Hooked on Sonics talks to Several Futures and Best Fern- Thurs 6-8pm!

Tune in Thursday for a jampacked episode of Hooked on Sonics (6-8pm)! Around 6:30pm, we'll be chatting with Best Fern (Alexia Avina  + Nick Schofield of Saxsyndrum). Best Fern is part of Montreal's Oh Hi collective and will be playing May 12 at Casa del Popolo with Merganzer + Tess Roby, presented by Pop Montreal.

Then, around 7pm, we'll hear from Jonny of Toronto's Several Futures, for a dose of sci-fi and post-punk experimentation, all-in-one! 

"(Several Futures) keep things minimal, elemental and old-school, reminiscent of math-y ‘90s American indie rock and post-hardcore." Carla Gillis, NOW Magazine

Perennial fixtures of Toronto's underground music scene, members of Several Futures have multi-tasked their music. Whether it's dance punk, shoegaze or experimental improv music- members have collaborated in various projects prior to their recent debut 10-track album titled Before You Forget, which was self recorded (in true DIY form) at the legendary Ratspace.

We will be talking to bassist/vocalist Jonny Dovercourt, who co-founded the long-running Wavelength Music Series. Wavelength consistently programs both prolific touring artists as well as new voices from Toronto's burgeoning underground scene. We will hear what's coming up with this series, including a taste of what will be happening at this summer's Camp Wavelength- a festival of camping and music that takes place on Toronto Island at Artscape Gibralter Point (August 19-21). The line-up has not been revealed yet, but last year's inaugural edition led to Camp Wavelength being named one of Toronto's best music festivals in 2015 by blogTO. This year's theme is “Head in the Clouds.” Get dreamy, hazy, lazy - ‘cause it’s summer!

Catch Several Futures at Brasserie Beaubien (73 Beaubien E.) with SummeringTraces, & Colour Wheel this Saturday night- a Passovah presentation!

Hooked on Sonics, Thursdays at 6pm, is yer weekly dose of indie rock, post-punk, power pop, shoegaze, math rock, noise pop, post-hardcore and anything with loud geetars...with sometimes a little alt-country, post rock and hip hop tossed into the mix. DO IT.

Father John Misty @ Metropolis

Presented by Evenko

I find it hard to put into words the kind of performer Joshua Tillman is, as the showmanship throughout his hour and a half long set was indubitable like no other. He might be exactly what you would get if Mick Jagger and Elvis Presley got together and raised a folk singer. His dance moves would be best described as an ability to "move like Jagger" and never faltered as he moved across the stage, constantly squirming about. Similar to Elvis, you can hear the influence of gospel and soul music in his vocals. He preforms almost like a preacher addressing his congregation, with an ability to convey the importance of every lyric he sings, constantly doing all that he can to connect with his audience. 

Joshua Tillman, also knows as Father John Misty, played to a sold out crowd at Métropolis on April 21st. Tillman has been performing under this pseudonym since 2012, after years of bouncing around several indie bands, most notably The Fleet Foxes. His self-assigned performing moniker, however, has no religious ranking. Tillman was raised in Rockville, Maryland in Christian household attending religious-based schools. Although reports have stated how Tillman came to despise his "culturally oppressive" upbringing, you can see and hear in his performance how influential this period was. His songs have become his own religion to preach.

His set opened with "Everyman Needs a Companion", and a good variety of songs from his debut album Fear Fun, as well as his current album I Love You, Honeybear, followed. The most powerful song of the night, unsurprisingly, was "Bored in the USA". It came about halfway through the set and met a crowd that was a little too enthusiastic for Tillman's liking. This song really brings into question the unjustified expectations that come along with modern day living in North American society. Tillman attempted to do everything he could to match the delivery of the song to the deep and thought provoking lyrics it contains, however, the pause by the band and Tillman that was intended to be a dramatic silence, was filled with relentless cheers from the crowd. Even after Tillman repeatedly told everyone to "shut up" and with a last effort of "I'm serious, it will be better if you just shut up" he gave up and carried on with the song. This annoyance did not affect the rest of his performance as he jumped right back into "Holy Shit" and closed his set a few songs later with "I Love You, Honeybear".

