On Tuesday, April 26th, The Commonwealth Conundrum held special broadcast live from Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival! Rebecca Munroe from The Commonwealth Conundrum (Tuesdays at 6pm) hosted the show with Patricia Petit Liang from Fatal Attraction (Mondays at 11am)! Together, they conducted amazing surprise interviews with some of JFL's most charming performers! #JFLMTL

Rebecca and Patricia had the pleasure of interviewing the host of AOL's Original Series, 2 Point Lead, co-host of MSG’s sports fan show, The Bracket and the host of ABC’s Fusion Live on the Fusion Network: Yannis Pappas!

Their next interview was with the hilarious and lovely Jessica Kirson, who was awarded "Best Female Comic" by the MAC association and the Nightlife Award for "Best Stand Up Comedian"!

During the second half of the show, Rebecca interviewed the Pitbull of comedy: Bobby Slayton!! He has been entertaining audiences with his intense-style for over 20 years!

Finally, the legendary George Wallace joined them on the show! George Wallace regularly performs in comedy clubs across the country and is an ambassador for the United States government, performing at military bases all over the world and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Soul Train/Centric Comedy All-Star Awards.

Give your Tuesday evenings a kick in the Commonwealths with Canadian Crackers, British Bangers, Aussie Rockers and Kiwi Karnage. The Commonwealth Conundrum is the place to hear indie, rock, alternative, punk, post-punk, industrial, and whatever awesome music is coming out of the Commonwealth countries. Every Tuesday from 6-7pm!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11-12pm to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!


TUNE IN TOMORROW - for a live broadcast from 3-5pm from Rock Camp for Girls Montreal 2016 Showcase // Spectacle du Camp de Rock pour les filles 2016! At 3pm, tune into Yonic Youth, to hear Christina interview local artists that are teaching at Rock Camp for Girls Montreal such as Sivani, and Jane from Moss Lime as well as the bands that campers are forming! This will continue at 4pm, as we talk to more rock campers to hear about all the amazing things they are learning at rock camp this year! In the meantime, check out Julie from Beyond the Black Rainbow's blog post for the workshop she is teaching at camp on grrrls rock herstory:

Yonic Youth is an ephemeral platform used to celebrate the artistic genius of women in music.
Tune in to hear punk, rock, rap, hip-hop, underground, above-ground, outer space, wailing, wheelin', aching, screaming etc. etc. etc. - Fridays at 3pm!


Tune into The Groove Master's Hour this Friday at 5pm and Anatomy of Carribbean Music on Saturday at 8PM at as Gee Weekes discusses The Universal Negro Improvement Association & African Communities’ League's Emancipation Day!

The Universal Negro Improvement Association & African Communities’ League is "a social, friendly, humanitarian, charitable, educational, institutional, constructive, spiritually governing ruling body, and is founded by persons, desiring to the utmost, to work for the general uplift of the Negro peoples of the world." The Montreal division of the U.N.I.A. contributed greatly to its development worldwide and is a source of strength to Black Montrealers by engaging in activities including: education and training, nutrition and healthcare, housing, arts and humanities, agronomy and applied sciences, building and trades, manufacturing and economic development.

People of African descent and their friends are cordially invited to celebrate Emancipation Day at the U.N.I.A. Hall located at 2741 Notre-Dame Street West (near metro Lionel-Groulx) on Monday, August 1st at 7pm. This event will feature guest speaker Dr. Nigel Thomas, an extremely talented writer and retired professor. There will also be music by Julian McIntosh, as well as African drumming and dancing. If you are of African descent, please come dressed in your African attire! All donations will go towards U.N.I.A. Scholarships Fund. For more info contact Mervyn Weekes 514-487-2790 or 514-846-0049.

OSHEAGA 2016! Aloof Future Top Picks

Now at its eleventh edition, it's safe to safe that Osheaga has truly become a flagship event in the North American festival circuit. With 40,000 music lovers in attendance each day, the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival has become as much an ideal venue for well-established outfits to stage a comeback as it is for emerging Montreal talent to represent their city on a global scene.

During this year's edition, there will be 113 artists performing on the festival's six stages over three days of non-stop music. Indeed, with so many acts performing in so little time, it certainly can seem a bit overwhelming deciding how to make the most of the festival. Luckily, CJLO's got your back! We've prepared a list of some of the shows we're most excited for. From world-renowned Montreal talent like Kaytranada, to a campus-bred nine-piece jazz outfit, here's a look at Osheaga that goes beyond the headliners!

