CJLO Top 30 (Nov 14-20th)


Above is CJLO's weekly TOP 30 from November 14th to 20th. Our charts are compiled from actual airplay on our airwaves, broadcasted on 1690 AM in Montreal and its surrounding areas, as well as live via our website at

Montreal Locals: The Barr Brothers, Technical Kidman, Gutser, Smokes and Tshizimba

Canadian: Beliefs, Counterparts, Alvvays, Odonis Odonis, Mauno, Tough Age, Partner, Teenager, King Khan, METZ, The Rural Alberta Advantage


Hosted by Jessica Ramirez-Jaschek

Stories by Patricia Petit Liang, Marisela Amador and Rebecca Chant

Produced by Jessica Ramirez-Jaschek




By Patricia Petit Liang

A Quebec court Judge refused to drop a dangerous driving charge against provincial police officer, Patrick Ouellet. 

According to CBC News, Ouellet took the life of 5-year-old Nicholas Thorne-Belance while driving at more than 120 km/h in a 50-km/h zone.

Ouellet's trial will take place in June 2018.



By Marisela Amador

Over the last five years, opioid prescriptions have gone up, however doctors are giving patients fewer doses according to a report by the Canadian Institute for Health.

Some experts view this data positively, but the report, also showed that Canadians are being prescribed stronger opioids.

This represents a five per cent increase and the majority of those affected have been Canadians over the age of 65.



By Rebecca Chant

At least 50 people have been killed by a suicide bomber in the Adamawa state in Eastern Nigeria.

According to BBC News, a bomber struck the inside of a mosque during the morning prayers.

A witness said the bomber was part of the congregation, but this has not been confirmed.  

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Concert Review: Welcome to the Free 6LACK Tour

Hundreds of fans filed into Corona Theatre, on Wednesday November 15, to welcome Sabrina Claudio for her first Montreal visit and to welcome back 6LACK since his last appearance at Osheaga this summer.

Half-Cuban, half-Puerto Rican, Miami native Sabrina Claudio was the opening act for the night. Only 21 years old and Sabrina Claudio’s lyrics are wise beyond her years. Even though she’s never been in love, she sings about it a lot. In an interview with Ebro Darden of Beats 1, Sabrina Claudio admitted that she’s a great storyteller. Most of her songs are based on situations that her friends and family have experienced and shared with her.

Sabrina Claudio released her debut mixtape, About Time, on October 5. The 40-minute, 12-track body of work has a cozy soulful Sunday type of vibe. That same vibe was transferred onto the stage at Corona Theatre. Dressed in a wide sleeve, burgundy colored velvet dress with a high split, Sabrina Claudio enticed the crowd, especially when she gave us a taste of her Latin moves. She opened her set with “Tell Me” off of her EP Confidently Lost, released in March of this year. Sabrina Claudio’s set lasted about 30 minutes, and she had everybody’s attention through it all with her angelic voice.

After a brief intermission, 6LACK’s DJ came on stage and got the crowd hyped for 6LACK’s performance. He got the crowd bumping to songs like “Work” by A$AP Ferg, “Goosebumps” by Travis Scott, and the latest banger “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump.

6LACK came on stage sporting an all black tracksuit by Montreal’s flagship brand New Regime. He opened his set with “Never Know,” off his 2016 album FREE 6LACK. After doing a few songs, he paused and addressed the fans by introducing himself. “My name is Black, not Slack or 6-Lack, just Black.” The crowd went crazy when they heard those first few piano keys from his track “Ex Calling”. 6LACK brought Sabrina Claudio back out to perform “Belong to You”. After a few more songs, he closed the show with his biggest hit thus far, “PRBLMS”.

FREE BLACK tour continue, heading back to The States, where they will do two shows in 6LACK’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

DJ SPOTLIGHT #4 - Gordon Weekes

Ever wondered who exactly was behind your favourite show on CJLO? CJLO 1690 AM presents DJ Spotlight, a brand new series aiming to connect the station's DJs to the public. All the DJs answer the same fixed questions—meaning it's up to them to make their answers worth your while. This week, we introduce you Gordon Weekes, host of Anatomy of Caribbean Music and World Beat News.

I started at CJLO about 10 years ago on Caribbean Callaloo, then started Anatomy of Caribbean Music and World Beat News sometime after—can’t remember when.

