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Frozen to Death at Le Studio TD, and it's Only November

“The best Montreal show we’ve ever played,” gasped Frozen Soul frontman Chad Green while wiping sweat off his face after a particularly energetic show. The Texas death metal act played at Le Studio TD last Thursday as part of their Assimila-Tour with 200 Stab Wounds, Judiciary, and Tribal Gaze.

Slow Pulp’s Contemplative Shoegaze Grunge Fills Bar Le Ritz

Slow Pulp is a dreamy Chicago-based band that formed in elementary school as a trio between guitarist Henry Stoehr, bass player Alexander Leeds, and drummer Theodore Mathews, before Emily Massey joined the band as their vocalist in 2017. Yard, their second full-length LP, was just released in September 2023.

Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan on Touring in Canada and Last Day of Sun

“Halloween is fucking over!” screamed Fuming Mouth frontman Mark Whelan as he threw a plush Jack Skellington doll onto the stage floor. While the singer/guitarist shouldn’t need an excuse to curb-stomp Halloween decorations that overstay their welcome, the Nov. 3 concert at Foufounes Électriques marks a new era for the group with the release of their sophomore album Last Day of Sun.

Dope Lemon at L’Olympia: Pure Psychosis

What is it that is captured by the pseudonym of Dope Lemon? For one, it is a psychedelic experience orchestrated by Australian singer-songwriter, Angus Stone. Listeners might as well gear up with their bell bottoms and a tightly rolled joint, as Stone’s music very much mimics the sensations of lying in the beating sun at late-1960s Woodstock. The strong folk and indie influences from Stone’s earlier musical duo, alongside sister Julia Stone, carry through into his newest project, Dope Lemon. Dope Lemon was established as Stone’s new artistic front in 2016.

Laufey Bewitches Theatre Beanfield

Laufey's Bewitching tour truly is representative of its name. The 24-year-old is currently the most streamed jazz musician on Spotify. She holds inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Oscar Peterson, and Taylor Swift. Saturday, October 28th, the Icelandic singer took the stage to perform her latest album Bewitched at Theatre Beanfield.

Genesis Owusu @ Le Studio TD

How do you one-up yourself after a theatrical live debut, a sold-out orchestral show in Sydney, and an opening slot for Paramore? If you’re Genesis Owusu, you don’t. You reset, you go back to basics, proving your talent in a singular vision only an artist of your calibre can provide. On October 18, Montreal had the privilege of catching the genre-defying artist live on the STRUGGLER tour, supporting his acclaimed sophomore album of the same name. 

POP Montreal 2023: In Review

POP Montreal took over the city’s Plateau district from September 27th through October 1st, 2023. Oh, those halcyon days of two weeks ago, the nights were warmer, the world was maybe just a little bit less screwed up and the sound of music spilled out onto the sidewalks of our fair city.   

Nick Cave Delivers a Moving Performance in Montreal

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave played to a sold out crowd at the Sir Wilfred Pelletier theatre this past Thursday, putting an acoustic spin on his diverse repetoire.

Violent Femmes Deliver Angst and Excitement to MTELUS

October 12th, 2023 was a time capsule to teenage angst for the band, Violent Femmes, at the 40th-anniversary tour of their self-titled debut album at MTELUS.

This Folk Punk Band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin found critical acclaim in 1983, when this first record, filled with youthful yearning and anger, was released. The tracks, written by Gordon Gano, the lead singer and guitarist, at the young age of 18, explore themes of sexual expression, anger, love, lust, and wanting your dad to lend you his car. 

Devendra Banhart Brings the Groove to Theatre Beanfield

Venezuelan-American indie icon Devendra Banhart stopped by Montreal’s Theatre Beanfield on October 7th with his Flying Wig tour, showcasing his newfound dark and synth-filled sound.