THE DROPKICK MURPHYS + The Tossers @ Metropolis

By Josh Mocle - The Kids Are So-So - 11/17/2007

It was bound to happen eventually. In fact, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for me to write a Dropkick Murphys review. The effect this band has had on me, the music I choose to listen to and in some ways the way I live my life in general, is immense (and slightly pathetic). This could either be the easiest review I’ve ever written or the hardest. That having been said, I’m committed to not letting this thing spiral into a mindless love-fest, however, I’m entirely incapable of judging whether it does or not. That one’s up to you.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN + A Life Once Lost @ Le National

By Alex Robot - No Sleep Til Bedtime - 12/21/2007

The Dillinger Escape Plan is a band that I've now seen live four times, with one of these concerts (at the legendary l'X) being among the greatest shows I've ever seen. While this, of course, keeps my expectations rather sky-high, the fact that they've yet to fail me live (or on record) means that my faith, going into the show at Le National, was pretty unshakable.

KEVIN DREW + Los Campesinos! @ Le National

By Simon Howell - A Listening Ear - 12/06/2007

It’s funny how expectations work. A couple of years ago, I went to a Libertines concert -- not to see them specifically (I thought they were over-hyped and undercooked), but instead to catch a rare stateside appearance by Wales-based post-punk band Mclusky. Most of the audience didn’t seem to agree, but I thought their taut menace and sly wit easily outpaced the more popular headliner.

M.I.A. + The Cool Kids @ Metropolis

By Döc Holidæ - Phantastiq Cypha - 11/26/2007


By Stephanie Ng Wan - We.Are.Canadian - 11/22/2007

Earlier this year, a small independent movie called Once, featuring Glen Hansard, frontman of Irish rock band The Frames and budding Czech singer Markéta Irglová in the lead roles, hit theatres.  Deemed the musical of our generation, Once generated quite a bit of buzz for a film shot for just $160, 000 (peanuts in comparison to the blockbusters of our day). 


By Emily Kerrigan - On The Rocks- 11/25/2007

Sunday, November 25th 2007 brought some serious talent to Montreal’s Metropolis. Bedouin Soundclash put on one heck of a show. The venue was packed and full of energy from the get-go, and the band managed to cater to the musical taste of both the young and old.

SOULIVE + Peter Santiago @ La Tulipe

By Döc Holidæ - Phantastiq Cypha - 09/26/2007


By Josh Mocle - The Kids Are So-So - 10/10/2007