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The CJLO Artist Residency is OPEN for Rock/Punk/Indie/Metal Bands 

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Application Deadline: September 10th at 11:59pm

-Application Forms
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Boris Performing Pink @ Bar Le Ritz PDB

Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black

On a muggy Wednesday night in August, C H R I S T and Boris played a sold out show at Bar Le Ritz PDB to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Boris' classic album, Pink.

The opening act was the local minimal instrumental post-metal band C H R I S T. They were covering for the grindcore band SHITSTORM, who could not come to any of the shows of the tour for unknown reasons (assuming their name not being mentioned in any of Boris' Facebook events despite being on the official tour poster meant that they could not come). Legendary drone metal pioneers Earth also could not show up, but they were not planning on playing in any of the two Canadian shows (the other one being at Lee's Palace in Toronto).

I've later noticed how great the one-two punch of SHITSTORM and Earth could have been. SHITSTORM has the raw energy of Boris' more straightforward songs, amplified and sped up tenfold; while Earth has been a major influence on Boris' early drone-heavy music. Interestingly, much like Boris, Earth has recently moved from their signature drone doom to a more organic, nuanced, stoner and post-rock influenced sound. Pink, the Boris album that is the basis of this tour, has all of these influences. In that respect, SHITSTORM and Earth are excellent picks for opening bands.

C H R I S T, in comparison, sounds much less oppressive, but still quite somber. Their entire performance felt to me like a huge build-up to their last song, with distorted guitars and booming percussions getting louder and louder, with layers of synths and guitars getting built on top of each other as the show continued. While I enjoyed the repetitive, relentless, almost hypnotic nature of the music, I could not help but feel a little disappointed by the show's climax, which did not have an explosion of on-stage energy, much to my dismay.

When C H R I S T finished their set, their equipment had to be loaded off the stage so that Boris' own could be prepared. That's when I noticed that two-thirds of the back of the stage was covered with amplifiers—there must have been a dozen of them for a three-piece band. That's also when I realized that they weren't messing around. This was going to be loud.

Takeshi, Wata, and Atsuo came on the stage, all dressed in black, and opted to play the first song off of Pink (which they performed in its entirety), titled "Farewell", at the very end of their set. Perhaps because they thought that the song would not fire up the crowd, perhaps because of its title. Nonetheless, the first song of the set, "Blackout", has a similar gloomy vibe, but it wasn't the "accept the darkness into your life" of "Farewell." It was more like "the darkness will devour you whole." To add to the effect, the smoke machine was consistently used during their more somber songs (including both "Farewell" and "Blackout"), shrouding the band with an air of mystery. Considering that my friend and I were in a packed and ridiculously hot place, the smoke also gave us the impression that they were trying to simulate a metalhead's vision of Hell.

Just as the feedback and fuzz rips apart your very being, the song abruptly cuts to make way to the title track, "Pink", a more upbeat, mosh pit friendly noise rock track. And mosh pits there were – as soon as Takeshi's familiar "OOWWWW!" resonated throughout the venue, I turned around and saw that the shovefest had begun. During later commotions, I also discovered that the only crowd surfer of the night (supposedly) was none other than CJLO's own Orin Loft, of The Noisy Loft.

Unfortunately, the vocals were buried beneath the other instruments. In contrast, Wata's guitar was crystal clear, Takeshi's bass and rhythm guitar (his double necked instrument had both of these in one) grooves could be felt in your bones, and Atsuo assured everyone that both his drumming and his performance would be memorable. The guitar solos interspersed throughout all the songs pierced your ears like a banshee's scream, despite the guitarist keeping a statue-like face during the entire show. The only times Wata has shown any kind of expression is a slight smirk when drummer/hype man Atsuo cheered her on for her stellar performance, and at the very end of the show, when hearing the audience's applause.

The sweaty mass of concert goers notwithstanding, Atsuo was by far the person who had the most fun during the night. He had the best "jam faces"—the only times his face was not contorted by a mix of joy and intense focus was when he was hyping up the audience, either by lifting up a single drumstick or the classic "I can't hear you!" gesture, banging the gong behind him louder and louder every time he would do it.

