Australian comedy group and YouTube sensations Aunty Donna took Montreal by storm with their outstanding 3 man variety show at The Mainline Theatre. People from all across Canada came to Montreal to watch Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane perform their incredible first show in the city. Aunty Donna’s super smooth moves captivated their audiences and it’s no surprise that they made the cover of this week’s Montreal Gazette!

Aunty Donna’s New Show is a wild celebration of comedy, dance, music and death-defying acrobatics. Aunty Donna’s sketches are vibrant, energetic and meticulously coordinated to electronic pop tunes. Sound designer and composer Tom Armstrong created an outstanding soundtrack for the show, taking the comedy group’s performance to  a whole new level! Their comedy is dark, charming, sexy, silly and 100% self-aware - with everything carefully thought out and choreographed. Aunty Donna’s New Show is unlike any other show you’ll see at the Just For Laughs Festival, pushing the boundaries of comedy to create something beautiful, exciting and profoundly surreal.

Bonanno, Kelly and Ruana are some of the smartest and hardest working performers in comedy. The trio’s New Show featured plenty of fun, original games and audience participation that made the evening feel really special. The trio cares deeply for their audiences and hilariously incorporates them into their comedy. One of their most controversial acts, involving a character named “Lord Whoopie” involves roasting hapless audience members by making them the butt of several fart jokes (pun intended). Aunty Donna were so charming that everyone in the audience enjoyed the silly fart jokes and had a great time.

Seeing Aunty Donna live is very different from watching their YouTube videos as the three cleverly work elements of theatre and loads of physicality in their New Show. Aunty Donna are constantly running, dancing and leaping across the room, contorting their bodies cartoonishly and unleashing their frantic energy for all to see. Aunty Donna’s raw passion, nerve, chemistry and talent are absolutely thrilling to see in person and will leave you in disbelief!

What are you waiting for?! Come watch them pretend to be Ellen DeGeneres, kiss each other and drink the Cordial in their New Show while you still can! Aunty Donna’s shows are an exciting experience you’ll never forget!

Don’t miss Aunty Donna’s last Montreal shows on July 26th, including All Access Live hosted by Mike Birbiglia at Club Soda located on 1225 St Laurent Blvd and Aunty Donna’s New Show at The Mainline Theatre located at 3997 Boulevard Saint-Laurent!


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Audio Documentaries: Bicycles Against Poverty & Finding Diana

Tune into CJLO 1690AM this Thursday, July 27th at 11 AM to hear two audio documentaries produced by Travis Sandeson, who is working as a communications director for CEED Concordia this summer.

CEED is a non-profit organization based in both Montreal and Gulu, Uganda, which views youth as the change agents in their communities.

Each year, an equal number of students from Concordia University and various universities from around Uganda meet in Gulu to develop and work on projects that aim to benefit those involved as well as those in Gulu.

Travis has produced both written material as well as radio documentaries that reflects his experiences with the people of Uganda.

Bicycles Against Poverty

Bicycles Against Poverty is a Gulu-based social enterprise that seeks to make affordable transportation available to small, farmer-run cooperatives in northern Uganda. Travis spent a day with them when they made a bicycle delivery to a small village called Lalogi, approximately 40 kilometres southeast of Gulu.

Finding Diana

In Uganda, a popular form of public transport is the "boda boda." These are basically motorbikes and riders who pick up and drop off people much the same as taxi would, but a lot less expensive. It is a common industry all over the country. What is uncommon is a woman doing it, and in this case why she's doing it. This is the story of Diana.

To learn more about CEED Concordia, visit




Hosted by Patricia Petit Liang

Stories by Allison O'Reilly and Patricia Petit Liang

Produced by Patricia Petit Liang





By Patricia Petit Liang

A 33 year old pregnant woman lost her child after being stabbed by her partner Sofiane Ghazi on Monday.

According to CTV News, police had visited their home several hours before the killing took place to respond to a domestic dispute call.

Although the woman survived the attack, Ghazi was charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder along with other charges as their child died shortly after being delivered via emergency C-section.


By Paricia Petit Liang

Alberta is the latest province to make the abortion pill free to any woman who requests it.

According to CTV News, the pill may be used to terminate pregnancies of up to 49 days.

Women will be required to undergo an ultrasound before taking the pill to rule out potential health risks.   


By Allison O’Reilly

Russian human rights group Memorial has released the names of 13 detainees said to have been shot by police in Chechnya.

According to BBC News, the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported that 27 Chechen prisoners were shot dead in secret in January.

