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Joey Valence & Brae Unleashed Retro Riffs and Modern Beats at Le Ministere

The frigid Canadian weather became the butt of many jokes throughout the night as Joey Valence & Brae took the stage on January 26th 2024, charming the audience with witty quips about the Great White North. 

Industrial Hip-Hop at it's Finest: a Night with Armand Hammer

If you have paid attention to the underground Hip-Hop scene in the past decade, Armand Hammer will be a familiar name to you. The industrial Hip-Hop duo, comprised of New York MCs Billy Woods and Elucid, have been touring their critically acclaimed 2023 release We Buy Diabetic Test Strips since October. Their stop at Bar le Ritz this past Sunday was a fantastic display of the scenes' respect for these two cult legends. 

Charlotte Cardin - Une semaine à Paris EP Review

In mid-November of 2023, Montreal’s very own Charlotte Cardin released her Francophone EP, Une semaine à Paris following the singer’s week-long stay in the French capital. The short and sweet 4-track work was released after the drop of Cardin’s second studio album 99 Nights, and continued her careers’ upwards trajectory. Une semaine à Paris encapsulates the intense passion within Cardin’s relationship with actor Aliocha Schneider and the ebbs and flows of emotional intimacy. 

Tim Baker Does What He Does Best: Bringing Holiday Cheer

Christmas came early as Canadian indie musician Tim Baker brought much-needed holiday merriment on a dreary, icy Tuesday in Montreal. Playing solo to a packed house at the Salle de Gésu, the former Hey Rosetta! Frontman - who is touring on the strength of his new EP Along the Mountain Road - proved to be the perfect tonic for the all-too-real pedagogical and commercial stresses prevalent in December.

The Japanese House Brings Sunshine to Montreal @ Le Studio TD

This past June, Amber Bain a.k.a The Japanese House released not just a great indie-pop record, but one of the best albums of 2023. Featuring co-production by George Daniel of The 1975, as well as contributions from Katie Gavin of MUNA, Charli XCX, and Matty Healy (also of The 1975), her sophomore album In the End It Always Does is a triumph in focus. Every instrument, lyric, and vocal fits perfectly in place over the forty-five-minute run time. Gorgeously produced, deeply personal and moving, ITEIAD shows Bain in peak form.

The 1975: Still At Their Very Best

The 1975 has been “Playing on my Mind” ever since they came to Montreal’s Bell Centre Friday, November 17th, 2023. The indie-pop band has been active since the early 2010s but as the title of their tour suggests, they remain relevant across many demographics. People of all ages and genders gathered in the arena to witness the talent that is The 1975. The band’s ability to reach such a large audience is commendable and speaks to their adaptability to the fluctuating music trends of the past decade.

RIDM Celebrates Master Director Chantal Akerman

RIDM is back with its usual programming of eclectic and dynamic documentaries from all around the world. Celebrating its 26th edition, RIDM stands by its mission of creating a platform for underrepresented voices, authentic expression and coming together, hence the origin of their French name “rencontres” or meetings. With such a diverse lineup, every individual is able to curate an experience of their own. Whether it's selecting films that speak directly to their own lived experiences or discovering something completely new to them, RIDM allows attendees to thread their own stories through viewership. 

Bars, Beats and Hip-Hops Underground Rebirth: An Interview With Maxo

I recently read an article on what hip-hop fans and industry professionals have called the “death of hip-hop,” covering how for the first half of this year, not a single hip-hop song or album claimed the number one spot on the Billboard 200 or Hot 100. Any true hip-hop fan can tell you that this is a terribly inaccurate and surface-level analysis of the state of the genre.

image+nation Closing Film: A Night of History and Opulence

November 25th was the premiere of Venus Envy: The House of Venus and the closing night of the Image+Nation film festival. Image+Nation is an 11-day festival that includes international short films, documentaries, and feature films about LGBTQ+ topics. The closing night event combined queer culture and history with visual culture. 

The night started with a drag performance. The performer was wearing a retro, 1960s-styled outfit with a bejewelled fascinator with feathers, shaped like a hand.