PREVIEW >> Suoni Per Il Popolo 2016

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The fine folks of "la ville aux cent clochers" are gearing up to celebrate 16 years of unexpected music with Suoni Per Il Popolo! The Montreal community-based festival starts this Thursday, June 2nd, and presents a wide variety of local and international musicians that span multiple styles including post-rock, experimental, drone, jazz, classical, and good ol' rock 'n' roll. The fest continues through until Sunday, June 19th.

Here's a quick look at five must-attend rock, punk, and metal events to whet your appetite, followed by a run-down of where you can party with CJLO 1690AM DJs and volunteers during the fest. Follow us @CJLO1690AM on Twitter and Instagram >> #CJLOxSuoni and we'll see you at the venues!


USA Out of Vietnam @ Casa del Popolo - June 2

It is imperative that you start off your Suoni journey by catching Montreal's very own USA Out of Vietnam. This band has something for everyone with their musical melting pot of sludge metal, drone, prog, and grunge—to name but a few frames of reference for those obsessed with comparing the incomparably unique. Jean-Sebastien Audet opens the show with his lo-fi experimental R&B solo project, Un Blonde. That's quite the pairing! This promises to be fun.


Mommy + Harem + Nandas + Gazm + Faze @ Casa del Popolo - June 3

New York, New York. The Big Apple. The birthplace of punk rock. The NYC Punk Showcase at Casa is the perfect event if you're curious about what the kids are calling punk these days. With bands like Mommy to keep the spirit alive, we have it on good authority that punks not dead (yet).


Sunn O))) @ Théâtre Fairmount - June 11

Black-clad Stephen O'Malley and Sunn O))) are back in town to play another sold-out show for all you moody types. Harnessing the sounds of black metal, drone, and ambient doom, you'll really feel the rumble of the Universe deep inside the nether regions of your dark little soul. Acolytes Hissing, a relatively-new band from Seattle, are starting the night off right with their brand of panicked, black metal goodness. Yeah, this show is cold out, but keep an eye on your Facebook feed for that friend who suddenly can't make it and has a ticket to unload into your greedy little hands.


King Khan and the Shrines @ La Sala Rossa - June 14

Fans of the whimsical and raunchy side of psychedelic-soul have waited with baited breath for the return of King Khan and the Shrines. Well, the future is in the near future! The band, fronted by the sometimes scantily-dressed but always flashy Arish Khan, is back to play the fest on June 14th with local garage rockers, The Letouts. Get ready to party to what I believe will be the raddest stand-out performance of the season.


Screaming Females @ La Vitrola - June 16

Although you may not behold the personified storm winds of Greek legend with your eyes, you will certainly be carried away by the fiery howls and squeals of guitarist and vocalist Marissa Paternoster when Screaming Females hit the town on June 16th. The band played basement shows all over New Brunswick, New Jersey back in the day, only to find themselves working with the likes of Steve Albini on their break-out album, Ugly (Don Giovanni, 2012), and rocking out with bands like Dinosaur Jr and Garbage. Recommended for those who are into deliberate, brutal guitar solos and SST-era punk rock.


Come and say, "Hi!" - CJLO 1690AM will be co-presenting the following Suoni Per Il Popolo events from June 2nd to the 19th!