After the cheers clamoring "Boris! Boris! Boris!" and the encore that would ensue had faded out, I stepped out of the venue content, feeling almost cleansed by the sheer energy of the fans and the music. It was almost exactly what I expected: loud, fun, and alternating between oppressive walls of noise and crowd empowering walls of noise. You know you've done something right when you think of a hot, humid, smoky, and deafeningly loud place, and think: "Man, I wish I was in Hell again."


--DJ Lawrell hosts Fukubukuro every Sunday at 9PM, only on CJLO. With moods ranging from serene to hotblooded, light-hearted to upsetting, minimalistic to ear-shatteringly loud; the fun part of Fukubukuro is not knowing what you'll get every show.


Strange Froots Performing Darling w/ Lucas Charlie Rose and m.a

On July 14th, Strange Froots, CJLO's first Hip-Hop Artists in Residence, performed at Groove Nation for their EP Album Launch! We're so stoked that Michael Cardillio filmed them performing "Darling" with Lucas Charlie Rose and m.a! Check out their performance on CJLO's Youtube channel and get your copy of Blossom This Froot For Thought [EP] here!


I had the pleasure of spending last weekend at this year's Otakuthon! Held from August 5th to 7th, Otakuthon is Quebec's largest anime convention, celebrating Japanese cartoons, video games and culture! This year's Otakuthon was the most popular one up to date, with more than 21 000 people in attendance!

Otakuthon is the festival I look forward to the most every year because of the wide variety of interests that it appeals to. At Otakuthon, you can cosplay, buy/sell things, attend movie screenings, compete in a variety of tournaments, eat at the Cosplay Cafe, meet celebrities and learn new things at one of Otakuthon's many panels!

My favorite thing about Otakuthon has always been the Exhibition Hall because it's a wonderful showcase of talented artists and because there are so many cool and weird things to buy. At the Exhibition Hall, you can buy all sorts of anime merchandise, including:

Statues of your favorite anime characters (from Best Anime Shop and Navito World)...

Life-sized hug pillows with your favorite anime babes (from adult webstore Akiba Doujin Online)...

Painfully cute plushie animals (from The Littlest Gift Boutique)...

Video games (from adult gaming website Nutaku)...

Films (from Media Blasters)...

Strangely arousing skateboards (from adult hentai site Fakku)...

And ART! I commissioned 5 artists to draw me at this year's Otakuthon and here's what they came up with:

  1. Natalie Nardozza

  1. Karen Lam

  1. Christie Anne Coulthard

  1. Nyssa Dalley

  1. Annette Fanzhu

They all did such a great job and it was so much fun to have them draw me!

Overall, the Exhibition Hall is your one stop spot for shopping and endless poverty. But hey, at least you'll have your 2D waifu for laifu to comfort you when life isn't sugoi.


Another great thing about Otakuthon are the panels! This year's Otakuthon had less erotic content unfortunately. Last year's Otakuthon had a Kitten Play: BDSM panel as well as a panel teaching you the art of tying people up. Needless to say, I was disappointed at the lack of sadomasochism at this year's convention.

(That's the wrong kind of Kitten Play...)

There were a couple of FAKKU panels, dating games and fan service panels, but those were really late at night and I was super sleepy! There's just so many awesome and colorful things to see at Otakuthon that my eyes got really weak and felt like falling out of my head!!

...So instead I opted to go to a panel about cosplay skincare and makeup, which was not erotic but still super useful!

This 45 minute beauty panel was hosted by the lovely Princess and was extremely informative. She told us about South Korea's 10 step skincare regimen and gave us cute samples of her favorite products. It was incredibly humbling to receive her advice and I learned a lot about makeup brush cleaning and acne breakouts!

Otakuthon resonates with a welcoming aura of acceptance and people of all backgrounds can attend the convention and learn all kinds of rad new things (except for BDSM torture play welp)!!

There are also plenty of cosplayers at Otakuthon! Please ask for their permission first before taking their photos or touching them. Consent is the key to having a happy, comfortable convention!