What is your show on CJLO?

AOCM is a show that examines the origins and the evolution of Caribbean music. I did not want to just play music, but wanted my listeners to understand where the music comes from, how it evolves, what is its relationship with other genres of music. I saw that there was a need to spotlight Canadian artists in the World Beat genres, hence World Beat News.

What’s the best thing about hosting your show?

Satisfaction that I am informing my listeners about the music that I am playing.

What was the first LP/cassette that you bought with your own money?

Can’t remember.

Which album has left the greatest impact on you?

Any Bob Marley album.

Best show of your life?

Stevie Wonder Live at the Montreal International Jazz Festival for free! But I have to mention Tarrus Riley, Duane Stephenson, and Dean Fraser on the same show—epic.

…What about the worst?

There is always something good about every show.

What do you collect?

Watches and Single malt Scotch.

Favourite food?


Any famous last words?

Always do what makes you happy!

The Barr Brothers Giveaway!

We at CJLO love The Barr Brothers and their new album Queens of the Breakers

And don't only take our word for it. Exclaim! gave the latest record a 9/10 review, calling it a "rich and compelling record that deserves and rewards your close attention". Read the full review, HERE

Thanks to our friends over at Evenko, we have the opportunity to send you (and a friend) to their Album Launch Show on Friday, Nov 24th at MTELUS with Beaver Sheppard.

To win, all you need to do is e-mail with the subject title "BARR". We'll announce the winner on Thursday morning.

Best of luck!


Concert Review: Flying Lotus @ MTELUS, Nov. 9, 2017

When Flying Lotus took the stage at MTELUS Thursday night, he brought the crowd into his own world. The LA-native producer, rapper and filmmaker has given birth to a wave of copycats, but his undeniable sound has never been replicated. Those unfamiliar with his music have trouble categorizing Lotus’s sound, and fans find it impossible. He is often labeled as experimental electronic, fusion jazz, psychedelic, and a wave of other genres, but there is no one label that truly pegs him down.

The show on Thursday was a testament to just that, with Flylo swinging between the sweeping, ethereal chants on “Your Potential//The Beyond” to his crowd-favorite Flylo-brand house track “Do The Astral Plane. Throughout the set, he remained mostly behind a reflective, moonrock-looking podium of a DJ booth. He came out to rap for tracks like the aggressive, ignorant “Shake Weight” off of his pseudo-rap Captain Murphy outfit. His live vocal presence was powerful and air-tight. Not many DJs that can rap their asses off live. The crowd went nuts; this was a huge highlight.

The main feature on the ticket was the 3-D screen. This was a first for Flying Lotus on a tour, which garnered him a lot of attention leading up to it, since he hasn’t dropped an album since You’re Dead in 2015. The visuals for each show on the tour are improvised by a video team in a way that is unique every night. The 3-D was dazzling, and at its best brought the music into a higher place.

However, at times the abstract, 3-D rendered visuals came off as generic, amounting to something like a visualizer that moved to the beat. There were moments in Flylo’s set, between heavy hitters like “Dead Man’s Tetris” and “Never Catch Me” when it went into sort of a lull; Flylo would play deep cuts that were more downbeat and introspective, to which he sometimes lost the crowd. It felt like he wanted to put a focus more on the visuals, which were only captivating when they weren’t repetitive.

The first time I saw Flylo was in 2013 in Vancouver, and the following year at the Pemberton Music Festival in BC, when he used to have another form of 3-D that didn’t involve glasses but a transparent screen in front of him and one behind him, creating composite images that achieved a similar effect. Visuals have always been a major ingredient in Flying Lotus’ live sets, and here they were powerful—but sometimes overpowering. Watching the crowd wild out to “Shake Weight” in 3-D glasses was a treat, though.

Ultimately, what makes Flying Lotus’ sets so engaging is his undeniable commitment to showmanship. As Flylo swung from DJ-ing to rapping, from fusion jazz to trap, he made the crowd feel like they were part of his own celestial realm, and he was a stellar host.

Bobby Lashley on Main Event Radio

On the latest episode of Main Event Radio (Wednesdays at 2pm on CJLO 1690am), we looked back at a great week of Impact Wrestling tapings in Ottawa, Canada including the very special Main Event Radio night. Bobby Lashley stepped into the main event to issue a challenge to Brock Lesnar! oVe and Sami Callihan dropped by for a wild and crazy interview, which you can watch on YouTube, HERE. And we previewed WWE’s Survivor Series featuring Team Raw vs Team Smackdown and AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar.