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM, and CJLO - 1690AM present...
USA Out Of Vietnam + Un Blonde + Old Boy
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, CKUT 90.3FM, and Le Vivier present...
Cabaret de Cartel MTL
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM, Groupe Le Vivier, British Council, Goethe-Institut, CJLO - 1690AM,, and le Quatuor Bozzini present...
In a Large Open Space de James Tenney, interprété par le Quatuor Bozzini et Amis
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, FACTOR, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Jef E. Barbara's Black Space + Dishwasher + Elena Stoodley + Strange Froots
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, YouthOfNausea PUNK, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
NYC PUNK Showcase: Mommy + Haram + Nandas + Gazm + Faze
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, British Council, Laboratoire de musique contemporaine de Montréal, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Atelier d'improvisation Tools of the Trade avec Dominic Lash
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, CKUT 90.3FM, and Weird Canada present...
Sarah Davachi + Supercooling + Blunt Chunks + Tess Roby + Best Fern + Mich Cota + DJ Girl Madonna
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Thus Owls + åGQ
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Wolf Eyes + No Negative + Blankets + Urlapse
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, Slut Island, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
URSULA + Crawler + Whip Kisser + Ugly Baby
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Discussion en table ronde avec les artistes transgenres de Montréal Timmy Williams, Lucas Charlie Rose et Jef Elise Barbara
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, British Council, Goethe-Institut, CKUT 90.3FM, CJLO - 1690AM,, and le Quatuor Bozzini present...
Postal Pieces de James Tenney interprété par le Quatuor Bozzini et Amis
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Parcours Parcuivres : Composé par John Oswald et Scott Thomson, interprété par la Fanfare R. Mutt
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Willie Thrasher & Linda Saddleback + Little Fire + Court Métrage: The Ballad of Crowfoot + Sipreano
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Kid Millions & Jim Sauter + Curse Purse + *Shining Wizard* + JLK
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, British Council, Goethe-Institut & CKUT 90.3FM, CJLO - 1690AM, and present...
Dominic Lash, Thomas Lehn et Martin Tétreault + Burden
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Willy Mitchell + Beatrice Deer Band + Sipreano + Court Métrage: You Are on Indian Land
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, British Council, Quatuor Bozzini, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Koan, For Anne Rising, Music for Player Piano et d'autres de James Tenney interprété par le Quatuor Bozzini et amis
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM, CJLO - 1690AM,, and le Festival du Nouveau Cinéma present...
Ciné Concert Holy Mountain + Will Eizlini et l'ensemble Это курам на смех! + Spike Taylor
[event page]

Jeunesse Cosmique, Suoni Per Il Popolo,, CJLO - 1690AM, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
JEUNESSE COSMIQUE + Space is (always) the place + Space Clouds Filter + Les Orcs de Cristal + Paraphonique + Crépuscule Solaire
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, Now Society, CJLO - 1690AM,, Trading Places, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Suprême Célébration présenté par Trading Places
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Liz Harris et Paul Clipson Hypnosis Display + Zephyr
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
LA FORÊT ROUGE + Wreckage With Stick + Nightwitches
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo,, CJLO - 1690AM, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Alberich + Empire Line + Lowebrau + Sexy Pharmacist + Kollaps
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, Island Frequencies, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Thor Harris & Friends + Echo Beach + Sivani
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo,, CJLO - 1690AM, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Shortest Longest Day + Catch Pandora + Vicky Mettler
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM and Productions Girovago present...
Gypsy kumbia Orchestra + DJ Don Mescal
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, No Exist, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
FLUCT + Ylang Ylang & Così e Così + Nothinge + Ssurfacing + Kazuki Koga
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Damien Dubrovnik + Ligature + Maussade + Demi Mal + Nausia
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Sunn O))) + Hissing
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Jooklo Duo + Mend Ham + Philippe Lauzier Solo
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Lust For Youth + Dernier Sex + Xarah Dion + The Marquis
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
PHŸCUS + Aether Pilot + Monty Cantsin + Gashrat + La Naegleria
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, CKUT 90.3FM, Année Jean Derome, and DAME present...
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
TRADING PLACES: Rencontres d'improvisateurs Montréal + Vancouver
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM,, Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM, and Codes d'accès present...
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM, Blue Skies Turn Black, CKUT 90.3FM,, and Suoni Per Il Popolo present...
King Khan and the Shrines + The Letouts
[event page]