This was only a handful of the things you can do at Otakuthon! You can also attend the Masquerade, go out dancing, do karaoke, go to the maid cafe and much much more!!

Overall, I spent a ton of money at this year's Otakuthon, met a bunch of cool people and even though I didn't get to tie anyone up, I still had a great time! I also got to buy some dirty artbooks! Huzzah!

You can like Otakuthon on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to keep up with the festivities! Otakuthon is an amazing, unique festival that you just can't miss!

Look out for my upcoming interviews with Misty Chronexia, Sam Vincent, Eric Stuart and Johannes Helgeson on Fatal Attraction!

And check out my interview with Chris Cason here!

This is all part of CJLO's coverage of the Montreal Otakuthon. Held from August 5th-7th, it's Quebec's largest anime convention: celebrating Japanese animation, graphic novels, gaming and pop-culture!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11AM-12PM to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!


CJLO is proud to welcome Wiklow as our first RPM On Rotation Artist in Residence! With the help of our On Rotation director and radio team, this talented electronic artist will record and produce an EP in our studio and have more than 200 copies of it distributed across the country! Check out his smooth, melodic, downtempo sounds on SoundCloud page here!

Stay tuned for his EP Launch Party this October during CJLO's annual FUNdrive! Be on the lookout for more FUNdrive updates in the upcoming weeks.

Hillside Music Festival 2016

For several years I've had the pleasure to attend the Hillside Music Festival, and this year's edition proved once again to be a highlight of the summer. Located on the scenic Guelph Lake Island, one would be hard-pressed to find a nicer location to kick back and listen to some tunes. Featuring The Milk Carton Kids, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, and Buffy Sainte-Marie to name but a few artists, there was certainly something for all musical tastes. From folk to funk and some electronic heaviness thrown in for the young and the young at heart. Plus lots of craft workshops and spoken word performances one is certainly kept busy over the three days of Hillside and in the end looking forward to next year's festival.


Love and Dance, play and drum. Hillside 2016 in a nutshell.

Ben Stidworthy from the Montreal band Ought.

Featuring Alex Ricci on bass Guelph band Versa illuminated the Lake Stage with both sights and sounds.

The Milk Carton Kids brought a new twist to old time folk music.

The summertime blues.

Holy Fuck getting giggity with it.

All hands on deck for Kid Koala's (far right) Vinyl Vaudeville Show.

Everybody loves a parade featuring the The Bahamas Junkanoo Legends.

Canadian rock icons The Sadies thrilled the Hillside fans both young and old.

Mo'Kalamity infused the festival with some classic reggae.

Daveed Goldman (front left) and Nobu Adilman (front right) lead Choir! Choir! Choir!

Audience participation time.

Karl Denson wowed the Saturday night crowd.

Kid Koala amongst the fans.

Showing off their dance moves are sisters Leah and Chloe Smith of Rising Appalachia.

Members of Les Hay Babies and Luther Wright & the Wrongs listen to Jennifer Castle during a music workshop.

Buffy Sainte-Marie partnered with the Sadies for a powerful closing to the festival.


--Don't fret! Brave New Jams is on the air with your host Clifton Hanger every Saturday at 10 PM on CJLO 1690AM and

At the Movies Fantasia Recap - Week 3!

The Final Lap

On the last day of the 20th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, I knew that it was time to hustle as many films in as possible. Even though I am in the rookie number of films viewed this year, I am content with every film the festival has bestowed upon my eyes. I hoped to participate in four screenings on the last day.


Tower has to be one of the most innovative and creative spins to the documentary genre. Keith Maitland keeps the documentary simple and formulaic, as a piece of oral history. The narrators are those that experienced the 1966 Austin Texas shooting that happened at the hands of Charles Whitman from the clock tower of University of Texas. It is the blending both of the archival footage and the paint brush animation that adds a layer of innovation to this documentary.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The Dark Side of the Moon is a German film directed by Stephan Rick. It is a psychological thriller about a man who lives a mundane life as a wealthy pharmaceutical lawyer, who gets involved with some recreational drug users. He has a truly transformative experience under these mushrooms that cause his erratic behaviour. He must find out what's become of him before the forces take him out. Beautifully shot cinematography with an impressive score, but sadly none of the Pink Floyd classics.

