is a singer-songwriter from Montreal whose musical journey draws its influences from the 40's - 60's and the great soul divas like Billie Holiday, Etta James or Nina Simone. After joining The Voice in 2015 she released her first album, The RED EP, at the end of 2015. You might even have seen her perform in various venues across the city, as she was involved in events such as Montréal en LumièreC2 MontréalMovin'On, and the Kalmunity Vibe Collective