Howl Arts Collective, Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Tim Darcy & AJ Cornell + Belave + Esther Bourdages
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Small Scale Music Présente : BCH+C + Not The Wind Not The Flag + Pierre-Luc Simon + Aaron Lumley
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Radioactivity + Period Bomb + Bad Sports + Cheap Wig + Divide and Disolve
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo,, CJLO - 1690AM, Innovations en concert, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Jane/Kin + Ida Toninato et Isaiah Ceccarelli
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM, CJLO - 1690AM,, and Passovah present...
Phèdre + Technical Kidman + JOYFULTALK
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM, CJLO - 1690AM,, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, and Traquen'Art present...
Myra Melford - François Bourassa : Piano Solo et Duo
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, Constellation Records, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
SOIRÉE CONSTELLATION RECORDS : Sandro Perri et Lorenz Peter + Jason Sharp + Automatisme
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, FACTOR, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
10,000 Horses + Lucas Charlie Rose + J0J1
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, Blue Skies Turn Black, FACTOR,, CJLO - 1690AM, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Screaming Females + Vacation + Les Temps Liquides + Chipped Nails
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo, Blue Skies Turn Black, Scene 1425,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Tashi Wada, Yoshi Wada et Julia Holter + Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen Duo
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM,, and Drones Club present...
Vulva Culture + Mega Bog (NYC) + The Submissives
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Nervosas + Criminal Code + Police des Moeurs + Effet Werther + Security
[event page]




Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Luc Ex' Assemblée (Luc Ex, Hamid Drake, Ingrid Laubrock et Ab Baars)
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, Island Frequencies, CJLO - 1690AM,, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Daniel Menche + Hyena Hive + Celine Bion + Riccardo Lucchesi + Musique Electronique Extreme de Eeyou Istchee + Roche Ovale
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, CJLO - 1690AM,, YouthOfNausea PUNK, and CKUT 90.3FM present...
Urochromes + Video Filth + Flaccid + Ultrarat + Anusol
[event page]




CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM,, and Traquen'Art present...
The Thing - Norvège + Suède (Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten et Paal Nilssen-Love) + James Blood Ulmer
[event page]

CJLO - 1690AM, Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT 90.3FM,, and Howl Arts Collective present...
Lori Goldston + Sarah Pagé
[event page]

Suoni Per Il Popolo, Misery Loves Co., CKUT 90.3FM, CJLO - 1690AM, and present...
Wet Brain + Sneaks + Lungbutter + Paralix
[event page]

Today @ 3pm- Beyond the Black Rainbow previews Festival Suoni Per Il Popolo w/ Cosi E Cosi & Island Frequencies

Today at 3pm, Beyond the Black Rainbow previews Festival Suoni Per Il Popolo, which kicks off this week, running June 2nd to June 19th. Suoni brings a wide range of sound from both local and international artists alike- the musical range is diverse, spanning experimental and avant-garde genres to hazy electronics, to noise rock, to free jazz improv, to new folk realities and more. Joining Julie in studio today will be experimental electronic artist Cosi E Cosi, who will be performing in the festival Friday June 10th at La Vitrola (4602 St Laurent) with Ylang Ylang, FlucT, Nothinge, Ssurfacing, and a DJ set by Kazuki Koga.

Island Frequencies, a Montreal promoter who creates "A platform where music makers and visual artists can showcase their work", will be joining Julie in studio to chat about their contributions to Suoni- which include Thor Harris & Friends at Sala Rossa June 9th- (Take note- CJLO will be broadcasting live from Sala leading up to this event, 6-10pm!)

Tune in for all this and more, on a special two-hour Beyond The Black Rainbow where CJLO goes Suoni! Today- 3-5pm!

Out-Machine'd >> A Review of NB2

It's always good to subject yourself to new experiences, right? Especially in the world of electronic music, "I don't like it" is a forbidden phrase. The negative opinion on close-mindedness in music is exactly what got me interested in attending NB2 - An event that carries the torch from the early 2000s heyday of industrial music. Grandbaby of the C.O.M.A Festival that took place from 2004 to 2007, the event is two nights of all different genres of music that would be considered underground, or fall under the industrial umbrella in today's electronic music culture. The other big plus? Save for the headliners, all of the talent performing at Bar le Ritz for the two night celebration are from Canada, mostly from Quebec.