Friday, July 29th

HAUTE - 1:00-1:45 @ Piknic Électronik Stage

Composed of two recent McGill grads, vocalist Anna Majidson and producer Romain Hainaut, HAUTE is an up-and-coming R&B-pop duo with a unique sound that merges refined pop undertones with notes of smooth R&B, hard-hitting trap, and forward-thinking electro. With two EPs under their belt, they've quickly amassed a following in cities like Montreal, Paris and New York; so you can be sure their debut at Osheaga will be a show not to miss! Coincidentally, they've also been guests on CJLO's own Aloof Future, where they expounded on their eclectic musical influences and the trickiness in balancing pop and a penchant for the experimental.

GoldLink - 3:25-4:10 @ Sonnet Green Stage

Hailing from the DMV, GoldLink has certainly succeeded in making a name himself in the Future Beats scene ever since he released his first mixtape, The God Complex. In the two years since that release, he has established his signature rapid-fire flow, and his ability to pick the best producers to collaborate with. His debut album, And After That, We Didn't Talk, is one that I have been blasting consistently since it came out last October, and has me looking forward to a high energy show with non-stop dancing.

SOPHIE - 4:00-5:00 @ Piknic Électronik Stage

Despite being one of the main figures behind the über-trendy "PC Music" genre, SOPHIE was initially somewhat of a mystery when he first came into prominence in 2013. Now, with one full-length release under his name, SOPHIE - a.k.a. Samuel Long - has cemented his status as one of the most exciting electronic producers out there. He somehow managed to push PC Music - a genre replete with high-pitched vocals intended to create an excruciatingly sweet version of pop music - from a simple Internet fad to a viable platform for collaborating with artists like Le1f, Charli XCX, and even Madonna.

Saturday, July 30th

Busty and the Bass - SiriusXM Tree Stage @ 7:15-8:00

Composed of nine different band members, all hailing from McGill, Busty and the Bass truly is the classic success story of a campus band that managed to make it big because of sheer talent. After having amassed quite a sizeable following on campus, Busty and the Bass formally established themselves as a true force to be reckoned with when they took home the national Rock Your Campus competition back in 2014. It's no surprise they received the most votes considering just how infectious and crowd-pleasing their exuberant spin on jazz is. You can expect them to bring the most harmonious horns, vibrant vocals, booming bass, and the life of the party!

Kaytranada - Piknic Électronik Stage @ 7:50-9:20

If there's anyone in the city who has succeeded on refocusing the global spotlight back on Montreal's electronic music community, it certainly is Kaytranada. If there's an artist that has developed an instantly-recognizable signature sound in the past few years, it definitely is Kaytranada. If there's any musician I'm most excited to see for what is most likely the 10th time, it is only Kaytranada. With a knack for sampling long-forgotten classics and creating the most unique basslines, he has rapidly established himself as a timeless artist capable of producing instant classics. In so little time, Kaytranada has come to represent the SoundCloud success story of a producer uploading his music for free online, and seeing his life completely changed. Indeed, he serves as a testament to how a massive following can be built purely off someone's sheer creative genius.

Jazz Cartier - Valley Scene @ 9:00-9:50

Yet another Canadian artist that has been making a name for himself on the international stage is Toronto's own Jazz Cartier. Following the release of his two first mixtapes, Marauding in Paradise and Hotel Paranoia, he's been able to establish himself as one of those few rappers redefining Toronto's sound in a manner that pushes the envelope beyond Drake. With stellar production and a penchant for creative storytelling as two consistent elements throughout all of his material, Jazz Cartier has been someone to watch.

Sunday, July 31st

Skepta - Sonnet Green Stage @ 4:55-5:40

With grime having made its grand American debut - but really, resurgence - in the past couple of years, no one can deny that the rapper Skepta has been at the forefront of this wave of high-energy and strictly underground English rap. Armed with collaborations featuring a string of influential rappers like Drake, Ace Hood, and many a member from the A$AP Mob, Skepta has become the unofficial face of this 140 BPM genre's takeover of the North American club scene. If you're looking for something hard-hitting that isn't Future's Southern-inspired trap, Skepta is your man. Expect one hell of a show.