After a few minutes of appropriately-timed obnoxious cheering, Tillman and his band took the stage once again for their encore. They started with "I Went To The Store One Day" and then, after Tillman took the time to introduced all the members of the band, performed an amazing cover of Nine Inch Nails "Animal". The last song of the night was "Awful Things" and as it finished, as if he had given us all he had, Tillman fell into his crowd of adoring fans. He even hung around for a few minutes after the rest of the band had left the stage hugging fans and taking pictures. 

Father John Misty is currently touring Europe, but he will be back in Canada on June 18th to play Toronto's NXNE festival.


-- Kerri Delaney

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3rd 2016

Hosted by Catlin Spencer

Stories by Catlin Spencer

Produced by Catlin Spencer









Culture Minister Helene David announced new changes to Quebec's language law, Bill 101, on Tuesday.

According to the Montreal Gazette, companies with English names will have the option of creating a french versions of their trademark, or adding generic or descriptive words in french about the goods and services offered below their name.

David told the media last summer that the government was seeking a voluntary compliance, and believed it was possible to protect the French character of Quebec while not altering the names of trademarks.

Under the current law, trademarks fall under federal jurisdiction and are protected under international trade agreements.


Residents were fleeing Fort McMurray Tuesday as a huge wildfire burned through homes and neighbourhoods.

According to CBC News, a mandatory evacuation notice was issued at 3:55 pm local time for the city affecting the lower townsite and downtown area, including MacDonald Island Park and 10 neighbourhoods.

As of 8 pm Tuesday night, the fire had forced nearly half of the citys residents out of their homes.

Fire Chief for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Darby Allen says 80 firefighters are tackling the western side of a second blaze that jumped the Athabasca River overnight, with ten more on the opposite side.


Scientists in Brazil are saying that the mosquito and sexually transmitted Zika virus may be even more dangerous than previously thought.

According to BBC News, the scientists suggest that the virus could cause microcephaly, a condition where babies are born with a below-average head size causing restricted brain development.

It is now estimated that 1% of women who contract the Zika virus during pregnancy will have a child with microcephaly, and 20% will result in a range of other forms of brain damage for the baby.

Deaths from the virus are rare, and it is thought that only one in five people infected will develop symptoms including mild fever, conjunctivitis, headache, joint pain and rash.

Chillin' in the Park

"Chillin' in the Park" is a spring fever mix tape by DJ Lawrell from Fukubukuro, Sundays at 9PM only on CJLO.

The semester is over, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you're laying under a tree in that park near your house. This is the soundtrack to your well-deserved break, designed to go hand-in-hand with daydreaming, staring at dog walkers, or just chilling with friends.

Press play:

Chillin' in the Park from Lawrell on 8tracks Radio.

Track list:

Vulfpeck, "Back Pocket"
Sweater, "Meongdeunsae"
Round Table, "Beat de Jump"
Shishamo, "Nakaniwa no Shoujotachi"
Hercelot × Tomggg, "Greengum"
Special Others, "Cool"
The Cook Trio, "Coquette"
Riyou Kinugasa / Takuya Kobayashi / Hiromi Mizutani, "Life is Beautiful"
Otis Redding, "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"
Mac DeMarco, "Dreaming"
Chicano Batman, "A Hundred Dead and Loving Souls"

Creepy Occurrence at Concordia's Loyola Campus

A few years back, I wrote an article for the CJLO magazine about the creepiest thing that ever happened to me around CJLO studios. As I implied then, I don't actually believe in ghosts, but I would like to believe in them, if that makes any sense. I like listening to other peoples' paranormal experiences and am fascinated by the idea that fragments of the past have the ability to manifest in the present. For the most part, however, I believe that the unexplainable generally has a very real, very boring explanation.

