Barn Burner Interview on Grade A Explosives

Obviously, Montreal is a mecca for all types of music, and metal is no exception. But all bands don't come out of huge cities, so how do these bands form and what happens after they break? If these are questions you've thought about, then this Sunday, Feb 25th you should tune in to Grade A Explosives from 4-6pm where the director of the documentary Barn Burner: The Rise of the Lancaster Metal Scene, Tyler Horst, will be talking about the rise of metalcore in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Tyler will be talking with Andrew about metal, small towns, and various other projects he's working and have worked on. All of this and a ton of new music for you to listen to, and not all of it is metalcore either.
Listen in from 4 - 6PM and get a small education.
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Ashbreather Live on CJLO

Join hosts Andrew from Grade A Explosives, and Phil from Turn on the Darkness as they co-host for a special episode this Wednesday, Feb 21st from 7-9pm, in which they'll play the loudest and heaviest of music from a variety of genres.

Most importantly, special guests Ashbreather (MTL) will be performing live in our studio, The Oven, at 8pm sharp!

Ashbreather is everything from psych/rock to progressive thrash/death metal; there's no limits to what they compose, as long as it's HEAVY


Hosted by Patricia Petit Liang

Stories by Karl Knox, Ana Bilokin and Patricia Petit Liang

Produced by Patricia Petit Liang





By Ana Bilokin

A Senegalese man is suing the Quebec-based Catholic congregation, Frères du Sacré-Coeur, for $1.4 million dollars.

According to CBC News, the plaintiff alleges that a member of the congregation sexually assaulted him in the 1980s when he was a student at a school the order ran in his home country.

There is also a class action lawsuit filed against the congregation in Granby where at least 18 brothers are accused of sexually abusing male students.


By Karl Knox

Canada's Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve Program is serving around only 18% of the First Nations children it sought out to help.

According to CBC News, the     Federal Indigenous Services Department stated that the program is facing long wait lists, stagnant funding and serious infrastructure problems.

The program was meant to support families living on reserve and to help young children prepare for school.


By Patricia Petit Liang

Young survivors of Florida’s Washington school shooting are planning a national march demanding action on gun control as part of their March for Our Lives campaign.

According to BBC News, the attack that killed 17 students and staff members on Wednesday was the deadliest school shooting in the US since 2012.

Students are planning to march on Washington as well as other cities on March 24th to demand that children and their families “become a priority” to US lawmakers.


Album Review: "The Moonlight Club" by The Moonlight Club

The Moonlight Club’s most recent effort, the self-titled full-length album, is their most consistent and cohesive work to date. Recorded over a nine-day period at Breakglass Studios with David Smith (Patrick Watson, Elephant Stone, Leif Vollebekk), the album showcases the band’s authentic blend of folk-rock and 80’s new wave. With tight, impressive drum work and guitar tones that Johnny Marr would be proud of, the Moonlight Club have created a strong, diverse album that takes the listener on a journey from energetic rock to sweeping balladry. 

With their upbeat singles ‘A Little Too Much’ and ‘Are You Up?’, The Moonlight Club flex their song-writing chops and improve upon the already strong sound created with their first EP: 2015’s ‘Words of Gold,’ also recorded and produced by Smith. Sharing lead vocal duty, Francois Royer Mireault and John Pankert sing their, at times cliché, but emotionally honest lyrics with conviction. The vocals, reminiscent of Adam Granduciel of the War on the Drugs, don’t always meet the intended note, a brave stylistic choice in a time of auto-tuned vocal perfection, but this choice pays off as it conveys the emotion laying within the lyrics. Stand-out track ‘Simon & Nico’ sees the band depart from their upbeat jangle pop, trading their 80’s inspired guitar for piano, creating an epic, sonic picture that helps the listener escape to a new place. 