I walked in for |e_Ça playing their track "soylent_sys". I wish I had remembered that they were playing so I could have been there for their entire set. They were the group with the most aesthetic, and it was very welcome. The Facebook event described the ambiance for the evening as 'genetic laboratory', but the venue itself was just Bar Le Ritz - everyone in plain clothes. The frontman of the group wore a plague doctor mask and an old television displayed their song titles along with fuzzy clips of pharmaceutical experiments gone awry and their signature mask logo.

After I realize that the song they're playing is one that I previewed on my own radio show two days prior - something strikes me - mostly everything is live. After seeing so many producers play DJ sets, and after seeing so many DJs use nothing more than a USB controller, the live music element is refreshing. Not to mention, that the performance is perfect, and goes off without a single flaw. The words "Venlafaxine XR" pop up on the group's television screen and the the syrupy, dark beat takes me away. The unfortunately small remainder of |e_Ça set is timed perfectly with the night, descending in to darkness while the last rays of sun disappear from the sky outside. 

When they finish, it surprises me that they do a tear-down, and the next act sets up. Live music - who knew! The music played in between the sets was something similar to psytrance, with a more grungy feel.

Apoplexia, the next DJ, manages to convert me to a fan of drum n' bass within 20 minutes of starting his set. The bass is deep, fast and clears my mind completely. In its' repetitiveness rhythm-wise, I suppose that DnB is kind of like trance. I wonder why nobody is dancing while I fight myself to stand still - maybe it's because people aren't messed up on drugs? Maybe because nobody wants to look silly? I ponder on how else to show the DJ that I'm paying attention to the music and enjoying it without dancing, but not for long. A woman comes and dances next to me - this is great. Apoplexia's set continues to be amazing. Streamlined and effortless, dynamic and fun.

But the bass is loud - and my ears are already buzzing. I stand further back after a short breather outside. I find that there are two camps in the room. Either stand at the back of the bar and freeze from the air conditioning or at the front and have your ear drums blown out.

Nonetheless, Apoplexia's ending has people dancing and is heavily applauded. Sub Sonik starts right away, dissonant and psychedelic with visuals to match. It's drum and bass with too much and not enough bass at the same time. It's Breakbeat and much like Frenchcore, DarkPsy, and all of the genres I've had to learn to love - it's an assault on my untrained senses. I go outside again to let my ears recuperate from the massive sound system and crushing rhythm, wondering what I'm going do for the rest of the set; trying to avoid my disappointment at the fact that my open-mindedness has a limit. 

Similar to a rave, there's always a group of people chatting outside, but it's more difficult to socialize because I've never seen any of these people before in my life. I don't really want to stay outside, but I don't particularly want to be inside either. I give up trying to buy time for my ears, and head back inside

To my surprise - I'm able to digest the music more easily. There's people dancing, albeit in a standing kind of way. Totally different from what I'm used to seeing in my usual haunts. After awhile, the number of dancers increases to almost everyone in the room, so I decide to join in until the set ends. I'm pleasantly surprised by Sub Sonik despite the overall loudness and eagerly await LCEDP.

When he starts, all kinds of sounds start whipping by at breakneck speed, loud to the point of being indistinguishable. The people who are dancing are fast and borderline epileptic. Behind the artist on stage is a panel of flashing strobe light. Combined with the blaring sound system and the blaring AC, the performance is overwhelming. I wonder if anyone is going to have seizures. I hope it won't be me.

