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Montreal Comiccon: Day 2

There was a consensus in the apartment: the Saturday schedule was a little full.

Unfortunately, due to conflicting start/end times for the Saturday panels and events, it meant missing out on a lot of things I had wanted to see, including:

Mythes et prejuges sur le cosplay, Q and A with Kate Mulgrew, International cosplay with Yaya and Kamui, Anime You Might Have Missed, Illuminez votre costume, Q and A with John Barrowman (which was delayed/cancelled in the end), the Cosplay RPG Battle and Internet Native Horror: Creepypasta.

I still got to see some good panels, though.

Montreal Comiccon: Cosplay Confession and Indie Games!

The Montreal Comiccon pop-culture, comic, and gaming fan convention is in full swing at Palais des congrès, and the folks at CJLO - 1690AM are excited to bring our readers daily recaps and photos of this amazing three-day event! Here's a quick recap of day one, brought to you by Philiam from Turn on the Darkness. Main photo by Brian 'Döc' Holidæ from Geektastiq Cypha.

Montreal Comiccon: Day 1

Friday marked the first day of Comiccon in Montreal. The Palais de Congres gates opened at 1:30 pm and fans of sci-fi, super heroes and merch flooded in.

The Neon Demon: Disturbingly Beautiful

Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn

There have been films in the past that have unravelled the Los Angeles dream myth, and that show the seedy darkness that encapsulates the city of glitz and glamour.

Me Before You: Whimsically Charming

Directed by Thea Sharrock

Based on the novel by Jojo Moyes, Me Before You is a romantic mellow drama starring Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin. As with any romantic mellow drama, there will be tears, man tears in my case, and laughs.

This genre truly lies with the chemistry of both the on screen actor and actress. From the trailer Clarke looks delightfully charming with a whimsical sense of adventure. The question is, how charming will this film be, and will sparks fly between Clarke and Claflin?

A Kanye West Anthology Retrospective

I am gonna let you finish but...

The release of The Life of Pablo has to be one of the most divisive albums of the year, where we question does the music separate the ego that is known as Kanye West, who goes also by the name of "Yeezus". If that is not a God complex, then maybe the track "I Am a God" might lead more insight into this strange, bigger-than-life-itself complex. The purpose of this article is to go through the anthology of an artist who introduced me to hip hop. The three things this article will be focusing on are the humility, the ego, and the music of the artist known as Kanye West.

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The P. K. Subban trade is good for the Montreal Canadiens!

Sure, I liked P. K. but...

I was asked to write an article about the draft held in Buffalo last Friday, which ultimately was overshadowed by the Subban trade rumours (thanks George Laraques and 91.9 Sport). The trade never materialised then, which in retrospect I think is a good thing.

Tashi Wada, Yoshi Wada & Julia Holter + Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen Duo @ La Sala Rossa


REVIEW >> Suoni Per Il Popolo, CKUT, CHOQ, Blue Skies Turn Black, Scène 1425 et CJLO - 1690AM present: Tashi Wada, Yoshi Wada & Julia Holter + Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen Duo >> Friday, June 17, 2016 @ La Sala Rossa

For the experimental and avant-garde music festival Suoni Per Il Popolo, the duo Tashi Dorji & Mette Rasmussen and the father and son pair Yoshi Wada & Tashi Wada, featuring Julia Holter, played a concert at La Sala Rossa full of ambitious and contrasting sounds.


Father Stretch My Hands Pts 3-6: My NXNE 2016 Experience

Every year, for every city-wide festival, anywhere in the world, there is a chorus of people shouting the same thing. "It's just not the SAME this year." "It's not as good as last year." Or "[Insert event] sucks this year." Or most succinctly, "Wah!"

Port Lands Skyline/Seagull


Year after year, one of the most fascinating things that I love about the Montreal Fringe Festival is that you will never know what you will bump into, you will never know what you will discover, and you will never know what happen until you go out there and dive yourself into the excitement.

It gets crazier by the moment, and zanier by the second. And just like life itself, spontaneity is what makes this festival so exciting - whether you're a playwright, performer, or a random spectator. This is the magic of the Fringe happening, and needless to say, it goes beyond words in describing it.

Okay maybe euphoria. But that's just one of many.