With the grand organ solo that opens ‘Stranger’, to the distorted electric guitar intro of barn-burner ‘Black, Two Sugars’, The Moonlight Club displays their ability to craft engaging introductions that entice the listener, drawing them into each and every song. Ending with the raw, upbeat and energetic ‘Living Lost’, The Moonlight Club make a statement. They are telling the world that this album is just the beginning for them, and that the end is nowhere in sight. They sing, “I’m shoutin’ out loud, I’m cryin’ out loud, I feel like goin’ out, tonight”, on album highlight ‘Tonight’, which is a coincidence as they have constructed an album that is the perfect soundtrack for a night out on the town.

The Dead Centuries on Grade A Explosives

This Sunday on Grade A Explosives, Ottawa 3-piece The Dead Centuries will be calling in to chat with Andrew. Well... since they're an instrumental band they'll presumably be making words. Anyway, if they do talk, they'll be talking about the new record, Race Against Time, the Ottawa music scene, international politics, and, of course being an instrumental metal band.
Tune in from 4 - 6PM this Sunday to hear this and more!



Hosted by Luca Caruso-Moro

Stories by Jeremiah Ho, and Luca Caruso-Moro

Produced by Luca Caruso-Moro





By Luca Caruso-Moro

After being admitted to Anna Laberge-Hospital his family was denied the release of his body for a traditional Mohawk funeral.

CTV News reports his son, Stuart Myiow Jr., took his father's remains without the hospital’s permission to conduct a burial.

Myiow is expecting legal consequences.


By Jeremiah Ho

First Nations leaders are reacting with caution towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to recognize Indigenous rights in the Constitution.

According to CBC News, the goal is to develop a framework for defining and recognizing Indigenous rights that can be put into law by the end of the year.

The framework will be put into action after an engagement process with Indigenous Peoples, provinces, territories and the public.

By Luca Caruso-Moro

The International Criminal Court has been collecting war crime statements from Afghani citizens for three months.

At this point the court has received 1.17 million statements from alleged victims.

CTV News reports the statements include recounts of illegal activity at the hand of the Taliban and ISIL, as well as afghan Security Forces, government-affiliated warlords, spy agencies, and the U.S.-led coalition.



CJLO TOP 30 (FEB 6TH - 12TH)


Above is CJLO's weekly TOP 30 from February 6th to 12th. Our charts are compiled from actual airplay on our airwaves, broadcasted on 1690 AM in Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as live via our website at

Montreal Based: Milk & Bone, Vantablack Warship, Kristian North and Shem G

Canadian: Greber, Cadence Weapon, Alvvays, Dead Centuries, Cadence Weapon, Chad Vangaalen, Daniel Caesar, Omhouse, Miesha & The Spanks, Viledriver, Chanhays, Beliefs, METZ, Edgar Breau, Cecil Frena and No Museums

Tune into Charts & Crafts every Friday at 12pm to get a tast of our charts live on CJLO!

Love for Le Cagibi

As you may have heard, local venue and alternative community hot spot Le Cagibi is having to move due to a big rent increase. Well, Josh from The Neighbourhood (Wednesdays from 5-6pm) hosted a 2-hour Love for Le Cagibi special yesterday where some good friends and talented musicians called in to share their favourite memories of of the space! 

Guests included: Pamela Hart​, Ali Levy (Ada Lea), Thanya Iyer, AP Bergeron (Year of Glad & Saxsyndrum), Justin Wright, Amanda Kempf (Rose Bush & Lola Six), Justin Lazarus (Look Vibrant), Sara-Danielle, Eric Seguin (Raveen), Brigitte Naggar (Common Holly), Wesley MacNeil (Pallice) and Jesse Speed

You can listen to the full special on SoundCloud below. Also, look to the decription for time markers, so you can skip to particular guests.

Lastly and most importantly, please consider donating to Le Cagibi's GoFundMe Campaign so that they can afford to move to a new location and continue their work as an invalauble community space!

Mappe Of - Live From The Oven

Our most recent live session at CJLO was with Mappe OfTheir debut record A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone is a sonic world unto itself, an aural landscape steeped in experience and imagination... Take a listen to three of the tunes, which they played for us on Jan 16th, the night after they performed with Bahamas in Montréal.

Also, make sure to follow us on SoundCloud for CJLO's most notable interviews and performances!