Despite the volume of the sound system, the music is good, and I don't want to leave. Only when I leave the assault of flashing lights, blaring bass, and air conditioning do I find a good place at the back of the bar. I feel bad about not being more active, especially because of the speed of the music, but I can't barely even look at the seizure-inducing stage. Fifteen or so minutes of the et is something I can only describe as noise jazz, and it's difficult to digest with the distortion of the sound in the bar. I feel defeated by the AC and the music, but I never lose hope.The set picks up in its last 5 minutes, and I mean gets really good. Trance-y dark and offbeat - music after my own heart. 

All in all, I'm not disappointed, but I am injured. I've seen a host of amazing sound engineers and artists in the few short hours I've been at the bar. I want to see Iszoloscope, but I feel like I may lose my hearing if I stay for the remainder of the event. Ten musically amazing minutes pass by, enough to taste the intro of the set and feel the intimate crowd's anticipation. I know that Iszoloscope is going to be amazing. I smile and head for the door.


--What will you hear when The Machine Stops? Find out every Friday at 9 AM with your host DJ Thinkbox, only on CJLO!

Drone Day 2016 - tomorrow 5/28 at La Plante

CJLO will once again be participating in Drone Day this year.  If you want to come out to hear the droney goodness, stop on by La Plante at 185 Van Horne from 4PM onwards.  We at CJLO will be broadcasting the entire event through our Mixlr page.

If you think you'll be craving more, check out Drone Day's website where they'll be broadcasting all of the Drone Day festivities from coast to coast all day long.  Check out the Facebook page for more info on the Montreal event.

As an added bonus to get you ready, here's a broadcast of last year's Drone Day hosted on our SoundCloud. Check it out for over two hours of Drone and we'll see you tomorrow at La Plante.


As I'm sure many of you electronically inclined individuals out there know, MUTEK is coming up. For those of you who don't know what MUTEK is, or know it's an electronic festival and want more details, here's a brief synopsis of why many of us get so hyped each year.

MUTEK isn't an electronic musical festival akin to the ones most Montrealers are used to. For many Montrealers electronic music festival rings Igloofest or Piknic Électronik (depending on the season), but those festivals are usually more about the party than the music. MUTEK offers audiophiles and art-lovers an extremely immersive musical experience accompanied by live visuals. By visuals I don't mean lights, flares, or your typical festival showmanship. The visuals MUTEK offers are performed live by internationally-renowned visual artists. The combination of live or orchestrated visuals bring the festival into the terrain of an electronic arts festival rather than just a music festival. Many of the shows have more of a sit-down feel, one where you just want to tune in and let yourself drift into the experience.

This year's MUTEK festival is flaunting a wide range of Canadian artists such as Essaie Pas, Ex-Terrestrial, Burundi Index, Project Pablo, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Julia Kent, Tim Hecker, Local Artist (which is an amazing artist name), and many more. Many of these artists are from right here, in home sweet Montreal.

Essaie Pas are a local industrial/cold wave duo that have chiselled their music into tightly packed analog waves and dissonant melodies. They recently signed to DFA Records and brought a little piece of Montreal around Europe on their most recent tour. If you listen to Electric Café, you have for sure heard them. We love them!

Another is Project Pablo, a local deep house/techno producer whose has somehow managed to craft enticing unique soundscapes for those who may sometimes be pessimistic about fresh new sounds in the genre of house and techno. He has recently self released a new EP called Priorities. Priorities is a smooth dance album that layers mellow jazz chords and ambient instrumentals for an oddly refreshing fusion that almost sounds like a live band recording. I usually don't like things that have jazz fusion associated with them, but if this album qualifies as fusion I swear I'm converted. I think I would give the album a 9/10 and that's only because I hardly ever ever give a 10, so to me it's nearly perfect.

MUTEK is also bringing in a large number of female artists this year. As a [male] feminist, I know the music scene can wind up being a bit of a boy's club, so I totally encourage as many women as possible to get involved, and I applaud MUTEK for taking the time to book so many women. Local female talent that will be performing includes Julia Kent and Kara-Lis Coverdale. What I love about Kara-Lis' is her very crisp ambient music, that is much more delicate than most, and almost sounds like the wind drifting by. Kara-Lis will be performing for Nocturne 2 on June 2nd along with Montreal experimental drone artist Tim Hecker.