Man Underground

Man Underground, from directors Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine, has to be one my underrated gems of the festival. I had no intentions of viewing this movie, yet I am so happy I got to see something that is truly and exemplary little indie film. Willem (George Basil) is certain the United States government is hiding aliens. As part of an expose he enlists his best friend (Andy Rocco) and the girl from the local diner (Pamela Fila) to star in a no-budget DIY film to expose the truth. At times the film is comically funny, but also the sad clown shows its face well to create the atmospheric sense of drama.

Blood Father

Blood Father is a pulsating action film from director Jean-François Richet, that brings Mel Gibson out of retirement. The film is a story about a father in substance recovery, who must protect his estranged daughter from a drug cartel and sicarios. Gibson has some fun with himself as the washed up Hollywood action star, but still has the action hero qualities. Just watching the motorcycle scene brings back memories of Mad Max.


The 20th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival had a little bit of everything for genre audiences to sink their eyes into. As the festival closes I am looking forward to regular sleeping hours, but telling everyone about the small films that need the publicity that the festival champions. If you can at least one person, you know you have championed a film that is something special to the genre audience.


--All of what is new and out! Join Remi and Danny for At the Movies (with Iconic Sounds), every Tuesday at 8AM, only on CJLO 1690AM.


Tomorrow on Fatal Attraction, Patricia interviews beloved anime Youtube star Misty Chronexia at the Montreal Otakuthon!! Misty Chronexia does top 10 anime lists, video game let's plays, and more! Tune in to hear about his upcoming anime series Chronexia and the Eight Seals! Help support his project on Patreon here!

This is all part of CJLO's coverage of the Montreal Otakuthon. Held from August 5th-7th, it's Quebec's largest anime convention: celebrating Japanese animation, graphic novels, gaming and pop-culture!

Fatal Attraction is bizarre, comedy talk show hosted by Patricia Petit Liang. Tune in every Monday from 11AM-12PM to hear Patricia play weird YouTube videos, give really bad advice and interview a variety of super cool guests!

Today @ 1pm: Hua Li on Behind the Counter, talking Babely Shades debut TONITE

Today on Behind the Counter, Sonja will interview Montreal rapper Hua Li, who will be performing at Babely Shades' first Montreal show tonight at Bad Lunch! "Babely Shades is a collective of people of colour from the Ottawa arts and music scene who seek to bring visibility and awareness to local artists and issues against marginalized groups. Their end goal is to dismantle the white supremacy in our communities in order to allow more folks of colour to participate in local arts." (Babely Shades)

Hua Li is a fixutre in Montreal's hip hop scene- she is an envelope pusher and has been described as "a rap label's dream... her approach to rapping, a kind of early '90s Lil Kim bravado mixed with the more insightful, emotionally resonant lyrics of a Jean Grae, would be menacing if it weren't so raw and beguiling."
-Consequence of Sound

Tune in 1-2pm to hear what's coming up for Hua Li, her thoughts on Babely Shades' in Montreal and some tracks from her EP Za Zhong.

And don't miss Babely Shades' Montreal debut at Bad Lunch with Hua Li, Ah Mer Ah Su and November TONITE!

Photo: Stacy Lee


Yesterday on Hot Chaud, Deevo had the pleasure of interviewing social activist Amy Mills as well as forensic criminologist Dwane Connors about their conference at the World Social Forum. They also promoted a benefit concert for "Youth Day" that is in association with the United Nations.

Amy and Dwane were kind enough to give away two tickets to CJLO listeners for Friday's hip-hop show at the Metropolis featuring Koriass, Manu Militari, D-Track, Dramatik, J.Kyll, Webster, Sarahmée, KNLO, Narcy and Moysés Martins (Brasil Deficiente).

If you are interested in winning 2 free tickets to the concert, comment below and tell us why!

Hot Chaud is a bilingual show that creates a 'melange' of tunes, news and interviews - Mondays from 3-4pm.