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Heeding the Siren's Call at FME 2023

Main Image: Milk TV at Diable Rond for FME 2023. Credit: Clifton Hanger. 

FME 2023: A Preview

My, where does the time go? It seems not that long ago when I was basking in the glow of FME 2022, hungover from the thrill of a festival in such a far off remote part of the province, having the opportunity to see acts like Gustaf and Gus Englehorn for the first time. But that is what FME, or Festival de musique émergente is all about: Being exposed to music, often new, experimental and never boring. The 2023 edition is set to get underway over the labour day weekend in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. 

Interview: Amy Miller and Manufacturing the Threat

At The Movies Host Remi sits down with Amy Miller the director of Manufacturing the Threat, a new documentary film screening in Cinema du Parc this Friday (August 25th) and the following week. 


Oppenheimer: A Mammoth Moment In History On 70MM Film

Traditionally, the summer is a season of escapism, blockbusters, and franchises in the movie industry. Oppenheimer, heavy in dialogue, tone, and subject matter is this summer’s exception to the rule. The father of the A-Bomb gets the big-screen treatment in this prestige film about one of the most important events in human history that has taken summer cinema by storm.

Review: Past Lives

Past Lives is the directorial debut feature of Celine Song, and one of the best films of the year. After making its premier at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and garnering positive reviews from critics  it’s now in theaters. Past Lives is a meditative, slow film about first love that has been lost, the immigration experience, and of the nature of relationships.

Shazam Fest 2023

In the Eastern townships of Quebec, just outside of Ayer’s Cliff, Shazam Fest took place over the July 13-16th weekend. Thursday through Sunday, and I had the opportunity to check out Friday’s lineup. Since its humble beginnings eighteen years ago the festival of circus and music has grown up to become one of Quebec’s best kept secrets. Held on one of the most idyllic festival sites around, with a hidden valley that leads to a natural amphitheater and the Shazam village which hosts the festival’s stages and vendors.

30 Years On: Siamese Dream and In Utero

1993 was a good year to be a music fan: MTV was arguably at the peak of its cultural influence, CD's were flying off the shelves every day, and music fans were spoiled for choice when it came to what they could listen to. If you were among those who enjoyed alternative music, you were probably anticipating the releases of Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins and In Utero by Nirvana on July 27 and September 12 of that year.

Beyond Genre: A Playlist

My favourite part about making playlists on Spotify is finding the one “thing” that connects the songs to one another. The general theme of the playlist is probably the most important part, and from there, the rest flows freely. “Beyond Genre” was created in the same way. As a musician and lover of jazz, it’s interesting to see the many ways artists take the jazz genre and tweak it to create new waves of music that can’t be classified into one section or another. This playlist is a compilation of music that isn’t necessarily jazz, but where we can recognize influences through chords, melodies, or harmonization. 


This is Going to be Ryan Olcott’s Year: An Interview

“I felt awkward and weird most of the time because I didn't know shit, but now I know shit,” Ryan Olcott tells me, referring to how much has changed since he and his band, 12 Rods, last released new music. “My Year (This is Going to Be)”, came as a happy surprise to a devout, yet ever-growing fan base upon its release back in April; being the first new 12 Rods single in over 20 years.  I had the opportunity to talk with the Minneapolis musician, producer, singer, and lyricist over what lapsed into a two-hour phone call to inquire about his latest album If We Stayed Alive, releasing July 7.

Piknic Electronik's Opening Weekend Knocks on Summer’s Door

Last Sunday everyone’s favourite summertime festival, Piknic Électronik, kicked off its 20th season with a solid line-up of some of the biggest names in the Electronic music scene; internationally and locally. Taking place from May 21 to October 1 every Sunday on Montreal’s Île Sainte-Helene, festival goers can catch numerous DJ/Producers perform on two stages. This year's line-up includes legends such as New Yorkers Louie Vega and Kerri Chandler, Montreal’s own and Piknic fan favourite Misstress Barbara, and Fred Everything.