Experience 1, a free series of events in the Quartier des spectacles, starts on Thursday, June 2nd and highlights many Montreal artists. The typical Experience lineup has one international headliner accompanied by an all-Montreal cast of artists, such as Burundi Index, the Booma Collective, and Ex-Terrestrial.

Burundi Index, starring duo Adam Feingold and Matt Salaciak (the founders of local label, Temple), offers us a very cerebral orchestra of vintage and modern analog gear. Full disclaimer: Matt Salaciak is also co-host of Electric Café, but since I'm writing this, it's okay for me to tell you to go see them, right? Either way, it's a free show so my bias is okay.

Feingold will also be there as his solo project Ex-Terrestrial, which we've played for you all on our show; it's so very fine grained but smooth techno; if you get a chance head over to his SoundCloud to check out Blue Smoke. We also highly recommend checking out local collective Booma, in which Electric Café has had the pleasure to host Oren, Paul, and Lorenzo from the collective on our show. Lorenzo recently joined us to play his collection of beautifully swirling Italian electronic jams and chat about live & music.

Moving on to international artists, Polish duo T'ien Lai will be joining the Nocturne lineup to give listeners a break from the beating pulse of MUTEK's evening show. T'ien Lai uses their analog gear to create very organic electro acoustic soundscapes that paint a very vibrant emotional picture. Not emotional in a roller coaster sense, but in a slow building discovery of the workings and turnings of life. You can catch T'ien Lai at Nocturne 4 on June 4th. Also playing Nocturne 4 is New York artist Terekke. Terekke plays some of the purest, cloudiest (think fluffy) techno around, and is definitely worth checking out. He recently self-released his new album, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and of course it was released as a pseudonym (just as the prior was released as X).

One of my all-time favourite artists, and one I feel is fairly underrated, is UIQ founder Lee Gamble. For those unaware of his work, Lee Gamble makes some of the most beautifully rough ambient techno. He somehow manages to add so many layers to his music without sounding overcompensating. His most recently released LP, KOCH, melds soothing synth chords with raw but curated analog noise that is reminiscent of a gently passing storm of techno. He's paired with artist Dave Gaskarth to curate an audiovisual experience they call "Foldings". Foldings will have its international debut at MUTEK on June 1st, you can check out a preview below. He will be performing Foldings at the MAC for Nocturne 1, but will also be sticking around for Experience 2 with some Montreal natives on June 3rd, so stay tuned for that. There are way too many great international artists for me to fit into the preview, but these ones you can't miss!

Before MUTEK begins, they will be hosting a VR Salon at Phi Centre, in collaboration with VR Valley Network Montréal. This will be running from May 30th to May 31st for it's second year in a row. Ash Koosha, an Iranian composer that has focused his past music on political issues in Iran, will be at MUTEK this year. He has been touring with his most recent album that was created in tandem with VR for a unique experience. It hasn't been disclosed if he'll be showing that at MUTEK or not, but it's worth keeping your ear to the ground.

One of my first and most memorable MUTEK experiences was at A/Visions. Back when MUTEK hosted A/Visions at the SAT, they projected artists work onto the SAT's dome for live 3D art as artists played. I was there by coincidence while Container was playing. One of the beautiful things about MUTEK is discovering amazing live acts, Container is now one of my all-time favourite techno artists, especially live. He was playing some very abrasive techno from Chicago, and they were projecting transient shifting geometry on the dome beating to the pulse of his drum machine. There are still Satosphere events like this, but these usually run separately from MUTEK, or on occasional years there's a special feature at the Satosphere.

