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Smino Brings his Hoopti Tour to L’Astral

On May 14, 2019 Smino brought his Hoopti tour to Montreal, performing to a full house a L’Astral. This was one of the last stops of the 30-date trek, but you couldn’t tell from the amount of energy Smino and his band brought with them.

Blaze Bayley at Piranha Bar, May 12 2019


From the 94-99 era of Iron Maiden

Blaze Bayley was truly an interesting headliner, hailing from the United Kingdom, Blaze brought some flare to Montreal as he stepped on to the stage. 

Showcasing the Infinite Entanglement Series, along with a few classics from his back catalogue, Blaze sure knows how to please a crowd and get them energetic and moving. Singing along to shreddy guitar melodies and solos, it was almost, but not quite, an Iron Maiden concert in a small bar. I will always remember the fact that Blaze Bayley almost spat on me as he gave a aggressive stare, shouting aggressively i'm Blaze f*king Bayley! 

Amazing Grace: The Spiritual Musical

Letterboxd Review “Sends You on a Spiritual Musical High” 

    Amazing Grace is a gospel hymn that is as iconic as the American national anthem. It is also the title of a live album that Aretha Franklin recorded in Los Angeles, January of 1972. As well as being the best selling album for Franklin, it is the highest selling gospel album of all time. Originally Warner Brothers created a documentary film, directed by Sydney Pollack. It was Constructed as footage of the recording album set to be released in 1972, but it was later shelved. This lost footage is now finished in this documentary from director Alan Elliot and Editor Jeff Buchanan. Pollack is credited as a director for this documentary. 

John Wick : Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Our favourite dog-loving assassin is hitting the big screen once again with more fights, more blood and even more dogs. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum is the third installment in the John Wick series starring Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne and Mark Dacascos

Jabbour Takes us on a Trip in Time with Saint-Bernard

Fans of Cajun, Irish fiddle and Quebec Folk will be able to find musical solace in Jabbour’s most recent studio effort. The Montréal quartet—which is currently composed of Guillaume Jabbour, Bill Collier, Bill Gossage and Carl Rufh—released Saint-Bernard on May 12, which serves as the follow-up to their 2016 debut Round The Clock.

Film Review : Long Shot

Long Shot: Good for a few laughs 

Letterboxed Review “Long Live Stick Man”

    If you have ever seen a Seth Rogen comedy, you already know the formula. Rogen plays a loveable goofball along side a leading lady. You would never see them being relationship material. There is a situation in the film that normally involves the characters of Rogan learning to grow and become an adult. Along the way, you get the Off-colour adult humour that you come to associate with his films: the one that leaves the audience members in side splits or groaning. So, the stage is already set for Long Shot from director Jonathan Levine. Starring opposite Rogen’s goofiness, Charlize Theron balances the film with her strong presence.

Tokyo Police Club at Petit Campus, April 19 2019

Alternative indie band Tokyo Police Club consists of vocalist and bassist David Monks, keyboardist Graham Wright, guitarist Josh Hook, and drummer Greg Alsop. Since they formed back 2005, the indie band from Newmarket, Ontario, has released four studio albums, six if you count the EP compilations like the band do. This current tour is in support of their newest album TPC, aptly named as after chasing a more radio friendly indie pop sound on their 2014 album Forcefield, it is return to their roots. Rob Schnapf, who worked on Champ (2010) returned to produce the album. On the band’s website they simply describe that “TPC is a rock record with tons of guitars” and that couldn't be more true.


CJLO X SWSW 2019: Hip Hop Recap

Photo: Xenia França by Thomas Artuzzi

At this year’s SXSW, I saw a lot of female artists.  On Thursday March 14, I saw Xenia França from Bahia, Brazil who was part of a showcase for world music day at the Austin Convention Centre. She put on an incredible show.  She sang about female empowerment and loving yourself while being backed up by her band playing sounds of Brazil that made you want to move.

CJLO x SXSW 2019: World Music Recap

Photo: Sea Moya

It’s time to digest our street meat and musical discoveries from this seemingly never-ending music-at-every-corner festival and conference 2019.

Tennyson at Petit Campus, April 13 2019

Tennyson – the brother-sister duo of Tess and Luke Tennyson took on Petit Campus touring with their newly released EP Different Water – with a tight and well executed show.