Memorial says it pressed Chechen officials for information on the missing men, and were told they couldn’t confirm if they were dead or alive.



Canada’s sweetheart Debra DiGiovanni made her 9th appearance at The Just For Laughs Festival with her hilarious solo show at Place des Arts! DiGiovanni provides her audiences with an energetic hour of delightfully dark, self-deprecating humour. DiGiovanni enthusiastically delivers such vivid, relatable jokes that will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry!

Opening for DiGiovanni last night was the beautiful, pop-culture-obsessed, fashion-hungry and unforgettable comedienne Tranna Wintour! Wintour did an amazing set about her experiences with fragile straight men and her love of strong, female stars like Sarah Jessica Parker. Wintour’s witty insights on heteronormativity and pop culture are so refreshing and wonderful to hear! Wintour serves pure comedy and glamour, charming audience members to pieces with her legendary performances!

DiGiovanni is equally as unforgettable as Wintour, giving one of the best shows this year’s festival has to offer! DiGiovanni performs with such passion and excitement, engaging her audiences by recounting her incredibly relatable life experiences! During her show, DiGiovanni talks about Montreal’s attractive men, what it’s like to live alone as well as in Los Angeles, masturbation, creepy suitors, asserting dominance over her twin and her obsession with violent TV shows where people are murdered!

It’s an absolute blast to watch DiGiovanni perform! Her twisted comedy is brutally honest yet lighthearted. The outrageously charming and beloved DiGiovanni can make even the scariest of topics into something hilarious and sweet. If you can only see one show at the festival this year, it has to be DiGiovanni’s!

Don’t miss Debra DiGiovanni until July 29th at Place Des Arts’ Salle Claude-Léveillée located at 175 Saint-Catherine Street!


This is all part of CJLO 1690AM's coverage of the Just For Laughs Festival. Founded in 1983, Just For Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world! For more information and to buy tickets, check out before they're all sold out!

Fatal Attraction is a surreal comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Thursday from 12PM-1PM to hear her meditate, play weird YouTube videos and give really bad advice


The hilarious Steve Byrne returned to this year's Just For Laughs Festival with as much gumption and energy as ever! On Monday, July 24th, Byrne performed his solo show Industry Darling to a sold-out crowd at Théâtre Sainte Catherine. People came from all over Montreal and the rest of Canada for an evening of incredibly clever dark comedy!

Jimmy Carr, one of the most gleefully morbid comedians ever, opened for Byrne. During his set, he ripped Montreal to pieces in celebration of our city’s 375th birthday (and years of Indigenous oppression)! Carr’s thoughtful, brutally honest, deadpan comedy was the perfect way to open Byrne’s show and was an absolute pleasure to watch.

The audience was excited as Byrne later took to the stage and he gave a priceless, engaging performance they’d never forget! Byrne’s solo show felt like a barbeque because of how skillfully he roasted everybody in the room. No one was safe at the show! Men, women, couples, families and people of all races were equally made fun of in the most cathartic way. Byrne bought audience members shots and even tried to serve as their wingman during this wild evening.

Byrne explored the themes of American politics, gender, marriage and raising a family during his set. During the show, Byrne accomplished one of the most perfect Donald Trump impressions of all time, masterfully copying Trump’s accent, posture and hand movements to the audience’s delight.

Byrne is a brilliant and fearless performer who boldly discusses controversial topics! His talent knows no bounds and his cynical humor will shock you and make you laugh at the most sensitive things! Byrne truly is an Industry Darling!

What are you waiting for? Come watch Steve Byrne perform at The Ethnic Show until July 27th at the Metropolis located at 59 St Catherine St E and at The Colin Jost & Michael Che Gala on July 26th at Place des Arts’ Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier!


This is all part of CJLO 1690AM's coverage of the Just For Laughs Festival. Founded in 1983, Just For Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world! For more information and to buy tickets, check out before they're all sold out!

Fatal Attraction is a surreal comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Thursday from 12PM-1PM to hear her meditate, play weird YouTube videos and give really bad advice


Hosted by Patricia Petit Liang

Stories by Karl Knox, Jeremiah Ho and Allison O'Reilly

Produced by Patricia Petit Liang





By Jeremiah Ho

A 30 year-old-man died after falling from Mount Royal early Sunday morning.

According to CBC News, the man slipped and fell 10 metres while walking with his wife near a cliff.

He was found in cardiorespiratory arrest and with serious injuries, and was declared dead in hospital.