That might be very true of this video. But first, a little back story. As you might know, CJLO celebrated our first Metal March this year. Along with the release of our awesome new metal compilation and additional events, we also did another infamous "Metal Overnight". Our little gang of CJLO metal DJs broadcast heavy music, interviews, and shenanigans from midnight until 9am, and around the 5am mark, I figured it was a fine time for a good old fashioned ghost hunt.

My partner in this journey was Philliam from Turn On The Darkness, who had already been freaked out by some strange noises on the second floor. Rather than tromp through the building randomly, I decided to broadcast the adventure live on Periscope, and the video that follows is an excerpt of that live broadcast. First, we stopped by the men's bathroom on the third floor... nothing. Then we visited the bathroom I referenced in my earlier article. Still nothing. Finally, we headed down to the second floor. This is the floor with all the graduate photos dating back to the early 1900s, and where the video excerpt begins.

In the video, I start by pointing out some of my favorite photos, and then at one point, Phil and I hear something strange, a thump of some kind. When we hear it again, we turn around and head back towards it. It could have been anything. The water fountain, the air vent... but the banging was clear, and came from behind the door, which rattled with each bang. Needless to say, we didn't stick around.

Can any conclusions be drawn from this video? Probably not. Will I investigate again, next time we broadcast during the wee hours of the morning? Absolutely. Stay tuned!


--Hear Angelica on the airwaves every Wednesday from 7 to 9 PM on BVST, the best (and worst) rock 'n' roll, country, punk, and metal, from right here and around the world.

Friday, April 29th 2016

Hosted by: Catlin Spencer
Stories by: Catlin Spencer, Emeline Vidal, Patricia Petit Liang
Produced by: Emeline Vidal

by Catlin Spencer

The owner of a new bar in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough is suing the city councillor for 100 000 dollars in defamation.
According to the Montreal Gazette, Peter Sergakis claims that Peter McQueen is attempting to destroy the western themed Jersey's Saloon.
McQueen suggested the community of NDG rally against the bar after video surfaced of a waitress in a bikini top was seen striking suggestive poses, saying it was ill suited for a neighbourhood full of young families. 
Sergakis, who is known for being very protective of his businesses, says some of McQueens comments are tentamount to calling him a pimp. 
by Emeline Vidal

A recent report finds that victims of domestic violence in Canada are crossing provincial borders to find help, but are often turned away as most shelters are full.

The National Post reports that according to the third annual Shelter Voices survey, 8 out of 10 shelters take in women from neighbouring provinces.

In 2015, 234 shelters had to turn away a total of 305 women and children in a single day due to lack of space.

Over the past 2 years, the federal government has allocated almost 90 million dollars to the building and renovation of domestic violence shelters, but critics worry that the money is not being spent equally across the country.

by Patricia Petit Liang

Airstrikes have killed 27 people in Syria’s city of Aleppo at a hospital affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, prompting the UN to call the situation in the city a catastrophe. 

According to BBC News, 30 people have died in other attacks across the country, nearly destroying the truce between Syria’s non-jihadist rebels and government forces.

Both the Syrian and United States governments are deploying troops into Syria in an attempt to intervene with the conflict.

Green Room

Written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier

I wasn't sure what to expect before watching Green Room. I saw the trailer and was intrigued—a thriller combining touring bands playing raucous punk rock, and the evil kingpin being played by the illustrious Sir Patrick Stewart? You had me at thriller, you sealed the deal at Jean-Luc.

The movie starts off with the Ain't Rights, a punk band at the end of a dismal tour. Their luck changes when they get a decent guarantee to play a small club in rural Oregon. After playing a contentious set, the Ain't Rights pack up their gear and ready themselves to leave, when they unintentionally witness a brutal crime. Trapped backstage in the green room, the band goes head to head with crime boss Darcy Banker (Stewart) and his band of henchmen.