Little Simz - SiriusXM Tree Stage @ 5:40-6:25

Beyond her status as a woman in hip hop, Little Simz has managed to define herself by her lyrical expertise, consistency in stellar output, and her wisdom beyond her 22 years of age. Already with a slew of releases under her belt (four mixtapes, six EPs, and one album), Little Simz is quite the prolific artist. However, that is unsurprising for a rapper that is so dedicated to charting her own unique path in the industry - one that's already been recognized by heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar. Her ability to adapt her flow to the most diverse range of beats while crafting intricate lyrical narratives is but one of the many qualities that make her talent so undeniable, and her presence so needed. 

Evian Christ - Piknic Électronik Stage @ 8:30-9:30

Evian Christ first burst onto the scene in 2012 in the most low-key way: he anonymously uploaded the eight tracks forming his first release, Kings and Them, on YouTube for his and his friend's listening pleasure. Fast-forward four years and much critical acclaim later and you can now find him in the studio with Kanye West, as a member of West's creative company DONDA. From his production credits on "I'm In It", it's clear that Evian Christ's style of music is an eclectic mix of dark atmospherics, deconstructed references and samples, and throbbing industrial bass. That is experimentalism at its best, if you ask me.


--Chubby hosts Aloof Future every Sunday at 2PM. Music for curing hangovers, cleaning your apartment, studying and/or anything else you could possibly be doing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


BVST continues its series of throwback episodes featuring clips from the past 15 years of the show tonight! Episode two in the series has more vintage clips, including an excerpt of Angelica's 2010 interview with Johnny Knoxville and a recap of the 2014 Maylene & The Sons of Disaster show with Andrew of Grade A Explosives. Tune it at 7pm ET tonight and take a trip back in time!

BVST is dedicated to rock'n'roll in all its forms. Tune in for the best (and the worst) in rock'n'roll, country, punk and metal, from right here and around the world. Hosted by Angelica, BVST is the longest continually running show on CJLO, and a staple of the CJLO lineup since January of 2001 - Tune in every Wednesday at 7pm!


News for Wednesday, July 27th 2016

Hosted by Pauline Nesbitt

Stories by Patricia Petit Liang, Saturn de Los Angeles & Catlin Spencer

Produced by Catlin Spencer







le bhith a' Patricia Petit Liang

Montreal police are now giving fines to Pokemon Go players who are
disobeying the law.

According to Global News, police have been handing out tickets for
jaywalking and illegal parking since last weekend.

While many Pokemon Go players were upset about receiving fines from
the police, many continued to cross the street at red lights and park
their cars in front of fire hydrants on Monday.

Police have had to routinely intervene at mass groupings, such as
those at Atwaters Cabot Square.

le bhith a' Saturn de Los Angeles

Ontario residents can now order their favourite alcohol online.

According to CBC News, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario has
re-launched their website.

Patrons can now choose from a virtual wine shelf of up to 5,000 local
products and have them delivered to their door step.

CEO George Soleas says the move reflects the Board's initiative to
modernize and help expand the province's economy.

Soleas adds that upon delivery of their online order, patrons will
need to show proper identification to prove they are of legal age.

le bhith a' Catlin Spencer

The worst mass killing in generations in Japan took place on Tuesday
after a man with a knife killed 19 people and wounded 20 others.

According to CTV News, the man entered a facility for the handicapped
just 50 kilometres from Tokyo around 2 am.

Official sources in the Kanagawa prefecture say that he had worked at
the facility until February.

The man turned himself into the police two hours later and has been charged.

Japan, which enforces extremely strict gun laws, rarely sees mass killings.

CJLOxJFL The Commonwealth Conundrum Live Broadcast Special

TUNE INTO THE COMMONWEALTH CONUNDRUM TONIGHT @ 6PM for a special broadcast live from Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival! Hosting the show tonight will be Rebecca Munroe from The Commonwealth Conundrum (Tuesdays at 6pm) along with Patricia Petit Liang from Fatal Attraction (Mondays at 11am). Together, they'll be conducting surprise interviews with some of JFL's finest performers! #JFLMTL

Give your Tuesday evenings a kick in the Commonwealths with Canadian Crackers, British Bangers, Aussie Rockers and Kiwi Karnage. The Commonwealth Conundrum is the place to hear indie, rock, alternative, punk, post-punk, industrial, and whatever awesome music is coming out of the Commonwealth countries. Every Tuesday from 6-7pm!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11AM-12PM to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!