Recap of Lashley interview:

On being in Canada: I like Canada. The fans here are great. It’s always good to come up here with some good energy. Coming out to different territories after being the same area for such a long time. It’s good to get a different group of fans. I’ve heard Toronto might be next, I would be happy to go there. We are going to be going back and forth. Orlando is our home we will back there too.

Which young stars he’s impressed with: We have so many great guys in Impact. Eli [Drake] is on fire. He is on top of his game, looks like a million bucks, great on the mic, great person to be champ. It will be hard to take the title away from him. Moose is awesome. I’m going to give him credit. I like fighting him. Whether it’s MMA or wrestling I try to find the best people and go after the best people. King Mo is trying; he’s getting there. I don’t know which one is harder - going from MMA to wrestling or from wrestling to MMA. Because CM Punk didn’t fare too well. He will fight again though, you can’t end your career with a loss.

Issuing a challenge to Brock Lesnar: There’s not too much time left on my contract but I like it here. There are some big fights and big matches that people are constantly bugging me about that I have to consider. The only natural one is Brock [Lesnar]. Whether it’s in fighting or wrestling, that match needs to happen. If he retires without doing that match, it’s stupid. If I retire before doing that match, it’s stupid. I could post a picture of my kids or of me eating a Popsicle and people will ask me when I’m going back to WWE or when I’ll go against Brock. It’s one of those things that if the fans want it and beg for it enough, it’ll happen.

Seeing himself as being Paul Heyman’s “side chick”: I’m going to send Paul [Heyman] another tweet. Paul will reach out to me out of nowhere with a tweet or text. Those are the times where Brock kind of pisses him off a little bit. Then he calls me and sees how I’m doing. Then him and Brock make up and he disappears. I think Paul says if Brock pisses him off enough and he needs to bring someone in to shut him up I’m the man. But then they make up and he leaves me alone. Then I get another tweet out of nowhere and then he disappears again. It’s kind of like the boyfriend and girlfriend, where the boyfriend says hes going to cheat on her and then she cooks him dinner and he changes his mind. Heyman is a big tease to me.  I am the side chick. I’m okay with it. The side chick usually gets whatever she wants at the end of the day. Maybe it’ll happen one day – Lesnar vs Lashley.





Hosted by Patricia Petit Liang

Stories by Allison O'Reilly, Rebecca Chant and Patricia Petit Liang

Produced by Patricia Petit Liang





by Rebecca Chant

Concordia University sent out a security alert this week warning students to be extra vigilant when responding to social media offers.

According to CBC News, 2 students were lured off-campus, drugged and sexually harassed after being sent job offers over Instagram earlier this year.

Montreal police are still in the process of investigating these incidents.


By Allison O’Reilly

A Quebec coroner has attributed the deaths of 2 Jehovah’s Witnesses during childbirth to the refusal of blood transfusions.

According to CBC News, Dr. Luc Malouin looked into the deaths of Mirlande Cadet and Eloise Dupuis after they died in separate incidents last year.

Blood transfusions are forbidden under Jehovah’s Witness doctrine.

Quebec Law upholds the right of adult Jehovah’s Witnesses to refuse blood as long as their decision is “free” and “informed.”


By Patricia Petit Liang

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake killed more than 400 people and injured 8,000 others around the border of Iran and Iraq on Sunday.

According to BBC News, thousands of buildings have been completely destroyed and more than 70,000 people are in desperate need of food, water and shelter.

Almost all of Iran's affordable housing complexes for the poor collapsed during the earthquake, taking the lives of countless residents.

This has been the deadliest earthquake of 2017.



A CJLO Preview of Mundial Montreal


From November 14-17, this 4-day conference brings the world to us! Through carefully curated showcases, including Indigenous Sounds, professional panels such as Breaking into the US: Marketing World Music and numerous networking activities, Mundial Montreal is North America’s world music summit.


Mundial Montreal is not only a great opportunity for you to discover emerging talent from Canada and beyond but it is also a tool to enter into the world music network and build professional opportunities. Whether you are a festival pass holder or participating on-a-dime, here are some of my top-picks and tips on how you can get involved this year!