A/Visions 1 & 2 will be held at Salle Pierre-Mercure at UQAM, but luckily for us this year MUTEK will be pairing up with Boiler Room for a special TBA lineup in the Satosphere. Although they still incorporate music, A/Visions is a bit different from Metropolis and Nocturne in the sense that it's primarily visual. Some shows are mainly projections accompanied by music and prepared by one or two artists to present instead of perform. Other shows can take the form of live plays as have occurred in past years. All of the upcoming A/Visions come highly recommended, even if you usually attend the Nocturne or Metropolis.

For those who are actually musicians and artists, DIGI_SECTION is hosting a series of workshops and talks aimed at a more experienced audience. These workshops include advanced synthesis techniques hosted by Moog and Roland, some home-brewed synthesis construction, and classes on visual programs like Autodesk. Toronto-based writer and editor Greg J. Smith from HOLO Magazine / is doing a Q&A with Marcel Weber on June 3rd, and the Electronic Music Association of Concordia (EMAC) will be a MUTEK hosting a few master-class workshops with Concordia electronic musicians and performing MUTEK artists such as Julia Kent. Concordia student or not, come drop by and hang out with us!


-- Matthew Halpenny hosts Electric Café every Tuesday at 8 PM, only on CJLO!

Wednesday May 25th 2016

Hosted by Pauline Nesbitt

Stories by Julian McKenzie, Patricia Petit Liang & Saturn de Los Angeles

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CJLO's Metal Shows Get a Brand New Look! Part 1

CJLO is home to six "official" metal shows, and a few others (including mine), that mostly play metal but appear as red and not black on the CJLO on air schedule. Shows like mine understand the benefit of seeming like any ordinary ol' rock show, while playing some of the heaviest music. By making ourselves seem accessible and harmless, we fulfill every parental fear by luring virgin ears to the devil's music.

With that in mind, the six CJLO metal shows recently approached me for help in updating their look. Much as I have previously helped non-metal shows on CJLO channel their inner metalhead here and here, CJLO's metal shows wanted my help in presenting a softer, fuzzier image that would be more palatable to the general population, and bring in a fresh new audience. Of course, I was happy to oblige.

Up first is Sublime State of Doom, whose host Sean was looking to capture a look as bright and carefree as a sunshiny summer afternoon! It was a challenge to tap into the upbeat, party mood that he was looking to create, but with this new logo, his show's future is so bright, you'll wanna wear shades!

Orin from The Noisy Loft was concerned that people wouldn't understand that, underneath all the screaming and aggressive breakdowns, his show is really about friendship and having fun. Enter his new logo, complete with a cuddly new mascot, as cute as a button and ready for the pit. Now all this little guy needs is a name!

Up next, Burnt Offerings, with its aggressive show promo and foulmouthed host, presented one of my toughest design challenges. Then I realized that the underlying theme to Émile's show is really that of hope and freedom... and what better a symbol to represent that than a unicorn leaping over a rainbow?

Of course, I'm not done yet. Keep your eye out for part two of this rebranding challenge, when I take on Turn on the Darkness, Grade A Explosives, and Into the Coven!


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Today: Syd Perry on World Beat News (12pm) + Saturday on Anatomy of Caribbean Music (8pm)

Today at noon, Syd Perry will stop by the studio to talk to Gee Weekes on World Beat News. He will be back again on Saturday for Anatomy of Caribbean Music (Saturdays 8pm-10pm), so take note!

Roots Reggae Singer-songwriter, Syd Perry, has just released his new single 'Rasta Woman'. Recorded at Monarch Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, 'Rasta Woman' is Syd Perry's first recording with a full band. The band, which was made up of some of Vancouver's top Roots Reggae players were, JC (upright bass), Richard Brown or RB Drums (drum kit), Patrick Watson Quine (grand piano, lead guitar,tambourine) and of course, Syd Perry (vocals, harmonica, rhythm guitar). Recorded with all 100% acoustic instruments.