CJLOxJFL Midnight Surprise: A Sample of JFL’s Best Comedians!

On Thursday July 21st 2016, The Midnight Surprise began its annual run at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. The Midnight Surprise is a special midnight show “featuring a holy s#!t lineup of some of the funniest comedians at the festival”. The first Midnight Surprise show (on July 21st) was hosted by a random, mystery guest while Piff the Magic Dragon hosted the rest of the show from July 22nd to 24th, followed by NBA superstar Blake Griffin who is hosting from July 26th to 30th. With an astonishing lineup of guests every night, you’ll never know what to expect from The Midnight Surprise!

In 2015, Louis CK hosted one of The Midnight Surprise shows and Dave Chappelle even performed for almost an hour! Needless to say, the audience members at Théâtre Saint-Catherine were excited to see who was going to perform at Thursday’s show. Some people wondered if the mystery host would be Seth Rogen or James Franco. Perhaps even a famous female comedian like Amy Schumer could join us for the evening. Anything is possible at The Midnight Surprise!

Instead of Seth Rogen or Louis CK, our surprise host for the evening was Sean Patton: a Just For Laughs veteran and beloved American comedian. The performers for the rest of the evening were Mary-Lynn Rajskub (who was on 24), the hilariously maladroit Jessica Kirson, Los Angeles’ lovely Thomas Dale, the passionate Paula Bel, Montreal’s beloved Derek Seguin and King of Filth himself, Ralphie May.

Overall, the show was a hilarious team-effort but there were a couple of awkward moments. During the show, Sean Patton admitted that he hated hosting and many of the other performers admitted to feeling uncomfortable while on stage at Théâtre Saint-Catherine. Most of the comedians expressed some sort of distaste towards how the audience was seated and really wanted us to find them funny. They were concerned about how we were receiving their performances and seemed so vulnerable on stage.

With that said, all of the sets from Thursday night were extremely energetic and engaging. Mary-Lynn Rajskub got down on one knee and had a one-on-one chat with an audience member about her time on the set of 24. Jessica Kirson (who performed at the gay-friendly camp I went to in 2013) was full of positive self-affirmations! I went hysterical when Thomas Dale talked about how his love for Middle Eastern men was going to kill him. Paula Bel was unapologetically honest and her brutal comedy made the show even more exciting. Derek Seguin came out in support of Mike Ward after the Human Rights Tribunal gave him several fines and Ralphie May performed his own version of the vagina monologues!

My biggest complaint for The Midnight Surprise is that it’s not long enough! I had so much fun watching JFL’s finest comedians perform on stage and it’s a shame that we only had 8 minutes with each of them. The Midnight Surprise will continue until July 30th and who knows what will happen in the next couple of shows! You can’t miss it!

This is all part of CJLO 1690AM’s coverage of the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Founded in 1983, Just For Laughs is the largest international comedy festival in the world: showcasing the funniest comedians of all time! For more information and to buy tickets, check out before they’re all sold out!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11AM-12PM to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!


Tune into Ashes to Ashes tomorrow at 1 PM to hear an interview with Toronto retro-pop trio Monarch!  Separately, its members (Maya Killtron, Ryan Farley, Greg Harrison) make dance-pop, rock, and even marimba music!  Together, they form Monarch, specializing in updating the sounds of 80’s pop for the 21st century.  They’ll talk about how they came together, their debut single (and under the radar summer anthem) “In My Blood,” and what they have planned for the future.  You won’t want to miss it!

Ashes to Ashes is your weekly dose of music from the 1980's that has stood the test of time, featuring bits of indie rock, alt-country, electronic, hip-hop, funk, and even a dash of reggae; hosted by Alex, every Tuesday from 1-2 PM!


This Monday on Fatal Attraction, Patricia interviews the incredibly talented improv artist Brad Sherwood! Tune in to hear about his 14 year long comedy tour with Colin Mochrie and to learn more about his upcoming gigs at this year's Just for Laughs Festival! He'll also talk about Whose Line Is It Anyway? and much much more! After the interview, Patricia will return to her bizarre regular programming.

And don't miss The Colin & Brad show live at Olympia on July 27th!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11AM-12PM to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!