Mundial offers the public a chance to discover some of the best emerging talents. In an intimate stage setting, each artist plays 25 minute located in a specially selected Montreal venue with great sound production.

Tuesday, Nov 14th: Opening Night showcase: Nive & The Deer Children, Kaia Kater, Quantum Tangle, Leyla McCalla & Turkwaz @ Cabaret Lion d’Or, 1676 Ontario St E (9pm)*

Wednesday, Nov 15th: Free Afternoon Showcase: New Canadian Global Music Orchestra, Gordon Grdina’s Haram, Noreum Machi & Rakkatak @ Cafe/Petit Campus, 57 Rue Prince Arthur E (3:45pm)

Thursday, Nov 16th Free Afternoon Showcase: Amanda Rheaume, Lacey Hill & William Prince @ Divan Orange, 4234 St Laurent Blvd (3pm)

Friday, Nov 17th: Free Afternoon Showcase: Bonsa, Zimbamoto, Dominique Fils-Aime, Jazzamboka @ Monument National, 1182 St Laurent Blvd (2:30pm)

Friday, Nov 17th: Closing Night showcase: Kobo Town, Roberto Lopez, Doctor Nativo @ Groove Nation, 410 Rue Rachel E (9pm)*



Mundial is one-of-a-kind, specialized event with industry professionals and keynote speakers. Please note some panels are delegate badge holders only so if you are interested in attending panels without purchasing a badge, you can buy tickets for these:

Wednesday, Nov 15th: Stephen Budd presents Africa Express = A successful bet @ Monument National, 1182 St Laurent Blvd (1:30pm)

Friday, Nov 17th: Film Projection: The Africa Express @ Monument National, 1182 St Laurent Blvd (6:30pm)


Final Tips

If you are on a tight budget and cannot attend the panels for badge holders but want to network and get involved further, here are some tips on how to do that!

Many artists and delegates will be attending all events, including the free showcase events so be prepared to give and receive business cards.

Don’t forget to write information about the person on the back of the cards and follow up with an email within the week.

Share information about yourself other than music, it will help you stand out

Be courteous and professional at all times, don’t be shy, and ask people questions

Wear comfortable shoes, drinks water, but more importantly, enjoy yourself and dance whenever possible!


Kelly Belfo is CJLO's World Music Director

The Link Health Magazine Launch Party: Discussing Health

Last Friday night, Concordia students and music lovers alike joined CJLO at the Casa del Popolo in St. Laurent as it hosted The Link’s third launch party of the Fall semester. The night was filled with meaningful conversations and electric live performances, creating the perfect atmosphere to celebrate the publication of The Link’s third issue, which tackles a subject that can’t be talked about enough in both the university setting and Canada: health.

As one of the most read independent magazines in Concordia’s campuses, it is no surprise that The Link has created a platform for relevant and important topics to be discussed. Friday night was no exception. Joining us for the night and stealing the stage before the live performances were three panelists, all of whom had compelling stories that helped inspire the issue.  

Dana Schnitzer, an art therapist, spoke about the importance of helping patients dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Art therapy, standing between art and psychology, has given her a way to help these people. Unfortunately, she explained, not everyone is able to afford this form of therapy. This sparked a question in the room: is mental health not given the attention it needs?

Trenton Miller, the former quarterback for the Concordia Stingers, shared his riveting story with us, giving us a glimpse of life as a football player. Having suffered from several concussions, Trenton was permanently sidelined, and from his experience with physical injury, he is now able to speak up about safety precautions in sports that are in desperate need to take place.

Anne-Marie Rivard is in the process of writing her doctoral thesis on access to abortion in Canada. She spoke about abortion policies and how they vary from region to region. Sadly, although Canada is a step ahead in this issue than other countries, Rivard said there are still many obstacles to be overcome for abortion to become a constitutional right. 

The panel was a great conversation-starter, and it encouraged the audience to ponder on physical and mental health, as well as access to healthcare in Canada. But the night didn’t end there! Once the chairs were pulled out and the lights turned down, three local bands took the stage. The crowds then gathered and got transported into the psychedelic, art-pop melodies of Slight, the punk beats from Blessed and the experimental sounds of AIM LOW. Good music and the Casa del Popolo’s vibrant atmosphere were just the perfect match for the night.