'Rasta Woman', is a Rocksteady meets Rockers(Reggae) ballad about a Rastaman not being able to find a Rastawoman. Written from the first person perspective, Syd Perry tells the story of his own struggle to find a cultured Empress in Babylon.

Syd Perry has spent the last few years touring Canada spreading his signature 'Roots Blues Reggae' sound. Now he has returned to form his backing band, Syd Perry & The Zionites will be ready for debut in July 2016.

The band will be available in Quebec as of July 2016. However, dates are booking up very quick! If you would like to discuss booking Syd Perry & The Zionites please email


Sprung-up WildflowerChild SpringMix

"Sprung-up WildflowerChild SpringMix" is a spring fever mix tape brought to you by Zakary Slax from Slax Trax, Tuesdays at 5PM. Specializing in the wild and weird strains of rock and/or roll!

Press play:

Track list:

1. "It's All Blooming Now Mt. Heartattack", Liars
2. "Can't Stop The Spring", The Flaming Lips
3. "Melted Like A Witch", Beef Boys
4. "Bye Bye Snow", Joint Custody
5. "We'll Bring You Flowers", Rabble
6. "He Is A Pinball", Lantern
7. "Spring", Eric's Trip
8. "Interparents", Mono No Aware
9. "High Noon", Bonnie Doon
10. "Flower", Deerhoof
11. "Corrected Canada Food Guide", Haunted Souls
12. "Tambourine Stitches", Tang Soleil
13. "I'm So Green", Can
14. "The Hydra", Heathers
15. "Pink Flower", Daisy Chainsaw
16. "Springtheme", Ween
17. "Betty Told Me", The Submissives
18. "The Flower", Sun City Girls
19. "Driving Through", Shahman
20. "Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City", Yoko Ono

#CJLOGoesMoog: Day Four

Today was a short day fro me, thanks Air Canada for booking me on an early flight. 

Despite my brief amount of time, I managed to see some great stuff!

I began with watching a conversation with Ben Frost and Tim Hecker at The Armory. I also interacted with The Floating Point Collective’s RTP Convergence installation. This was a display full of many LED touch sensitive rods, set up in a pyramid shape. Participants interacted in all aspects of the piece, moving in an out of the setup. When you touched a rod, coloured particles traveled through the rod, to another part of the installation. It was very interesting to observe what happened with a small amount of human interaction, no contact, and lots of human contact. It had a very organic wave-like feeling, which was quite soothing.

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My official “last” program that I watched at Moogfest 2016 was a fitting ending. It was another rad lady of electronic history, Suzanne Ciani. It was a durational installation, of which I was only able to witness a small section of, before heading to the airport. If you aren’t familiar with the name Suzanne Ciani, you probably are familiar with her music. She is another legend featured at this year’s Moogfest, iconized through her work with the Buchla Analong Modular Synthesizer, and endless film scores she has written.

A video posted by CJLO 1690AM (@cjlo1690am) on

What I got to experience of her four hour installation (!!) was incredible. She has a lovely ability to capture movement and resonance with her soundscapes. I am happy I got to bear witness to some of her wizardry!

A video posted by CJLO 1690AM (@cjlo1690am) on

Thinking about my whirlwind festival experience at Moogfest 2016, I feel inspired upon leaving. Sure, there were issues surrounding aspects of the festival, but honestly, every festival has logistical issues, it is in their nature of organized chaos. The sheer amount of festival goers swarming the streets of downtown Durham was bound to create some hiccups. It also created an extremely welcoming environment, bonding one another through the love of all things “electronic music.” I had many thought-provoking and heartwarming conversations with random strangers. I met new friends. I re-connected with old ones.

All these things combined with one of the most solid festival programming and artist lineups I have seen made Moogfest 2016 my highlight of the year so far!


Julie Matson has covered the 2016 edition of Moogfest in Durham, North Carolina, and also hosts Beyond The Black Rainbow where she puts back the experimental back into experimental music every Monday at 4pm ET.
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