By Allison O’Reilly

A transgender inmate in British Columbia has won the right to serve the remainder of her sentence in a women’s prison, following years of battling in court.

According to CTV News, Fallon Aubee is one of the first federal prisoners to relocate under policy changes at Correctional Services Canada allowing inmates to transfer facilities based on gender identity and not physical anatomy.

Aubee was convicted in 2003 for a gang-related killing that took place in Saskatchewan about 10 years earlier.

She has been working for at least 10 years to transfer to a women's prison.


By Karl Knox

At least 9 people in San Antonio, Texas have died as a result of a human smuggling operation gone wrong.

According to BBC News, 8 bodies were found in the back of a tractor-trailer in a Walmart parking lot along with 30 other people - 1 of whom died later in the hospital.

Officials claim that the victims were killed by extreme heat and dehydration.

60 year old truck driver and owner of the trailer, James Matthew Bradley Jr was arrested and will appear in court in the weeks to come.


Fantasia 2017: Week 1 - The Brisk Jog

Week one of the Fantasia Film Festival for me is more of a brisk jog. Trying to allocate my time for work, social conventions of television viewing parties, and other festivals seemed to get in the way of an avid movie watcher as myself. However, I found the time to catch a few screenings. Here is a quick rundown of this first week of cinema extravaganza. 


A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story from director David Lowery was my first screening, under a press setting. It is a meditation film on love, life, and death, that is reminiscent of the works of Terrence Malick. It follows the story of C (Casey Affleck) & M (Ronney Mara) as they live their life together, until C has an accident that leads to his demise. The film transitions into the supernatural as C becomes a ghost that returns to his house and follows M as well as the other inhabitants that follow. Just like a Malick film, there are many scenes that go on for too long and the camera overstays its welcome on a single scene. It pays off in the end, though, as you go with C on a supernatural journey on the house's past, present, and future inhabitants. Daniel Heart provides excellent tones to score the film and with its short run time, does not overstay it's welcome.



I was finally able to make it to two screeners on Thursday. The first one was Animals from director Greg Zglinski. The story is about a wife and her husband that take a vacation, for her husband’s work, while their neighbour from upstairs is housesitting for them. It is also revealed that the wife knows her husband is having an affair with the same neighbour. The couple tries to enjoy their getaway despite infidelity being in the air, as the neighbour is being mistaken for someone else. Frequent accidents, talking cats and locked doors adds to some intrigue about the women, the wife and neighbour, as they question their own sanity living in parallel universes. As the credits rolled I can concur that some doors are not meant to be opened.



One of my favourites of the festival so far is the documentary 78/52 from director Alexandre Philippe. The documentary is set up as a deconstruction of the iconic shower scene in Psycho and also examines its legacy. There is a far range of various film directors, editors, sound designers, and actors that a featured in the panel discussion about the scene and the film. The deconstruction starts out by exploring how Psycho was the first film that pushed the boundaries of horror cinema, as a first slasher film, and how director Alfred Hitchcock was able to showcase subversive material on screen for the first time. As a cinéphile, this documentary resonated well with me.


Now that this week is over I am planning next week’s midnight run. I hope to catch a few documentary screeners, as well as a few films with the Fantasia audience or the theatre audience. Have a good week at the movies et bon cinema!


Remi's Fantasia 2017 full selection list.

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REVIEW: Wolves by Rise Against

It seems like many bands seem to have a law of diminishing returns on subsequent albums. Oh... perhaps I shouldn't have lead with my direct opinion of what Rise Against has been doing as of late. Oh well, too late to edit now.

Rise Against first appeared on my radar with their third record, Sirens Sound of the Counter Culture, and then created a bonafide masterwork with The Sufferer & the Witness two years later. Since then, every album has been circling the closer to the drain of mediocrity and I am none too happy about it.

Still, even though I thought I reasonably knew what to expect from the new album Wolves, I decided to give it a chance. While this didn't prove to be the worst musical decision I made even this month (I actually listened to half of the new Danzig record after all, which to summarize has gone from comically bad to depressingly bad), it also isn't great.

The whole album has a "safe" quality to it, feeling as though the band has now decided, "Hey, we like writing this one song, so let's just write that over and over again." You would be forgiven if you did a spot listening to tracks if you thought whatever was playing your music was broken as the record feels like the same chords and drum beats repeated on loop. This is even reflected in the length of the songs, most not wanting to wander out of the 3 to 4-minute range.