This film is filled with severe and sharp brutality. It is extremely graphic, it will make you flinch and grab at parts of your body in ghost-limb sympathy. There are a few instances when the storyline gets a little convoluted, but it moves passed these points fast enough to forget about them. There are some stand-out acting moments, and everything is pulled together nicely with some sweet editing ambience. All in all, it stands up to deliver an action-packed psychological thriller that is laced with music-culture references and a nice, very relatable, shout out to college radio.

Check it out in theatres May 6th!


--Julie hosts Beyond the Black Rainbow, every Monday at 4PM, only on CJLO 1690AM.

Psychic City Special HEAVY MTL Edition- Wed @ 11am

Get yer ears ready, because Preston Ward of Wild Wolf Productions will be co-hosting this week's episode of Psychic City, Wednesday (Tomorrow!) at 11am!

The show will feature music from local metal bands, info on how you could win yourself a free pair of HEAVY tickets and other other freebies! We will be taking your calls too, so feel free to call in with your best and worst Metal show stories.

Don't forget to drop by HEAVY NIGHT at Piranha Bar this Wednesday the 27th

Entrance is FREE and so is the fun!

Ra Ra Riot @ Bar Le Ritz PDB

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

"Oh just a melody, yeah that's how to please me" is a line from "Suckers" off Ra Ra Riot's new album Need Your Light, and well, they gave us much more than just a melody performing at Montréal's Bar Le Ritz PDB on Friday, April 15th. Filling the venue with their distinct synth-pop, string-infused sound, Ra Ra Riot had Le Ritz bursting with energy right from the opening song, "Too Too Too Fast", never letting the dance party stop throughout their hour-long set. Even bass player Mathieu Santos showed off his moves with some of the craziest leg manoeuvres I have ever seen.

The band played a good mix of new and old songs, and their set included a toned down acoustic version of "Bad Times", which featured lead singer Wes Miles and his acoustic guitar, eventually picking up in the second half of the song with the rest of the band joining in. Crowd favourites included their current single "Water", "Beta Love", and "Bouncy Castle" (which you could swear came right off an Electric Light Orchestra album). Wes didn't have much to say between songs besides some quick "thank yous", and of course the obligatory "this is our greatest Montréal show yet". With no time to waste at the end of their show, they played right into their encore that included "Dying is Fine" and "Need Your Light". 

Ra Ra Riot wrapped up their North American "Need Your Light" tour in Geneva, New York the following night. The band will be on the road again soon, returning to Canada this summer to play Field Trip in Toronto and the Pemberton Music Festival in Pemberton, BC. 


--Kerri Delaney

News for Monday, April 25th 2015

By Patricia Petit Liang

Protesters gathered in front of city hall to call for a ban on Montreal’s horse-drawn carriages on Sunday.

According to CTV News, the protests were prompted by a collision between a horse and a car on Thursday.

The SPCA has denounced Montreal’s caleche industry, stating that they receive numerous complaints about the carriages year round.

Mayor Denis Coderre is waiting for the completion of several reports and inquiries before taking any action on the issue.

By Saturn De Los Angeles

Hundreds of people marched on the streets of downtown Halifax on Sunday to protest gun violence. 

According to CBC News, the rally comes in response to three shooting deaths that happened in the past week - including the murder of 20 year old Daverico Downey. 
Halifax Mayor Mike Savage joined the crowd, which was full of parents and children.

He declared that the city will make a greater attempt to stop these incidents from happening. 

The event was organized by a local non-profit community group that teaches conflict resolution tactics to youth.

By Patricia Petit Liang

President Barack Obama has rejected North Korea’s proposal to stop their nuclear testing if the United States’ ends military exercises in South Korea.

According to the National Post, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong suggested the idea to Obama, claiming that North Korea has the right to have nuclear weapons.

Ri claims that if North Korea and the United States cannot come to an agreement, the world will be at the brink of a thermonuclear war.