"But I suppose I should take into account that this is a punk band," I thought. "Maybe I'm being too hard on them." And then I made the mistake of listening to previous records again with tempo changes and differing tones and thought, "Nope, judge away." This look back made me realize that now, they have fully gotten rid of any deviation in song structure. No more "Swing Life Away" or "Hero of War" here. There's barely any break of same pace, even with the slight speed up in the bridge of "Welcome to the Breakdown" or the slight slowdown in "Far From Perfect."

This is, of course, made even worse by the fact that Tim McIlrath is able to write lyrics that are straightforward without being reductive, all with messages of resistance and hope. I suppose this feels oddly and sadly appropriate for the times as being clever and yet doing the least amount of work is considered "transgressive." This album feels like the musical equivalent of someone saying, "Oh, the world is doing something super wrong that I don't agree with. I'm putting up a Facebook post," and then feeling content that they've changed the world.

I guess the conclusion is that Wolves is a good "baby's first punk" record, and maybe it will lead people that like it to revisit better Rise Against records and maybe more interesting punk. But if you've listened to Rise Against before now, just break out one of those old records and just listen to them.

CJLOXJFL: Crazy Sexy 90s: A Loving Tribute to Lady Pop Stars

Tranna Wintour and Thomas Leblanc take you on a musical nostalgia trip in Crazy Sexy 90s! Running from July 20th to July 22nd at The Wiggle Room, Crazy Sexy 90s is a queer celebration of the decade’s most beloved female pop stars! Montreal’s favorite 90s purists Wintour and Leblanc pay homage to Janet Jackson, Madonna, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Lil Kim, Gwen Stefani, The Spice Girls and everyone in between in this unforgettable evening.

Crazy Sexy 90s features some of the most creative and talented performers Montreal has to offer! With comedy, performance art, dancing and live covers of 90s hits, Wintour and Leblanc will make you feel young again. All of the performers in the show had such powerful chemistry and it was so heartwarming to watch such close friends perform with each other!

Incredibly talented dancer Maxine Segalowitz will enchant you with her wildly sexy, surreal performance art!

Travis Cannon’s smooth comedy will spice up your life and literally take you to church!

The legendary Holly Greco’s intimate diary readings will take you back to your awkward childhood and teach you how to you love and accept yourself.

The ethereal sounds of Caveboy are a dreamy, multilayered musical experience you can’t afford to miss!

Audience members sitting in the front row may get wet because of Thomas Leblanc’s super sexy dance moves!

Lovely comedic duo Rachel Gendron and Nancy Webb will make you laugh, cry and feel super thirsty.

Justin Metcalfe’s musical stylings pair perfectly with Tranna Wintour’s gorgeous singing in their moving tribute to Alanis Morissette.

The endlessly beautiful Gevina Divina’s breathtaking lipsyncing will leave you completely captivated and begging for more!

What are you waiting for? Say you’ll be there and catch Crazy Sexy 90s until July 22nd at The Wiggle Room located on 3874 St Laurent Blvd!


This is all part of CJLO 1690AM's coverage of the Just For Laughs Festival. Founded in 1983, Just For Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world! For more information and to buy tickets, check out before they're all sold out!

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Hosted by Patricia Petit Liang

Stories by Allison O'Reilly and Patricia Petit Liang

Produced by Patricia Petit Liang






By Patricia Petit Liang

Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume expressed his outrage towards far-right group La Meute for meddling in the referendum to build a Muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec.

According to CBC News, the Islamophobic hate group launched an aggressive campaign and spread misinformation to manipulate residents into voting against building the Muslim cemetery.

The racist, far-right group La Meute harassed refugees as well as Indigenous activists earlier this month and are strongly against multiculturalism in Canada.

Disappointed by the results of the referendum, Premier Philippe Couillard has vowed to find a way to build the cemetery and will be working with members of Quebec's Muslim community to set things right.


By Patricia Petit Liang

The wildfire in Alberta's Kootenay National Park has grown 10 times larger since it began on Sunday.

According to CBC News, helicopters have been sent in an attempt to put out the fire.

Environment Canada and Alberta's government have issued community alerts across the province due to dangerous air conditions.


By Allison O’Reilly

Several Palestinians were injured following an altercation with police near Jerusalem’s Noble Sanctuary-Temple Mount compound on Tuesday.

According to Reuters, 1 man suffered serious injuries after being shot by a rubber bullet at close range.

Israeli police denied that rubber bullets were used in the clash.

Tensions have been increasing in the area, which is holy to both the Muslim and Jewish communities, since 3 Arab-Israeli gunmen killed 2 Israeli policemen last Friday.